BVI: Session 1 - Catalinaville

Posted: Thu, Jun 29, 2017

An Action Packed Day… With Dolphins!

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Sophie G.
Today began bright and early in Muskmelon bay. By 7am we were motoring over to our dive site for a short rotation day of advanced open water and open water dive classes. A few of us dive master trainees, myself included, assisted the classes on these dive. Seeing the faces of the newly certified divers was extremely rewarding and exciting for all of us. Many rounds of applause were given and lots of smiling faces were given back. After all of the divers were out of the water, a huge squall of rain consumed the whole fleet, but that didnt stop us from sailing our way over to Cane Garden Bay where we filled up with fuel and water. After we finished topping that all off, we anchored our beautiful boat and had some time to chill for a bit before our second big dive theory chat to prepare us for the second half of our dive master final exam. Once chill time was over, it was time to study! Simon, our skipper, went over some review questions and helped us refresh our memories on how to use dive tables. The most exciting part of our dive, was when we were interrupted by seeing a mama and baby dolphin! That moment made this whole day complete! They swam around our fleet for a bit before swimming off on their merry way. Tonight we have the night to relax and maybe even watch a movie! Overall, today was a fantastic day and I am more than ready for this final exam now. 🙂

Posted: Wed, Jun 28, 2017

New Divers- Who Dis?

Location: Sommer’s Beach, Tortola
Author: Jackson L.
Just as we sat down for breakfast in Muskmelon Bay Simon began telling us that divers were on their way and it was time to get our gear ready. By this time, we have become well acquainted with this morning routine. We finished breakfast, donned cylinders, and within minutes, the first group was in the water. It was a classic day in the life of an AQ divemaster in training. As the second group was coming out of the water, chefs set out lunch, a tank run was almost ready and a few DMTs finished their maps. We all took a well-deserved break for lunch and then prepped for the afternoon dives. But these next breaths underwater were different. Not so much so for us, but rather for the open water students we were with. These were their last dives as non-certified divers. Only two tanks of air stood between them and the open ocean. They descended on the first tank, completed their skills and resurfaced. After a tank swap that would have made a NASCAR pit crew proud, they were back in the water for a quick fun dive. They surfaced smiling from ear to ear, with proud DMTs in tow. After spending many hours underwater watching these shipmates grow from taking their first breaths underwater, to freshly minted open water divers, it was almost as exciting for us as it was for them. We all were in their position not too long ago, and coming full circle from student to near- PADI professional filled us all with even more joy.

Posted: Tue, Jun 27, 2017

Day 12

Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island
Author: Wyatt N.
Day 12, and Im waking up to the smell of pancakes and the sound of stuttering feet on our surprisingly dry floor under the hard top. Moving on past the wonderful pancakes, my tiger-snooze and the golden grilled cheeses I made for Ruddie, Sophie and myself we went on two dives training Open Water students at Monkey Point. After those two chill dives, we go ahead to Muskmelon Bay. All in all today was by far the calmest day during this session.

Posted: Mon, Jun 26, 2017

The Dogs

Location: Marina Cay
Author: Willie N.
This morning our boat woke up and headed out to the Dogs, where we would later dive. After the short trip half of the boat geared up for mapping of the dive site and the other half prepared for reactive SCUBA course. I was part of the reactive group had lots of fun pretending to be forgetful and inexperienced diver. Throughout this course, there was one leader with rusty divers who were tuning up their skills. After this course was over, we made our way to Trellis Bay where we had a great lunch and shore time. Now we are fueling at Marina Cay and loading food. We will later have dinner and have a relaxing night. Were having a blast!

Posted: Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Rotation Days, Tank Runs and Diving

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Author: Amelia P.
This morning, Catalinaville was woken up by Simon, pinning up our schedule for the rotation day. Some DMs led dives, some mapped dive sites, and other learned how to teach students dive skills. Only one group got semi-lost so it was a good day! Hannah and I went on multiple tank runs to Manic and didnt get sunburnt so that was also a win. All the dives went great and my group got to experience Simon action, like a student, AKA – a four year old. Surprisingly, we all learned a ton with Simon acting like that. Our dinner was Boatsgiving, which was amazing, and now we are watching a beautiful sunset in the best place- Mountain Point.

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