BVI: Session 2 - Prosecutor

Posted: Mon, Jul 29, 2013

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Annie
Session 2 is drawing to a close, and what a fantastic one it has been. Our Prosecuties have become such a strong team and they have accomplished so much together. Seeing them grow and bond over the last 3 weeks has been pleasant and so amazing to watch. Some highlights have been seeing our Vegas passing the PADI open water course and becoming certified divers. They all really enjoyed their first dive as certified divers yesterday at the RMS Rhone, seeing snapper, barracuda, trumpetfish, and the giant propeller of the stern section of the wreck. Renee, one of our Questers, went snorkeling on the Rhone and it was great to see her free diving down while we were scuba diving. Our Prosecuties are more competent than ever on the sailing boat now and we were proud winners of the AQ drag race to West End. It was so great to see the team headed up by skipper Max getting so involved with all the operations and cruising to a sweet victory. Well done! We can’t wait to race again tomorrow where Benji takes to the helm to hopefully become champions once again. Advanced open water diver Reily has done amazingly well in achieving his Advanced certification and a bunch of specialties, which is highly recognizable and impressive for his age. Great job Reily! Earlier this week, our shipmates took their sailing practical and did awesome. It was a beautiful day and the wind was perfect for it. It was great to see each one of them take the lead and show us what they had learned – Will, Connor, Francesca and Celie did a great job in the man overboard drills. Henry was our skipper and set a great high standard for the day. We have been waterskiing and Picoing a lot over the past week and it’s been hilarious hearing their funny stories at our squeeze questions of the great time they have been having on rotation days. Malachi and Austin have been the center of the laughs, keeping us smiling and constantly laughing with their humor. At Vixen Point we all enjoyed a snorkel in the mangroves and Jordan was lucky enough to see a huge pufferfish and was even more fortunate to capture it on camera, which is awesome! It’s sad that the session is coming to a close, but we have had a great 3 weeks with our shipmates and we hope that they have learned a lot and made some unforgettable memories down here in the BVI.

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Day 20- Final Day

Location: West End
Author: Benji M.
Day 20 started with Annie and I going to the skipper’s meeting. We arrived at Pelican Pat to be briefed on the race. Next we picked numbers out of a hat to decide our starting position. We picked one out of nine! We went back to our boat and prepared for the race. As we headed towards the starting line the countdown began. 5…4…3…2…1… Once we heard one we unfurled our jib as fast as possible. We ended the race coming in fifth. We were going to be fourth but there just wasn’t enough time. Now that the race is over we are sailing back to West End, where we will dock and spend our last hours here. We will have a final BBQ tonight, where we will say our goodbyes to the kids on the other boats. I can’t believe this adventure is coming to an end. It’s gone by so fast, but it feels like I’ve known the kids forever. I’m really going to miss this place..

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Day 18- Disappearing Into The Water

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Jordan P.
Today started in Great Harbor with a great breakfast of pancakes. The sunrise was beautiful, making the clouds coral, and the ocean a perfect blue. At 9am we sailed/motored to Salt Island where the RMS Rhone sank. We got to hang out on the boat which was awesome! I figured out how to take 60 pictures really fast so I jumped in with my waterproof camera and got some pretty cool pictures of me disappearing into the water. After hanging out we had the most amazing, best, outstanding lunch of grilled cheese. It was so good the cheese melted into your mouth because of the hot weather. After lunch I snorkeled, along with Malachi and Renee, while everyone else went scuba diving on the Rhone. Imagine being on that boat and it just disappearing under the water. It was really cool, and I thought it was going to be scary but it really wasn’t. We had breakfast for dinner, which was pretty good. Thank you mom and dad for sending me here, it has been great.

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Day 17- Race Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Max A.
We all started off the day early in the morning prepping for breakfast and for one of the longest days race day. Breakfast ended and I headed off for a skipper’s meeting on another boat where they explained how the race would start, where the boats would be, and where we are racing to. It was basically just a drag race but it was still really intense. Right from the start our boat was in the lead. Everyone helped to pull our jib really fast as we blew by most of the other boats and soon a few minutes later it was just down to us and two other boats. Most of the way it was back and forth between these three boats, until we took the lead. It was the final stretch as Celestial Storm starting creeping up behind us and holding their bedsheets thinking it would make them fast, but it was no use because we still won. After a short break on shore for a few hours , then it was off to another race, but this time it was a tacking race, making it super long. Three hours of steering and trimming sails made it really trying, especially for the people on the jib sheets. Our boat can’t go that far into the wind though, making it really hard, but we stayed in it watching lots of other boats give up and motor the rest of the way. The race got really close but not close enough, only allowing our boat to take fourth out of eight. And making the day even better we finished off with Mexican night.

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