BVI: Session 1 - Calypso

Posted: Sat, Jul 5, 2014

Day 19

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Elinor S.
Today was great action packed day! For breakfast we had the usual: cereal. After a bit of sailing we ended up at the wreck of the Rhone for our first dive as certified scuba divers. We got to see the wreck of a ship from 1886. There was so much sea life to see, it was also cool to go through the boat in a tunnel. We motored over to Salt Island. On the way a group of people and I went to the front of the boat during the bumpy waves- in the words of Pablo, #Rollercoaster. We ate lunch and got ready for the hike. On the hike we saw the natural salt ponds. We climbed many hills and saw beautiful views. This by far was my favorite hike. After the hike we went and saw the memorial of Dead Mans bay of the pirates who tried to escape Black Beards bay. Around the memorial were gorgeous shells and coral, great way to remember them. After the hike we hurried to the boat to take showers and head off to the Bight. Sadly this amazing trip is closing to an end, hopefully we will all see each other next year!!!!!!!

Posted: Thu, Jul 3, 2014

Day 17 – Race Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Mara B.
Today was a very fast paced and exciting day. We woke up to a rain storm (which Kath was very excited about) and all threw on our rain jackets to go to the bow. After breakfast we had a meeting of all the boat and student skippers to discuss the plan and rules for the upcoming races. We started with the Pringles Cup. This is a shorter race which takes place in the morning as we travel to West End. The race is named that because the winner receives an extra sleeve of Pringles, which is quite a valuable commodity! Though we were not very close to winning, we didn’t come in last! After the first race, we took a stop in West End where we all experienced some deja vu as it is the same place where we started our trip. This is just another sad reminder that our time here is coming to a close. We all had a great lunch at the local restaurant (Pussers), then returned to our boats to begin the next race. This race was much longer and the wind had picked up a lot. This resulted in a very exciting and thrilling race. We finished off the day with a delicious Mexican dinner cooked by one of our very own Mexican chefs! We have a Lifeworks Forum tonight with the rest of sail side.

Posted: Wed, Jul 2, 2014

Day 16- Sailing Practical Test, Oh My!

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Katharine S.

Today started with a “late” morning at 7am. We woke up to the yummy smell of pancakes made by Jason and Richard. The last of the Nutella was scraped out of the jar and peanut butter was smeared (of course it was creamy because that’s the best kind). After a satisfying breakfast we helped the other ships off the dock and then we pushed off. Everyone gathered into the cockpit to listen to Mitch talk about the test! Everybody was filled with nerves as the day began. The morning sped by as the wonderful sailors steered Calypso through the warm Caribbean waters. My turn came and the boat heeled over to the point where everyone on the low side was splashed with the salty water. Finally after everyone was done we sailed to Sandy Spit. Rango sped us to shore as we made another we landing. Coral was everywhere on shore and waves splashed against the sand. The girls gave themselves sand beards and splashed in the water. After a wonderful beach afternoon we went back home and showered off the back. Dinner started filling the galley with the scent of HOT DOGS! A dinner of hot dogs, rice, beans and cornbread topped off a great day. Life here on Calypso is magnificent if you can’t already tell!

Posted: Tue, Jul 1, 2014

Day 15- Sydney’s, Sandcastles and Mt. Sage

Location: Sidney’s, Jost van Dyke
Author: Eliza Q.

Today the entire fleet of ActionQuest woke up bright and early in preparation for a long, fun-filled day. After eating cereal for breakfast we met up with all of the boats on the dock in Tortola. Here Mike briefed us on what to expect on the hike. We hiked 3 miles to the highest point in the Virgin Islands, Mt. Sage and after taking a plethora of photos at the top, we hiked the 3 miles back down. At the bottom of Mt. Sage many of us also enjoyed the famous cheeseburgers which were alluded to in Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” We also scoured the gift shops for souvenirs. From here we sailed to Sandy Cay, the small picturesque island off of Tortola. Each of the boats participated in a fleet-wide sandcastle building competition. Calypso designed the set of Spongebob and it turned out pretty well. We will hear the results of the competition tonight at Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ. Wish us luck! (editor’s note: Calypso placed third in the sandcastle contest).

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