BVI: Session 3 - Rossi II

Posted: Sat, Aug 15, 2015

Staff Update Day 17

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Carolyn
Pressing play on the morning CD we play each morning to wake up our students, I couldn’t believe the 17 days of this session had already gone by. It’s crazy to think the last time we were here at the West End our shipmates had no idea what a halyard was, and yet yesterday they ran our sailboat in the final race like it was second nature. Starting with our first sail up to Savannah Bay we quickly discovered Will could not sit still if the main was not perfectly trimmed and that Beau loved being on the helm. Rachel, on the other hand, has faced sailing like everything we’ve done with the determination to try every skill, job or activity at least twice. On days not spent sailing to our next destination, we set into our routine of rotation days. Rossites rotated between activities such as Pico sailing, knot tying, or Max or Tylers favorite wakeboarding. Whether encouraging Jo to slalom ski for the first time, or trying to get Tyler to jump the wake, our dinghy was always full of playful shouts and laughter. Every rotation day, however, was not complete without the diving which Alex lived for. Back on Rossi after every long day of exhausting fun, our students fell into their usual routine of salt water showers and hanging out on the bow while waiting for the chefs of the day to finish preparing dinner. Before starting dinner each night we sat down for the few still moments of the day to answer the skipper of the days squeeze question. Some responses took a more humorous tone, whereas Maggies amongst others prompted us to think more deeply about ourselves, our values and what was most important to us. From earning their Open Water Dive certification and Competent Crew Sailing certification to scaling the rocks at the Baths, Rossi’s shipmates accomplished more than any of us thought possible in 17 days. Thanks for a great session Rossi!

Posted: Fri, Aug 14, 2015

Day 16- Goodbye

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Maggie M.
Our (kind of) last day has been a whirlwind of excitement. We began the morning with breakfast and a skipper’s meeting that contained the information to the day’s race. We were to sail from our spot in the harbor at Norman Island around the green lateral marker at Road Town, and finally to Great Harbor on Peter Island. We began as soon as we could, after receiving a very interesting pump-up speech from Tyler. The wind was unpredictable, sending puffs when we least expected it. We got our speed up to 8.3 knots at one point, which is the fastest we’ve gone yet. We ended up coming in 5th place out of 7. It isn’t first, but hey — it isn’t last, either. We then sailed to West End while cleaning the cabins and packing up the final items. We finally made our way here and ate a lunch that consisted of sandwiches and way too much Nutella. Tonight we’ll go ashore, make some phone calls, attend a full-fleet BBQ, and say our final goodbyes. As this unforgettable journey comes to a close, we’re all clinging to each other, hoping to stretch the time out before the inevitable occurs. Thank you to all of our families and friends for reading these blogs and giving us the opportunity to come here. We’ll all be home soon.

Posted: Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Day 14- Final Dive

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: William H.

It was another early morning onboard the Rossi II. I again couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be on a 50 foot sailboat in the Caribbean with a beautiful sunrise as an alarm clock. Breakfast was milk and cereal. Once breakfast was finished we set out to our final dive location, the RMS Rhone. The dive was amazing. The dive site consists of two parts of a giant shipwreck, the bow and the stern lay separate from its splitting in half when the sea thrust it into the rocks. My group dove at the stern of the boat because the bow exceeded the depth we were allowed to dive at as open water divers. After the dive we took a hike on Salt Island which is the home of a famous salt farm. From there we came back to our boats and sailed to where we anchored for the night.

Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2015

Day 13- Max Sailing Time

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Tyler A.

Today is race day, whoo hoo! We also got to go to port today and I made contact with friends and family, apologies to anyone I missed. Unfortunately we had to change our sailing schedule due to our timing and generally not sailing fast. I recently found out one of my instructors is really into Pearl Jam, which is really cool when we get to jam out on the boat.

I really miss my dog. So Buddy, if you are reading this, I love you!

Posted: Mon, Aug 10, 2015

Day 12- Certified Divers

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Rachel W.
Skipper’s log: ship date, day 12 of our 17 day journey. We were awoken to the sound of a drastically different soundtrack. Instead of the usual morning CD, Maggie, the only one with an ipod, created a playlist that everyone could agree was a refreshing change. We began the day with large bowls of cereal and headed of to La Bella Vita, a fellow ActionQuest boat. In our first rotation we watched a documentary on the director of sail side A, Anna’s, grandparents. The boat quickly decided that with her ongoing awesomeness as well as her grandparent’s past, she has proven herself a princess. Shipmates began bowing and blaring trumpet noises the second we saw her again. Once we had finished our first rotation it was off to our certifying open water dive. We explored the bottom and made friends with a stingray, crabs and thousands of fish. One by one we got out of the water and everyone was greeted with high fives and congratulations. The rest of the day passed by in a blur. Waterskiing turned to lunch, which blended into sailing, and it seemed as if you could snap your fingers and we were at the beach party. There was a BBQ filed with hugs and laughter. The days seem to be passing by faster now. We have no more than four full days left. Hopefully we can make it last before heading back home to school and work. Alright, wish us luck, we are heading off again!

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