BVI: Session 2 - Squeaky Brat

Posted: Tue, Jul 26, 2016

Day 20- Goodbye For Now

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Eleanor B.
The day started out slow. We all began to get up with the knowing of it being our last day. Some had been up already to finish up writing letters to one another. We all sat and ate cereal together in the cockpit until it was time for me, along with all the other boat skippers, to meet at Sanchrisa for the route of the big race. I got my information and headed back to Squeaky to hype up the crew. We turned up the jams and went over our game plan to win the race. We had a mini dance party, then they counted us down. 3-2-1 we were off! As soon as we got going, we had a cleat confusion and our main sheet flew off, causing us to fall far back. At first, we were upset, but after getting our music, back on it was back to good vibes. We all were just happy to be in each other’s presence. During the tack around the mooring, we managed to pass one boat and not get in last place, which was enough for us. After the race ended, we napped on the bow as usual until it was time for some boat appreciation. We cleaned up our Squeaky one last time underway. We docked at our final destination, ordering some pizza and finishing up cleaning We had some shore time, allowing ourselves some sweet treats. Time ticked by and we took some messy dock showers with shampoo fights. Ready to go after getting changed, it was BBQ time. We spent every second we could glued to one another, soaking in the time we had left. We ate dinner and then it was time for Mike’s final talk. We sat in silence and then made our way back to Squeaky for our last squeeze. My question was, if you could thank each other on Squeaky for one life lesson they taught you, what would it be? Tears were shed and at the end, hugs were exchanged. The last three weeks were incredible and I will never forget the memories made. Squeaky B out for last time.

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Day 18- Roaming Around The Rhone

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Nina G.
A gente acordou com o barco ja andando, indo para a ilha salt. Assim que chegamos la, ficamos um tempo no barco esperando para fazer scuba dive. Assim que fomos para o outro barco, para fazer scuba dive, colocamos as coisas necessarias para mergulhar. Esse mergulho foi, sem diving, o melhor do todos, porque a gente viu o barco naveragado, foi muito legal! Alem do barco, vimos peixes tartarugas e barracuda. Depois disso, voltamos para o barco e nos preparamos para fazer o hiking, assim que chegamos na praia para fazer hiking vimos tipo um lago, que na beirada tem sal, que la rainha come. Depois comecamos a subir a montanha para ver o mar e outras ilhas de cima, e e muo bonizo! Depois do hiking voltamos para o barco, almocamos, tomamos banho, e fomos para a ilha Peter. Assim que chegamos, jantamos e fizemos o teste do sail e depois ficamos no barco ate dormir.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2016

Day 17- First Race Day!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Juan G.
Today we woke up very confused. A boat called Great White pranked all the AQ fleet by leaving a shipmate on every single boat and waking them up. After understanding what was happening we got ready for our first race day and saw the chemistry on our boat. The first race was from Sandy Spit to West End. On West End, we got to use our phones and do some shopping, as well as eating good food. We were on West End from 10:30 to 1:30. After the three hours of rest, we hopped into our boats and started to get ready for our second and last race of the day. This was the best race out of the two we had due to the fact that we actually had to tack more than three times and we got some very good and steep angles. It was about a three-hour race. As soon as we anchored, Will and Haynes came out of the galley with our food, which was MEXICAN NIGHT! One of the staff members called Danielle came to eat and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Hope the next sail race day will be as fun as this one.

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