BVI: Session 3 - Sailing Curls

Posted: Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Sailing Curls Staff Update Day 17

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Gwen, Kelly, Austin
Session 3 on Curls has been quite the adventure. We had so many personalities who shared great stories and created even greater memories. We will miss each shipmate dearly. Sofia B., Sofia C., Eric, and Carson all completed their open water certification with flying colors. Ian, Kaleigh, Gaby, and Adam accomplished their advanced open water certifications, plus three specialties. Cason, Kai, and Chloe earned their advanced open water certification plus two specialties. Chloe, our advanced sail student, led the crew on sail raises and man overboard drills. We are so proud of all of them!. All in all, we can’t believe it has been 17 days. We will miss the Curls third session crew dearly. date: Aug 15, 2017

Our Final Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Kaleigh O.
Today was the last full day of our trip, which means it was time to pack up and clean the boat. We started the day around 7 am with oatmeal for breakfast, then proceeded to prepare for the final sailing race. Everyone made a team effort to lift the mainsail and then get the jib out. We sailed from Norman Island to the channel markers in front of Road Town and then to Peter Island. After the race, it was time to clean the boat. I cleaned the head as the rest of my cabinmates cleaned the cabin. As we were cleaning we motored over to West End to drop off the ActionQuest gear and give Sailing Curls a nice spray down. Once we arrived at the dock we had a nice pizza party on the boat. Let’s just say it was nice to have some pizza after going about three weeks without it. We then had some shore time which was followed by a BBQ at Pusser’s. Towards the end of the day, everyone started to realize that it would soon be time to say goodbye. Throughout the trip, everyone made so many new bonds and memories and it seems crazy that we will all be on a plane ride home in a few hours. We shared moments together just simply getting to know each other, or moments when Ian officially got his nickname. And the time Eric almost fell off the boat while setting up hammocks and Gwen opened up a hatch to tell us all to be quieter. Good times. Now that the trip is coming to a close, I can look back and appreciate all the memories that we’ve made and all the new friends I have. So the last day was a good one, especially since we had an opportunity to give back to Sailing Curls by cleaning the boat together. I’d say the trip was a major success. date:Aug 14, 2017

Posted: Sun, Aug 13, 2017

Sunday Funday

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Sofia B.
Today, our second to last day, was busy! Beginning our day with the morning playlist, followed by a dive for the Barracudas and snorkeling and watersports for the Carinas and Vegas. Soon after a quick rinse, we headed to Road Town via our boat then a dinghy. We all enjoyed a good lunch and shopping at a grocery store. Later we had a beautiful sail from Road Town all the way to Norman Island. We all enjoyed listening to music and relaxing as we sailed. Once arriving a boat by the name of Deliverance sold us ice cold sodas. Chugging our sodas we all then took Hibiclens showers. Due to it being near the end of the program we began to clean and pack. A dinner of rice and beans followed. A beautiful sunset began after our dinner! I’d say today was pretty fun! date:Aug 13, 2017

The Rhone

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Kai W.
This morning we were woken up by the sound of the engine as we motored to the RMS Rhone, an old sunken royal mail ship. When we arrived we set up our dive gear and had a simple breakfast of oatmeal. The dive was amazing, we saw propellers almost twice the size of us! After the dive, we left our beloved boat to take our sailing test. Then it was time for a hike on Salt Island. The views were beautiful. Next, we made a swing on the boom- there were many backflips to be had. We rushed to get dry, to eat dinner, which was breakfast. We ate sausages, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and fried peppers. Then we wound down, set up the hammocks, and went to bed. date: Aug 12, 2017

Posted: Sat, Aug 12, 2017

Day 13

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ian S.
We had a quick start to this morning waking up to our morning music. We started off the day with a cereal morning consisting of Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, and Frosted Mini Wheats with milk. We were all excited to go to shore where we got to go to gift shops, scuba shops, and get a fulfilling lunch. Today was a special day to be skipper because today we had a sailing race from West End to Peter Island. I was skipper so I guided the boat off of the mooring ball, around the marina, and eventually navigated is to the starting line. We finished last but really we won because we were bonding the whole way, switching positions and jobs. Before that, though our basic sailors practiced the man overboard drills, everyone doing a great job. We finished off the race arriving in Great Harbor swimming, showering, and getting ready for Mexican night. I read the skipper quote and started dinner. Following dinner we asked our questions, getting all heartfelt answers out of all of our shipmates. We finished our Sailing Curls ritual and began cleanup and got ready for our Lifeworks Forum. We set up our beds, hammocks, and cabins to get ready for a good night’s sleep. We need it because of tomorrow, day 14, we are going to dive the Rhone which everyone is excited about. date:Aug 11, 2017

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