BVI: Session 2 - Changes

Posted: Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Changes Staff
Looking around Changes things seem a bit different than they did the first night on the water- hair is blonder, skin is bronzed and 12 strangers have become a fantastic close knit crew and friends.Our circumnavigation of Tortola was anything but dull as the shipmates have turned into open water divers, advanced divers, night divers and coral reef conservationists. These students have also upped their sailing skills and became IYT competent crew members.As we sailed back to the Bight the students reminisced about the sights we saw cruising back: The cave snorkel, Peter Island diving, Road Town exploring and so much more. The bittersweet sail back has left the students hungry for an exiting sailing race tomorrow to show off their skills and eager to see their many new diving certifications cards. It has been a whirlwind. Early mornings, packed days, loads of laughs, tons of fun and a sea of remarkable memories.

Posted: Sun, Jul 27, 2014

Day 19- Bitter-sweet End

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Sam F.
Although session 2 is coming to an end, the fun times have not stopped. Today was an early morning with a quick cereal breakfast and a smooth sail to Salt Island. We went on our final dive at a wreck site.Underwater, I saw a spotted eagle ray and a magnificent royal blue trumpet fish. Seeing the ruins of a ship from the late 1800s was an awesome experience. After a mesmerizing dive, we applied all of our sailing knowledge into the IYT test to gain a sailing certification. When my friends and I passed the test it was so exciting. Our next activity was a short but sweet hike. Al of sail side B came together to see the view from the top of a hill on Salt Island. The hike was followed by a chicken salad sandwich lunch and our last salt water shower.Once we were all cleaned up, we sailed back to our first destination on the trip known as the Bight. My shipmates prepared a lovely dinner while we blasted music and danced in the galley. Our last Lifeworks forum also took place.

Posted: Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Day 18- Last Night Dive

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Oscar C.
Here we go, the last couple days! As well as tonight being our last night dive before we get our specialty, it is also our last day of port. Now, we have to wait until we make our devastating return to West End until we can touch land again. We dread the day when we go back to the port where the incredible adventure started! Although, the next few shall be sad they will be no where near boring.We have the Rhone dive, two more races and a BBQ party. I’m going to finish this blog post with a quick poem about AQ:

Roses are red and violets are blue,
I live on Changes and
We’re all advanced divers too!

Posted: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Day 17- Race Day!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Reily C.
We started the day with a sail to the docks where we started, to fill up on gas, water and go to port to eat and buy food. Then we had the first of two races! We then anchored and ate my favorite meal- Mexican night! Then we had Lifeworks and came back to the boat and talked on deck. And yeah… that’s today.

Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Day 16

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Alex U.
As the sun rose gallantly over the horizon in the east, the sizzle of pancakes set the tone for day 16 in Sydney’s Peace and Love here in Jost van Dyke. The AQ fleet rafted together rose at once in attire that was acquired at the Reggae dance the night before and prepared for sailing practicals. One by one the campers undocked the boats and headed into the gorgeous waters of the BVI. Each shipmate looking to receive their International Crew Certificate took their place at the helm of Changes and rotated jobs that would be completed in order to actively sail the boat and earn the cert. After practicals the boat motored over Sandy Spit. Most of the fleet hung out and swam in the crystal clear waters and chilled in the sand together. After fresh water showers were held, followed by dinner. Currently the shipmates are finishing up on the cleaning and preparing for tonight’s sail chat. The Caribbean stars are about to emerge as it is a wrap to day 16 on AQ boat Changes.

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