Financial Aid OLD

Every year, ActionQuest is able to offer a select number of students partial scholarships for our programs.

Eligibility is based on a number of factors including financial need, past academic performance, community involvement, and promise of success on the program. ActionQuest reserves the right to allocate financial awards based on both economic need and program priorities/concerns. The financial aid budget is determined by the ActionQuest Directors and is allocated from ActionQuest’s operating budget.

Applications are accepted through May 15. Four times a year, we review all applicants. The review schedule is:

  • February (for 10%-20% scholarships)
  • March (10%-20%)
  • April (10%-30%)
  • May (all assistance requests)

As students come from all points of the compass, travel costs, emergency and spending money are not included in any scholarship level.

Please note that every year scholarship applications greatly outnumber the amount of funds available. For this reason, ActionQuest tends to offer small scholarships (10%-20%) to the greatest possible number of students, instead of large scholarships (40%) for a small number of students.

Click here to download the AQ Scholarship Application form.


Click here to download the AQ Student Reference form.

**Please note that we are only able to contact the applicants that we can offer assistance to.