Global: Session 2 - Minerva: Leeward Islands

Posted: Tue, Jul 26, 2011

Last Day on the Water

Location: Norman Island, Road Town, Peter Island, West End
Author: Marta H.
We woke up early to the ActionQuest morning CD, like every morning. After oatmeal for breakfast, I went to the skippers meeting. After that, the race started! We all pulled our main sail up and waited to go. The race started, we pulled our jib out and started racing! It was so much fun! At first we were one of the first boats, but we ended up being one of the lastbut it was awesome anyway! Right after the race we started the clean up, until 3pm. It was hard, but now Spindrift is so clean! After that we hung out for a bit, got some drinks and after our squeeze question we got our sailing certifications! Now we are all going to have a BBQ and a fun night. I am excited for that!

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2011


Location: Peter Island, Norman Island
Author: Morgan M.
We woke up early in the morning to sail to the Rhone off of Salt Island to go snorkeling. When we got there, we found out that the water was infested with sea wasps up to 10 feet deep! So we decided to go to the Indians instead. During the sail there, we had PB and J sandwiches. Snorkeling in the Indians was AMAZING! There were so many different kinds of fish, and a few of us even saw a giant sea turtle! For supper tonight we had cheddar-broc (cheddar cheese and broccoli). That night, we wrote a card for each person on the boat saying what we liked most about them. Overall, it was a really cool day.

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Caves and an Overnight Passage

Location: Virgin Gorda and Peter Island
Author: Mackenzie P.
The voyage started as early as possible at 12 o’clock in the morning, with everyone split into two different watch teams. The overnight passage, which began in Saba, and ended in Spanishtown, Virgin Gorda, was a nice 80 mile voyage. Luckily no one became seasick (unlike previous overnight passages) or even nauseous. Once Spindrift was cleared through customs, a short sail, and some chicken salad later, we arrived at the Baths. With a landscape bearing a striking resemblance to the island atolls of the Seychelles. It was absolutely amazing, with many narrow tunnels filled with turquoise water. After two hours of exploration, we sailed to Peter Island and had delicious Mexican night for dinner.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2011

Birdcalls and our Final Overnight Passage

Location: Saba
Author: Ivy A.
After a good nights sleep we woke up well rested. At 8:45 Parker and Andy were picked up and went scuba diving. While they were gone, some of us went swimming off of the boat. We saw a barracuda that was resting by our keel and there was a school of yellow fish. We were able to approach the barracuda without it getting scared off. After the divers returned we put the dingy on deck and made way for the BVIs. We cooked dinner under way and at 6:00 we started watch shifts. Three hours on, three hours off, our final overnight passage.

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2011

Hiking Mt. Scenery

Location: Saba
Author: Mahault F.
We woke up at about 7am excited for the hike, which began at 10am. There was a lot of waves during the dingy ride, so we were already wet arrive on the beach. During our hike we crossed a village where we ate some mangoes that we found on the side streets, delicious! It took more than three hours to reach the top of the volcano, but it was worth it. It was AMAZING (and the way we took to get there was very interesting too). At the top, we had to climb the last slippery rocks to see ONLY white clouds. The first view was very scary. We felt really high. In fact we were 3000 feet high, on top of the island Saba. The feeling is hard to describe, but it reaching the top was definitely something you need to do in life. We wrote “Minerva 2011” on the wall of a hut. At 430, we all had lunch on shore, then we came back to the boat. We saw a helicopter, the third one in the last two days, during shower time. The day finished with some excellent brownies and then we quickly fell asleep.

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