BVI: Session 2 - Sailing Curls

Sailing Curls Staff Update Day 21

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Gwen, Kelly, and Austin
It is hard to believe the end of session 2 is already here. It feels like just yesterday the staff was flying down and getting ready to start the summer. This session had its fair share of rain showers, but it was mostly sunshine and good times. We had some great sails skippered by Nelson, Ricky, and Gabe. Nelson also learned how to wakeboard while Matthew continuously impressed us with his slalom ski skills. Matthew was our resident energizer bunny as well; he greeted me with an enthusiastic “good morning” nearly every morning of the session and he could always be counted on during our sail raises and anchor drops. Jerry was with Matthew every step of the way, motivating the crew to get everything done onboard. Gailen was another member of the crew who was crucial to the daily schedule keeping; she always knew what needed to be done and who needed to be doing it. Our crew would have been lost without her. Gailen also brought her extensive sailing knowledge from ActionQuest last summer and was a great resource for some of our beginner sailors. Ellie was one member of our crew who arrived a diver but very quickly became a competent sailor. Speaking of diving, we have 9 newly certified advanced divers on board! Jake is one of them and he had an amazing dive yesterday morning in Peter Island when he was able to swim with a turtle. Maloy and Amanda were two others who really enjoyed the diving this session. They were also the trailblazers for setting up hammocks, being the first to jump in for swim time, and encouraging the crew to just hang out and get to know each other. Mark and August were our resident funny men, keeping everyone laughing and thus spirits high during any down times that we had. The staff of Sailing Curls is so sad to see this amazing crew go but based on the stories we have heard throughout the session of their past adventures, there are much more adventures to be had for these students. We wish them safe travels and hope to see them again next summer! date: Jul 28, 2017

Posted: Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Day 20

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Gabriel G.
As the second to last day finished, we had a plentiful amount of sleep in order to succeed in the upcoming race. After Austin repeatedly announced it was race day, we were obliged to be awake and attentive. While the skipper attended the race briefing, the other students had breakfast. We proceeded and raised the mainsail to commence the race. It was a relatively calm day, which was the perfect conditions to finish the session. We were unfortunately in last, however, we gradually improved to come in sixth place. Soon after we began a thorough clean of every surface of the boat. We had shore time after we finished, and then prepared for our last BBQ. We talked, ate, and most importantly we rejoiced about the last few weeks as a family. Date: Jul 27, 2017

Last Night on the Water

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Amanda D.
The day started off with the Carinas and some Barracudas waterskiing. While they were skiing the rest of the Barracudas enjoyed a nice breakfast consisting of regular and chocolate pancakes. After breakfast we set up our dive gear for a dive we soon realize was one of the best dives ever. The first second that we got in the water there was a tarpon waiting for us. After descending, all of the buddy groups went their separate ways because we were navigating our own dive. When the dive began immediately saw a turtle in the distance and started chasing after it. After chasing the turtle for a good amount of time, we realized we swam really far and we decided to start swimming back. After less than a minute of swimming my dive buddy, Ellie saw a lobster, and I saw a gigantic crab. The two exciting things were less than a foot away from each other. Meanwhile, we later found out that Kelly spent the whole dive chasing a manta ray! One of the other buddy groups also saw an eel! After being distracted by all the exciting things, we realized that we had spent a lot of time underwater and we had to ascend. After signaling OK to the boat, Ellie shouted: “look down there, a stingray!” We all immediately put our masks on and looked down into the water. We saw a big spotted eagle ray 20 feet below us! After watching the ray for a long time, we had to get out of the water so we could motor over to Road Town for shore time. After two hours of shore time, we sailed over to The Bight on Norman Island, where we would spend the night. After an amazing last night, we realized that the Barracudas had accomplished a total of 18 dives and the Carinas a total of 11 dives! After a fun and exciting day, we finished it off with a great meal and an evening activity. Date: Jul 26, 2017

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017


Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ricardo F.
The noise the engine made woke us all up as we headed to the Rhone. Nonetheless, it was a good day. We started with the Rhone dive (sunken ship from the 1860s), which was amazing as we saw two huge pufferfish, an eagle ray, and a lobster. I enjoyed the rest of the day even more. Our ship hopping started on Aeolus, where the IYT students started a review for the crew certification. The hopping carried on to Portlandia where the skies turned grey and a typical Caribbean rain began. Our third and final hop was to Sambamba, my favorite part of the day. On Sambamba we laughed, talked, messed around, and jumped off the stern of the boat to the deep blue ocean. After lunch, we took a dinghy to Salt Island, where we saw an amazing view of the BVI. The day finished with some eggs and beans and a beautiful sunset over the mountains of Tortola. Date:Jul 25, 2017

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