BVI: Session 3 - Sambamba

Posted: Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Sambamba Staff Update Day 17

Location: West End
Author: Shannon, Ashley, and George
We can’t believe Sambamba is back on the dock in West End and our adventure is over! It’s been a wild ride with a ton of happy memories shared and experiences gained. We have grown together as a team and a family. The three of us will miss our 12 awesome shipmates! Jared joined us having already done a session this summer and has been helping everyone from day one. We have enjoyed Carolina’s sense of humor and Luna’s eagerness to learn. Kenny’s amazing wakeboarding will be remembered, as well as Emmi’s cheerful nature and singing. We will miss Rachel’s happiness and smile, Alex’s favorite parts of the day, Callie’s cooking skills and Pharaoh’s expert sailing. Throughout our journey, the team loved playing Ariela’s games and hearing Gabe’s funny words of wisdom. We loved hearing about Nolan’s pies and hope to try them one day. A huge thank you to everyone on board Sambamba for an incredible 17 days…feel the rhythm, feel the ride, come on Sambam it’s sailing time! date:Aug 15, 2017

Posted: Mon, Aug 14, 2017

Last Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Alex K.
Our last morning consisted of eating all the food we have and a skipper’s meeting for our final race. After a big breakfast, everyone started packing their bags. It’s sad to see all the bags in the hull because no one wants this trip to end. Once everyone was done we put up the mainsail and got into position for the race. We were planning on egging another boat before the countdown started. As soon as everyone had an egg we heard someone say 45-second countdown on the VHF. Everyone dropped their egg and got ready for the race. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The wind was perfect and we even got up to 9 knots! It was really cool to see how much everyone has learned on this trip. Here and there Shannon would help us out, but this race was mostly run by us. We worked really well together and managed to get going pretty fast. Even Shannon said this was probably the fastest race she has ever done. In the end, we got fourth out of six boats. We’re now slowly motoring back to West End. We’re cleaning the whole boat… well, everyone else is while I write the blog. I’m lucky to be skipper today. We’re all really bummed that this is our last day. It went by really fast. Tonight we have our last BBQ then everyone is home tomorrow. he has been an amazing 2.5 weeks. date:Aug 14, 2017

Posted: Sun, Aug 13, 2017

Fun In The Sun!!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Nolan B.
Today was so full of fun in the sun! We started off with a later wake up at 7 am. Then we ate an excellent breakfast of French toast! After we have all cleaned up for the breakfast we had our last swim of the trip, while we were sad about that, we made the most we could out of it. We were all splashing and having an all around a great time. Once we dried off we set sail over to Road Town. Once there we got our phones and went shopping. I called my parents and contacted some friends. We then got back to the boat and set sail to Norman Island, the sail over was so nice and windy! We flew over there! We made it there in no time! We then ate dinner of rice and beans and are now awaiting our evening activity! date: Aug 13, 2017

Sailing, Scuba, and Skiing, Oh My!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ariela L.
Today was an amazing day packed chock-full of action. We kicked off the day with a super early breakfast of every breakfast food we had left- plus PB+J. As soon as we’d eaten we raised the mainsail and unfurled the jib to make our way to Salt Island. Though the wind refused to pick up, we managed and arrived in no time. Next, we took the dinghies over to Wind Shadow to dive an incredible shipwreck called the Rhone. Beforehand, the skipper read us the story of the ship and how it crashed into a rock, killing all but 27 crew, just after being deemed “unsinkable.” We had a difficult boat entry due to crazy current, but it was completely worth it to see the wreck, which was teeming with marine life. Once we got back to the boat we had a quick snack and crammed for our sailing exam and dried off before heading to shore for an incredible hike. It was very steep, but the challenge was worthwhile for the mind-blowing view. Upon returning to the boat we scattered to take our exam. Then we set sail for Peter Island and had a lunch of chicken salad wraps while underway. There we split up for waterskiing/wakeboarding/kneeboarding and swimming. Next, we showered and had an amazing breakfast for dinner. Today truly was action-packed, and I can’t wait for tomorrow! date: Aug 12, 2017

Posted: Sat, Aug 12, 2017

Let’s Go Sambam, It’s Racing Time!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Kenneth O.
I guess I fared out as a decent skipper today, considering my lack of experience as a sailor. However, that only made my day more eventful. A good breakfast of cereal and PB+J was a good start to the day. Waking up and seeing the small Sandy Spit island only reminded me of the beautiful beaches back home in Venezuela. Trying not to veer off course, conversationally and sail-wise, is something I have to work on. After breakfast, we all parted for West End with me at the helm under exam conditions. However, when it came to the leading of the ship, I think I fared well (no mishaps). After practical time finished, we all calmly headed onto our starting point, West End. I realized that the places are gorgeous as I had only arrived at night that first day. After shore time it was race time. All skippers were called in for a race briefing. Turns out we had the most leeward spot in the race, which was an initial disadvantage. However, one of our staff, George, gave us a good strategy which was veering away from all of the other ships, as we were technically in last place. After great tacks (using awesome teamwork and cooperation, along with me struggling at the helm with the wind and heel) we managed to finish in second place! It was great seeing everyone work whilst zooming across with good music and strong winds. Well, the day finishes here at Great Harbor enjoying our sailing victory. date: Aug 11, 2017

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