BVI: Session 3 - Southern Accent

Posted: Fri, Aug 17, 2012

Boat Appreciation Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Thomas J.
Our last day began as many others did, with an early rising. While breakfast was being eaten the four sail side skippers met for a pre-race meeting to discuss the route and rock paper scissors for starting positions. That being done, cleanup was quickly carried out, and then the boats were moved into position. When the countdown finished the sails were quickly unfurled and the race began. Unfortunately, a mid-race squall hit some of the boats, making for a less close race than would have been desired. After that brief excitement the staff took over the boat and we began the mammoth cleaning known as boat appreciation day. Every inch of the boat, within and without, must be swept, scrubbed, and polished in preparation for our departure tomorrow. After this we will have free time until this evening, when we have a final party with the other boats. Following that will be our last night together, a last chance to enjoy each others company before the tearful goodbyes that will surely come in the morning…

Staff Update Day 16

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Elliot
The mood on board Southern Accent has been a bit manic the past couple nights as the trip draws to a close. Who would have thought that the mild mannered group of young adults from two weeks ago was capable of such wild food fights and dance parties? Though this group is smaller than usual, they have become a more tightly knit group over the past 16 days than one would think possible. Sophie has brought the group together with her sense of humor, as well as becoming EFR certified. Shelby managed to apply her amazing helming skills to pass our rival boat during the first race. Marcela and Amelia managed to power through some makeup dives and become officially certified open water divers! On a similar note, Thomas and Nathan have just completed the training to become divemasters, which is the first level of professional diving. While everyone on board was able to receive their IYT International Crew Certificate, Mia has gone above and beyond in all aspects of making the boat move and function efficiently. If there is a line to be hauled in, chances are she’s already on it. Shelby has also earned her advanced sailing certifications! I’m proud to say that I was the first person to get Ford up on a wakeboard, though I am a bit embarrassed to say that in two weeks he has managed to significantly exceed my skill level. The staff all agrees that though we were only on board together for a short period, this is a group we will not easily forget. The mania is starting to settle down as we all prepare to go home, but the past 16 days have been filled with so many laughs and memories that I’m certain we’ll all bring more back than we came with.

Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2012

Road Town

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Sophie S.
So far today we had our sail test, which we all successfully passed. We then had the choice to do some wakeboarding and skiing. We sailed from our anchorage to Road Town where we had lunch and explored the area. Then we sailed on to the Bight where we’re going to stay for the night.

Posted: Wed, Aug 15, 2012

Our First Wreck Dive!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ford H.
Believe it or not, our breakfast today was cereal! Almost as soon as the plates were cleared we were in our diving gear about to dive one of the most famous wrecks in the Caribbean, the RMS Rhone. The dive took us a little below 50 feet and I was fortunate enough to see a spotted eel and a fight between two enormous Caribbean lobsters. My group, however, didn’t find the lucky porthole or the see a turtle or an octopus. After the Rhone we hiked to the top of Salt Island to less than savory spells, but amazing views. Next up was our first race. I’m not completely clear on the scoring system, but I think the points from our second place finish plus our 24 scuba tanks were more than enough to put us ahead of the lightly burdened, inherently faster Laurasia. Dinner was summertime thanksgiving, which would have been awesome by itself, but it was made even better when a mashed potato fight erupted between Shelby and Leah, which escalated quickly into a push everybody off the boat fight. Good times were had by all, and the dropped fork, pair of sunglasses, and dive watch were all recorded.

Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Deja Vu

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Amelia W.
Imagine a white sand island with two iconic palm trees surrounded by bright turquoise water. As us crew-mates awoke this was our scenery, our picturesque surrounding. Several people on the boat even rose early with the rising sun to watch the colors spill across the sky. After I got over my pure awe of the area around me I knew it would be a good day; starting out with an easy sail to West End. This, in fact, became quite disconcerting due to the fact that we were in the port we had first started out at. Another sad and surprising reminder that our trip is quickly coming to a close. We ventured around the stores and restaurant in the area, enjoying a little shopping and smoothies (always a great combination). We then, after a fair amount of time in West End’s colorfully painted stores, took to the helm again. We sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island, all of us shipmates working the boat. Finally able to take on sailing this monohull all by ourselves. Great Harbor is another spot that we had sailed to just in the very start of the trip. I laugh as I compare our visit today to the previous- then being polite and perhaps awkward, now we sing (in our most obnoxious voices) and poke fun at each other. Today was another reminder of how much our shenanigans with one another will be missed.

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