BVI: Session 2 - Panasea

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Good News and the End of the Trip Blues

Location: Great Harbor, Peter
Author: Chance S.
So we had a nice little sail to Cooper Island this morning breaking the previous record this session by getting up to 8.8 knots! We did a really calm dive on Blue Chromis and saw lots of fish. After a surface interval we worked on our tummy tans as Alex says. We got back in the water to dive the Kissing Wrecks, but the joy was cut short as we had a scenario right afterwards where Becca was an unresponsive diver and after getting her stable onboard she panicked and jumped back in so we had to save her again. We then had a very calm downwind sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island and Sam put me and Chad in charge so we sailed into the bay and anchored ourselves. Needless to say we were nervous but no worries, everything went off without a hitch. Now just sitting and waiting paranoid for our next scenario. Your friend, your family, your skipper.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2011

Strong Winds and Stronger Spirits

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Hamilton D.
We started off the day a little late due to an alarm clock failure so we set sail immediately after we woke up. I was excited right from the get go as sailing is my favorite part of being skipper. It was a relatively cloudy and damp day. The winds were howling all day which made for ideal sailing conditions. But before I sailed at all, we visited West End. It was an odd feeling being at the place where we started our trip and where we will eventually end it. A large part of the afternoon was taken up by the sail to GHP, in which just like last year, I reached the top speed of the session (thanks to gusty winds). As we arrived at GHP Becca accidentally dropped her sunglasses in the water. We got to use our newly found search and recovery skills in a full fledged effort to find them. After an interesting dive we managed to recover them. Your friend, your family, your skipper.

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2011

The First Scenario

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Rachel L.
We had an early start on Panasea as we had a search and recovery practical dive searching for a “missing” anchor with a team of 14 of us. We located the anchor in about ten minutes. Once we accomplished this task we set sail to a dive site called the Playgrounds. Before we could start setting up, we were disturbed by a panicked diver in the water, which turned out to be our first scenario. We all went into action, set up gear, put on masks and snorkels, and watched the diver while keeping a look out for bubbles of other potential divers. There turned out to be two other divers in the water but they were fine. After the madness ended we dived the Playgrounds. One group saw a turtle and another saw a sting ray. Then we had some beach time and all got to hang out there. It was a really fun time. Your friend, your family, your skipper.

Posted: Thu, Jul 21, 2011

Tomorrow’s Another Day

Location: Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Author: Alex L.
Hello once again fellow shipmates, crew, and owners of shipmates (aka parents). We had a super early start today as we had the hike. Now as an English I wanted to beat everyone up the hike. Me and some fellow shipmates powered our way through. It was hard, long, steep, but did this stop us…no! We raced up the huge mountain and came 1st which made me feel good about myself, mentally and physically. At the top there was this old man who served us banana smoothies. Yum! On our way back we found something. Guess what it was. A cow! Then we had food at a really good place. After lunch we got we set voyage to Sandy Cay where we made (drum roll) sand castles! We made one of Ursula using Bubbles. We came in 3rd. After this we set sail. We went to Sidney’s Peace and Love where we had a mini party. The food was as good as tea and scones. I shall hope to speak to you all again soon. This is your friend, your family, your skipper.

Posted: Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Another Sunny Day in the BVI

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Laura F.
We began our day with a sail to Shark Point. It was a very hot and sunny morning so we were very happy to jump into the refreshing blue sea for our search and recovery dive. We split into two teams, one going north and one to the south, to find two plastic squids using the jack stay search pattern. We found them quickly with little difficulty and then surfaced and swam back to our boat. After that, most of our boat did an optional fun dive at Shark Point. It was an awesome dive. My group swam through a beautiful cave. When we exited it was saw a large barracuda. It was an amazing experience. Then we saw a turtle in the distance so we swam over to it. The turtle played with us, swimming quickly between our legs and around us for a few minutes. In the distance, two of my buddies spotted a shark. We headed towards it but unfortunately it swam away so we didn’t get a closer look. Time was up so sadly we had to end our dive. Later, we sailed to Cane Garden to refill our water and to stay overnight. Now we are studying for the oxygen first aid for scuba diver injury exam, which is tonight. Today was an incredible, relaxing, hot day. Your friend, your family, your skipper, signing out.

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