BVI: Session 3 - The Prosecutor

Posted: Fri, Aug 17, 2012

Final Goodbyes

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Preston S.
Today we woke up at 6:30, an hour later than we had planned the night before. We had a quick breakfast and then started washing all the dishes on the boat. That took about two hours and as soon as we were done with that, we had to bleach the entire down below. After our first cleaning phase we started our race and placed second overall. We are now at West End where we will finish cleaning the boat, have a BBQ, go to sleep, and wake up early in the morning to go home. Thank you ActionQuest and thank you Prosecutor for being best friends, family, and crew.

Staff Update Day 16

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Kat
Today is a sad day, the final day out on the water. It’s been quite an adventure for us all. We’ve been through great times, silly times and even frustrating times as the shipmates have successfully met the challenges of becoming scuba divers and sailors. They have also learned to work together as a group and have become a family. Preston has successfully completed his flotilla skipper license and is the go-to guy in getting the boat sailing and successfully navigating us to our destination. Jaye is also a leader on the boat and has become an awesome sailor. She was at the helm during the entire race today and successfully captained the Prosecutor into second place. Jared is the comedic relief on the boat, always lightening the mood with his witty dry humor. He has also become quite the main sheet trimmer and is an integral part of the crew when sailing. James has been bringing style to The Prosecutor with his bright orange sunglasses that his fellow shipmates got him as part of his birthday celebration yesterday. Always a source of enthusiasm on the boat, James has been cheering us on all session. Another birthday celebration has been going on among the cleaning todayits Matt’s 14th birthday today! Little does Matt know that a birthday cake is on the way! Maddie has also become a prominent voice on the boat, taking initiative in the getting daily chores out of the way as well as getting the boat moving. Madison, always the one to want to take care of others, is a confidante and friend to everyone on the boat. She has also motivated everyone else to study for their sailing exams and has been quizzing people left and right. Julia has mastered her sailing skills and has enjoyed all of her time with Lifeworks as part of the Quest program this session. She has also completed her Emergency First Responder certification as well! Over the past two weeks, this group of shipmates has transformed from a group unsure of itself and slightly awkward with themselves and one another to a family. They may not be aware of it now, but they have grown so much together and will be returning home a little bit more mature, more sure of themselves and a little bit Prose-classy ?

Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2012

Final Action Day

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Julia L.
Sadly, today was our last real day of ActionQuest. Considering tomorrow we race, clean, and pack all day, we had to make today count. Also it was a shipmate’s birthday so it was even more of an excuse to have the best day. We started our day with some lovely pancakes and a huge M and M filled pancake for the birthday boy, James. After everyone ate and we washed the dishes, we all found a quiet place along the deck and took our sailing tests. Even though it was difficult and tedious, I’m proud of the fact that I can say I did my best and I think I did great. Tests were done and everyone had the opportunity for either a final waterskiing session, or relax on the boat and swim. Recreational fun time soon came to a close and we strapped on our personal flotation devices and raised our sails and made our way to Road Town. After a lovely early afternoon sail we took the dinghy into town and had a few hours to shop around, get a nice meal, or see the streets and have fun. We all got lunch and Gelato and had a great time walking around. The hours passed and soon we were back to boat life upon the fine vessel the Prosecutor. We, again, raised our mainsail and our jib and I took the helm and successfully made it to the Bight. We ate dinner and had a group chat about how tomorrow was going to work, final clean, and all that stuff. After our talk they explained the final program to us. Final program is when you write on a single index card your positive comments on everyone on our boat, and others if we wanted to. Writing every index card took a lot of effort and energy and took us hours to do, but I’m glad I was awake enough to truly my heart into those cards. I know I will miss my boat more than anything, and I hope they know I do love them all to the death of me. You’ve all touched my heart, and I’ll be sure to keep in touch. Well, it was a long day and an even longer night, but it was a fantastic final day.

Posted: Wed, Aug 15, 2012

Diving, Hiking, and Racing

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Matthew A.
Today was a fun packed day filled with activities. We started out by getting out of bed and eating oatmeal. After cleaning up we studied for the upcoming sail test. Then we went to our last dive where we actually got to go through and around the shipwreck at about 40 feet. This was very cool and fun and seeing an eagle ray only added to this effect. After doing our last dive for the trip we went back to the boat and ate lunch. After lunch we went on an incredible hike with incredible views and looked over the cliffs and out into the ocean. After our hike we went back to the boat once more and put our sails up for a race which although was very fun, it was not won. Next we ate an incredible dinner of turkey, stuffing, and other good stuff. This was the end of our remarkable day.

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