BVI: Session 1 - Aeolus

Posted: Thu, Jun 22, 2017

What a Day

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Will D.
We had a quick morning and needed to get ready fast. We began our day with a conservation class where we studied about reefs and how to keep them safe. Soon after we were hitting backward roll entries into the mangroves. When we returned we had a great big meal consisting of Pringle peanut butter sandwiches and whatever other concoctions my crew could muster up. We spent the whole afternoon sailing. We sailed small two person boats and six person boats. We sent it all afternoon, putting our boat to the test. We then cleaned up dinner and headed off to the highlight of the week. THE BEACH COOKOUT where we danced the night away 🙂 Stay up, stay humble.

Posted: Wed, Jun 21, 2017

An Island in The Sun

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Blair T.
Today I woke up surrounded by the beautiful scenery that is that island of Prickly Pear. I started off the day by taking in all of the sailboats gently rocking in the wind with THE BEST backdrop ever. (aka THE BVI). After everyone was awake we rushed into action to prepare, eat, and clean up breakfast before it was time for our days activities to begin. First, we all took turns either wakeboarding, skiing, or knee boarding. Then we began to learn a few basic knots that we need to know in order to sail. Next, we went over to a neighboring ship to meet up with our diving instructor, Jay. Jay showed us how to use a diving table in order to know how long we can stay underwater. Directly after, we all ran at a full sprint back to Aeolus for our long-awaited mac and cheese. We proceeded to cleanup ASAP so we could finally go on the beach, which had been taunting us since we had arrived. Once on the beach, we played a few games of ninja and mafia, and Frisbee. We soon had to pause our activities for a short rainstorm. However, the storm gave way to a bright sun shining down on us while we learned to windsurf, had chicken fights and soaked in some rays (with loads of sunscreen of course). After we finished having digging competitions we FINALLY got Grant to do a backflip, we headed back to Aeolus to prepare our dinner. Overall, today has been fun day on an island in the sun.

Posted: Tue, Jun 20, 2017

The Baths

Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Author: Adam
Today we woke up to the same five songs weve been waking up to every day of program, and yet we didnt care they are actually starting to grow on us. After we woke up, we got right to work, picked up anchor, and set sail out of Savannah Bay and headed towards The Baths. Once we got there, we were amazed at how beautiful the rock formations were. We all enjoyed hiking through the Baths and climbing up the rocks to jump into the water. After that, we set sail for Spanishtown, where we enjoyed our first meal on land since the start of the trip. Also, we got to call home to check in with our families. When everyone was done with lunch, we set sail again and headed towards Prickly Pear Island. After dinner on the boat, many crewmembers saw a couple of flamingos flying, although I didnt personally see them due to writing this entry. Overall, it was a very active day, we got to sail a lot and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Posted: Mon, Jun 19, 2017

Captain’s Log Day 4

Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Grant E.
Today my crew and I woke up in Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda. My first lesson as skipper was, it is very hard to wake up your whole crew when you’re not awake either. After oatmeal and the always delicious pop tarts, we headed out to do watersports consisting of wakeboarding, waterskiing and knee boarding and learning the basics of driving a dinghy. We headed to shore shortly after to (for most of us) try the crew favorite- windsurfing. After many falls and about two hours of practice, me and most of my crew were sailing the wind while smiling so Anna could take pictures. Next, we headed back to the boat to eat sandwiches and reapply sunscreen. Soon after cleaning up, we headed to shore again to scuba dive for the first time on this adventure and ten of my twelve-person crew for their first time. It was cold! Now after chili, rice, cheese and hot dogs for dinner I find myself writing this log. The days are full of activity and fun. Skipper signing off.

Posted: Sun, Jun 18, 2017

Sail Day 1

Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Author: Caroline L.
Today we woke up to an eye-appealing view and ate a delicious breakfast. Then we cleaned up and got the boat prepared to sail! We sailed for about 4 1/2 hours for the first time, which was interesting yet amazing! It was very windy so we cruised. We sailed to our anchor spot where we then learned how to work/put on scuba kits, tie knots, and swim! After swimming, we took showers and our cooks began cooking dinner. We ate our delicious dinner and then all helped clean up. After that, we had a scuba chat, all hung out and went to bed.

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