BVI: Session 3 - Squeaky Brat

Posted: Tue, Aug 1, 2017

The Five Hour Sail

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Mikki W.
We woke up and had a talk in the sun for 45 minutes. Then we ate breakfast and got ready to sail to our next destination. The drive was pretty long, but we had fun by getting splashed by big waves. When we got to our destination we prepared the anchor and let it sink. We got our bathing suits on and jumped in. Once we got in, the water was warm and really clear. Then it was time for the 6 lap around the boat swim test. We all thankfully passed. Then we did the float test for ten minutes and again, we all passed. Then we swam, jumped off the boat, then we showered and changed into dry clothes and ate dinner that consisted of sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, and yummy corn. Then we did our daily squeeze. We had an amazing day today and we are super excited to dive tomorrow! date:Jul 31, 2017

Posted: Sun, Jul 30, 2017

Squeakybrat Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Griffin, Andy, and Emma
Griffin, Emma and Andy are really excited to get 3rd session underway onboard Squeakybrat. The summer is in full swing as we get ready to meet our shipmates who’ll steer and guide us around these beautiful islands for the next 17 days. The boat has been fooded and watered so all that’s left is for us to meet our crew.We cannot wait to get back on the water with our sails up and dive into all the adventures that are coming our way, both in the Vega and Quest programs on board.17 days, here we go!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Squeakybrat:

Griffin- skipper/EMT

Born and raised in Nebraska, Griffin was not accustomed to the water until attending a camp in northern Minnesota at the age of eight. This is where he learned to sail and fell in love with the adventure and beauty of the water. The fall after graduating high school, he turned down acceptance to many universities to follow his dreams of sailing with Seamester. After completing the program he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he earned his RYA Yachtmaster 200 ton. In the last year, Griffin became an EMT. Griffin is a passionate sportsman who enjoys hunting, tennis, and golf. This is Griffin’s second summer with ActionQuest and he is looking forward to another fun-filled summer.

Andy- dive instructor/mate

Andy became a dive instructor in 2014 and his love for the ocean and everything in it has grown ever since. When he’s not diving in Honduras, he spends his time traveling around Mexico and Guatemala, living in beautiful communities. He’s learning more and more about Mayan culture and natural medicines whilst confirming his love for ecstatic dance and cacao (but really, who doesn’t like hot chocolate?) He can’t wait to return for another AQ summer this year!

Emma- dive instructor/mate/EMT

This will be Emma’s second time as a staff member in the BVI, but her 5th time spending a summer with GXG programs! After getting her advanced open water diver certification with ActionQuest in 2011, she fell in love and decided to live a lifestyle that would allow her to dive and sail as much as she could. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean with Seamester, she went to work in Boston for a year in a dive shop. Leaving the frigid conditions there, she worked in the BVI last summer as a mate/ EMT. After this she went to Mexico to work on a marine conservation base, focusing on corals and juvenile fish. She’s back this year as a dive instructor and is so happy to have the chance to dive again in the BVI! When she’s not at AQ she enjoys nice vegan food, playing piano and hanging out with her cats.

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