BVI: Session 3 - Caribbean Soul Too

Posted: Sun, Aug 14, 2016

Staff Update Day 17

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Jess, Fritz, and Pippa
This morning the Cribs family raised its sails for the very last time this summer in a race back to West End-with such style and sheer excellence. This was a testament to how far their ability as sailors and how much their talents have progressed this summer. With Tropics blasting out of the speaker and war paint covering their faces, the count down began for the final race and I knew at that moment I was going to miss all the shippies. It was a memorable sail for the whole crew. Over the past 17 days, 11 individuals have become a family, forming some truly amazing friendships and creating some memories that will stay with them forever. Weve circumnavigated the BVI as competent sailors, working lines and furling sails. For a group of 13 year olds, they are extremely impressive. We also now have 9 open water certified scuba divers. They were all extremely well deserved. Theyve had the delight of experiencing the underwater world and coming face to face with some of the beautiful creatures and reefs in the BVI. Their diving experiences finished up with diving the famous RMS Rhone. Congratulations to every single shipmate on their achievements ” we are so proud of you. When they are not sailing or diving, they have been showing off their skills waterskiing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. Weve hiked mountains and witnessing the absolute beauty of the BVI, exploring the blue waters as well. Im sure the shipmates will agree in that, it was more of the friendships that they made that made this trip truly spectacular. Leaving our docks, the amazing 11 shipmates say goodbye with teary eyes and we all know we will miss them. We cant wait until we see them next year!

Posted: Sat, Aug 13, 2016

Day 16- #MadeForTropics

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Claire M.
Today is the last full day of our trip. We woke up at around 6:30 to make a quick breakfast before the big race. Of course, everyone was a little sad because we all knew that time was running out and that tonight would be the last of our nights, giggles and good times. Spirits still soared as the race began. Team B handled the sails and lines and I was practically horizontal with my hands on the helm. The race was over much too soon and we were already missing the sensation of handling the lines and the splash of the sea as the wind tugged at our sails. After the race, we began cleaning up the boat so we could return it to the charter company. As we piled our duffels onto the salon couches, we realized that the afternoon was speeding along. We bleached every inch of the boat, laughing and singing to our favorite music. It is incredible how our boat remained positive with dirtied Lysol wipes in our hands. We docked back at our starting place, reminiscing about our awkward arrivals onboard Caribbean Soul Too. The colorful cottages and prominent culture of West End surrounds us as cleaning comes to a close. Our war paint (applied for racing) was still brilliant on our cheeks. I cannot speak for everyone on board, but my time aboard this ship with the crew has been such an incredible experience. We all have found ourselves. Hugging and teary eyed we said goodbye to Jess as she disappeared in the dinghy. We love you Jess!!

Posted: Fri, Aug 12, 2016

Day 15- Fun Day In Road Town

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Gabe M.
The wind was incredible today! I sailed from Great Harbor on Peter Island, where we were anchored, to Road Town. It was so fun to be in charge, it was so empowering. I felt like the king of the world! Road Town is the largest city in the BVI and it felt like we were back in civilization today! It was so interesting to absorb the town, the smells, the sands, the people and the sights. After some incredible ice cream and delicious Chinese food, we went shopping and went back to the boat. We raised both sails and sped over to Norman Island, which is where we are currently sitting and looking at the sunset. I am so impressed with how far we have come and how much we can do as a team. I am so thankful to have been a part of ActionQuest.

Posted: Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Day 14- The RMS Rhone

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Max R.
We were up early for a quick trip from our spot in Great Harbor to Salt Island, before an oatmeal breakfast. We went for a swim off the transom before getting in the dinghy and heading over to Sambamba, a mere sailboat over what was once a great ship, the RMS Rhone. We all waited impatiently for tanks to get to the boat. We assembled our scuba kits and hopped off midships, descended 50ft, and headed towards the wreck. We soon reached it. There was an abundance of fish. Some were small. Many were huge! We saw a big barracuda and at our safety stop saw a sea turtle! We hopped back in the dinghy and headed back to the boat. Our boat was gonna head to Salt Island then. We hopped in Lava and headed ashore. There was a pair of ponds, brimming with salt. Genuine sea salt. It tasted salty. We hiked up to the peak of the island. The view from there was one of the better ones I’ve seen in my life. We headed down the hill and along a beautiful rocky beach. The beach was made up of coral and shells and sea fans. Salt Island was amazing. We ended the day heading back to Peter Island for a night’s rest. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016

Day 13- Race Day #1

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ava R.
Today, like every other day, we completed something new and exciting. It was our first race day as we slowly wind down our trip. Being the skipper, the helm was my second home today. The winds were strong and hard to sail in, but we managed. We also got to go on land today and ring our parents, which was fun as always. Right when we anchored we saw a cute sea turtle, which was adorable. All in all today was a great active sailing day, and will be a fun night too!

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