BVI: Session 1 - Lady Aubrey

Posted: Tue, Jul 5, 2016

Staff Update Day 21

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Shannon, Spencer, and Anna

What an adventure- the past 21 days have been absolutely amazing for us. We learned to sail, then raced our sister ships (hitting an amazing 9.2 knots). Aiden was the MVP of the helm, sailing our last race like a pro. If the course had been a little longer, we definitely would have come in 3rd. In our final race, Aidens helmsmanship was mirrored by Drakes expert ability to manage the main sheet in order to achieve optimal speed at given points of sail. Several times while we were underway, Molly braved the rock and rolls to make sure we all had food to eat during those underway meal times. What an iron stomach! During each sail (and most downtime too), Ray led the Lady Aubrey Choir, which specialized in Adele cover songs. Ultimately, the entire fleet knew us as the musical boat that could (and would) burst into song at a moments notice. Besides our musical accompaniment, you could always count on Patrick to be able to spew off a fishing fact, find a tarpon or be identifying the fish swimming under the boat. We learned something on this trip about Dylan: despite being from the desert, he can waterski! Dylan got up on his first try and could have done 360s for hours on end, and Madison’s expert knee boarding really impressed the crew!
In addition to sailing, we did a fair amount of diving too. Although 4 were technically training dives, the Lady Aubrians did a total of 5 dives (4 reef 1 wreck)! During the nightly squeeze after the first confined water dive, Stella told us how nervous she was of being in the water. However, she is going to leave a certified diver who has almost perfected the art of underwater hovering. Laini had similar fears to overcome. However, with the help of her instructor and shipmates, she too is now an expert open water diver. In that same spirit of going pro in three weeks, Trey somehow managed to overcome every stereotype of new divers. Instead of swimming with both his hands and his fins, Trey remains streamlined at all times (like a pro) while having an expert air consumption rate. Savannah’s quick understanding of the RDP tables and her ability to help her shipmates was impressive for someone of her age. Overall, it was an amazing boat and a great summer. We consider all of the shipmates who were here to be our second family, and it was very hard to say goodbye. So hard in fact, we wont. Instead, well leave it at this: See you next summer!

Posted: Mon, Jul 4, 2016

Day 20- The Final Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Molly R.
This morning we were woken up by our morning music and Stella jumping on us to make sure we were moving. Although it seemed like we had done this a million times, it was different, final. We realized during our breakfast of cereal and pancakes that this would be our last normal morning before leaving for home the next day. We then set sail for our final race of the trip, full of music, laughter and memories. After tying in 4th place with Squeaky, we started packing and cleaning our cabins. The chaos of the bags, people, and heat was almost overwhelming, like our feelings about departing from this amazing experience. Of course, we are excited to be home with our families and friends, but we are also going to miss Lady A so much. We have our final BBQ tonight to say goodbye to our friends from other boats, who are all feeling the same mix of emotions as us. Even though we are excited to go home, none of us would trade anything for these memories that will last a lifetime.

Posted: Sun, Jul 3, 2016

Day 19- The Final Steps

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Ray L.
The day started with an early morning visit from La Bella Vita water-skiers. We all woke up to start making pancakes while people went to waterski in between. We finished off, had a splash around in the ocean, then set off for Road Town. We waited outside the harbor for a while before rafting up next to Bella Vita. We took a dinghy to the town and sat down as a boat to eat a lunch filled with French fries and burgers. We devoured it down in no time. We started to head back to the boat and set off on our last fun sail to the Bight in Norman Island. We set up our sails and reached speeds of over 8 knots on our way to anchoring! We anchored and started to make dinner early to make time for the evening activity. The staff left for a staff meeting, which put us in charge of getting everything ready and cleaning up our mess afterwards. We blasted music and ate our last dinner onboard the boat. When the staff got back we went through a day by day playback of the trip before spreading out and writing cards to each other, which we will all cherish and love, before heading off to our second to last sleep.

Posted: Sat, Jul 2, 2016

Day 18

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Savannah P.
We started yet another beautiful day of our adventure off after spending the night in Great Harbor. The main activity for the day was diving the shipwreck of the Rhone. The boat sunk in 1867 after a giant storm hit unexpectedly. Many died during the wreck, which gave off a slightly eerie vibe to the whole dive. The most impressive part of the dive would be when we swam through the remaining propeller. After the dive, we went back to our lovely boat and had a giant snack time. We were accompanied by Danielle, Will and Paul from the media team. Once snack time was over we dinghied over to the island of Salt Island for a brief hike and some beach time. The small hike led to a stunning cliff that overlooked some breaking waves. We found our way over to a graveyard dedicated to all those that died on the Rhone and all paid our respects. It was kind of overcast, but we all still went into the water on the beach. Once that was over, we motored back to our boat and had a bit of swimming time off the back of the boat. We successfully created a boom swing, which is a rope attached to the boom. Following that we sailed back to Peter Island to end off the night. Aiden and Molly cooked breakfast for dinner for all of us, which was a great end to an even greater day.

Posted: Fri, Jul 1, 2016

Day 17- Racing Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Patrick J.
Today was racing day. Our day began with a quick start, with oatmeal for breakfast. At around 7:30 I headed over to Midnatt Solen for a sail-racing meeting. After we talked about where we were going and what not, all of the skippers picked out of a hat what place we started in for the beginning of the race. I picked 3rd. Finally we were on our way to the starting line. As we approached the starting line the radio was counting down from 10, 9, 8…3, 2,1 we were off and sailing at about 4.2 knots. We came in 7th place in that race, which wasn’t the best nor the worst. During our time in port, we ate lunch, and then had a second race. Today was hectic but a completing day.

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