BVI: Session 3 - Tiger Pause

Posted: Fri, Aug 14, 2015

Day 16- Final Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Dale D.

Today is out last full day. We sailed our final race today in which Zourite came in first then Sambamba, Ka Ou Fe, Tiger Pause, Rossi, Squeakybrat and finally La Bella Vita. We then did our deep clean of the boat on our way to West End. When our clean is done we will have some final shore time and then the final BBQ. After we will all go to sleep. In the morning we’ll say our goodbyes and leave for the St. Thomas airport.

Posted: Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Day 14- Final Practicals and Dives

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Christopher C.

Today we woke up and immediately were motoring to the wreck of the Rhone. The RMS Rhone is a ship that sank in the 1800’s. As soon as we arrived we had breakfast and jumped in the water for our final dive. The Rhone dive was highlighted by the sighting of an octopus, turtle and a massive grouper. After everyone was out of the water we took our sailing test. The test did not take long and once we where done we went sailing back to Peter Island. On the way back Layton and Dale did their sailing practicals and did a great job. Once we arrived we had dinner and the night ended with a Lifeworks chat about our goals for the future.

Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2015

Day 13

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Jack C.

We woke up very early today. The chefs prepared an excellent breakfast of oatmeal. We started our sailing test on the helm. Each of us took turns to become a sailor. After taking the test we had lunch and free time in West End. Then all the sail side boats raced to Peter Island. We were in last place in the middle of the race, then our amazing shipmate Dale took the helm and got us in second place. After we got there we ate, did a night dive and went to bed.

Posted: Mon, Aug 10, 2015

Day 12- BBQ Time

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Cassandra P.
Aujourd’hui comme tout les autres jours, nons nous sommes leves au lever du soleil. Prendre son petit dejeuner au milieu de la mer est vraiment un moment magique! Apres que tout le monde est fait son job les Barracuda et Vega sont partis plonge, pendant que les Quest ont passes leurs teste de premier secours. Ensuite tout le bateau est alles faire du ski nautique, du Pico ou rester tranquillement sur le bateau. Apres une matinee sportive nous avons dejeuner. En debut d’apres midi nous avons apris a faire des bracelets de marin. Ensuite nous avons leves l’ancre pour naviguer deux heures vers des iles magnifiques. Arriver nous avons saute danse la mer pour se doucher. C’est un moment tres drole. Car il y a une bonne ambiance sure le bateau! On s’est tous prepare pour le BBQ. C’etait sur une petite ile que de sable. Tout les bateaux de ActionQuest regroupe, nous avons pu voir le coucher de soleil. Il n y a pas de mot pour le decire! De retours sur Tiger Pause nous avons tous ensemble discute puis nous sommes alles dormir pour se preparer pour le lende main!

Today like every other day, we leave at sunrise. Eating your breakfast in the middle of the sea is truly a magical moment! After everyone has done their job, the Barracuda’s and Vega’s left to dive, while the Questers taking their first aid tests. Then while the boat is docked, some of the students are waterskiing, Pico sailing or staying quietly on the boat. After a busy morning, we have breakfast. In the early afternoon we make a sailor bracelets. Then we raise anchor to sail two hours to the beautiful islands. We arrive and jump in the ocean to shower. It is a very funny moment. For there is a good atmosphere on the boat! We all prepare for the BBQ. It was only on a small island of sand. All boats in the ActionQuest group could see the sunset. Once we returned on Tiger Pause, we all talked together, then we went to sleep to prepare for the following day!

Posted: Sun, Aug 9, 2015

Day 11- Chill Day At Muskmelon Bay

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Clara N.
We started our day with a lie in, a 7:30 wake-up followed by scrambled eggs and a morning dive in the famous Sand Highway, a unique dive site with a long strip of sand encased by coral reefs, hence the name. Our day continued with watersports, a couple Pico capsizes and fun dinghy rides. After an eventful morning and a well deserved lunch, we continued to learn yacht systems and got our coral reef conservation specialty- an eye opening chat. The day came to a close with yet another incredible Caribbean sunset and a summer Thanksgiving.

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