BVI: Session 2 - The Prosecutor

Posted: Mon, Jul 30, 2012

Day 20

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Anthony
It was a rushed morning for me because I had to go to a skipper’s meeting first thing after waking up. After the meeting, in which I picked second place starting from the hat, we had fifteen minutes to eat, clean, and get to the starting line. We got off to a bad start and stayed in last place for a while, until we hit the storm. Once in the squall we started to catch up, but then we had to reef our sails. Then the wind picked up more. I probably had one of the biggest smiles on my face. Out of nowhere a big wave soaked our crew who were on the high side. I even got hit by the wave and my huge smile got even bigger. We had to take down our sails by easing them all the way and leaving the storm. The race was sadly cancelled because of this. We went back to West End and did a major boat clean. After a couple hours of a total cleanup, we finished and went ashore to eat and shop. We will end the night with a BBQ and chatting all night.

Posted: Sat, Jul 28, 2012

Race Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Zack H.
Today was the first day of racing. To be honest, I woke up knowing I was skipper and wasn’t looking forward to sailing. I had to go to a skipper’s meeting at 7:30 to talk about the details of the race. We went over the routes and guidelines. When all the boats were ready to race, we blasted pump up music and I took the wheel dressed in nothing but my flotation device, shorts, and mid calf socks. We ended the race in sixth place, but we were first in spirit. When we took our sails down we motored to the place where we first began our trip. We went ashore to eat and shop. It was awesome to walk through the town where this amazing trip first began. It brought back fun memories. When it was time to leave we got ready for yet another race. This one involved tacking. Luckily for us, I am a tacking pro, but what would I be without my crew. The race had started and we were off to a great start. As the race progressed we found ourselves really only racing against our arch enemies, Astrid. It was an intense and fierce battle, which sadly we lost by only a boat length. We were bummed but we didn’t let the loss get to us. After all, we still have another one, and for that one we ditch our dinghies that make us slower. When we anchored we were told we could take showers. Tonight was Mexican night! Ya! Everyone was so happy to have good food. When we finished we had a long cleanup. When we finished we ended the night with a sail review in preparation for the upcoming test tomorrow.

Posted: Thu, Jul 26, 2012

The Practical Exam

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Wes P.
We started the morning off with a great breakfast of Nutella pancakes and Gatorade. Shortly after we headed to a mooring and thoroughly cleaned the boat. We then split into two groups of six. Group one did the sailing practical exam while the second group went over their scuba exams and corrected the mistakes. For the sailing exam we had to tie six fairly basic knots and then it was out to the open water for sailing circles. Everyone had to sail the boat on a close haul, beam reach, broad reach, and then do a controlled jibe, go through all the points of sail again on the opposite tack, and finally end with a tack. Also we had to tell the crew how to trim the sails with no help from Aaron. We got to Sandy Spit and did a crazy anchoring maneuver. Later that night it was off to Lifeworks, where we wrote some major goals down. Three of the goals were tangible, like owning a house, and three were intangible, like being happy in life. We ended the night with the squeeze and then just hung out for a while. Today was a great day all together and I enjoyed all of it!

Posted: Wed, Jul 25, 2012

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Location: Sydney’s, Jost van Dyke
Author: Noah
There was a lot that we did today! It’s hard to even remember what happened some days, or it feels like what we did in the morning happened yesterday. I think we’ll all remember what happened this morning though. This morning we hiked to the top of Mt. Sage, which is a four mile hike with some really steep sections. Someone from our boat, Wes, made it to the top in 46 minutes, and got third place in the whole program! We were all exhausted after our trek, and we went to eat at a restaurant that is rumored to have been the place Jimmy Buffett wrote his song Cheeseburger in Paradise. I think I can associate with him, looking across this beautiful bay and taking the first bite out of my bacon cheeseburger. After hanging around town f or a little longer, we went to an amazing beach to build sand castles. We started with an igloo, then changed to a pineapple, and finally decided on a hermit crab. We even had a real hermit crab as a model. After the beach we docked with the other boats for a reggae party with the whole fleet. It was really chill, and after a long day I was falling asleep by the end of it. Tomorrow we’re having the practical portion of the sailing exam. I’m hoping it’s not too hard!

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