Global: Session 3 - Odysseus - S/Y Argo

Posted: Sat, Aug 15, 2015

A Part Of A Whole

Location: Nice, France
Author: Kimi T.
Argonauts, Argonauts, Argonauts,

This is Argo, Argo, Argo,
You’ve come and gone
And left your mark.
Through sailing, sweeping, cleaning, and shining
You’ve become a part of Argo
And her, a part of you.
Though the wind carries you on
To other places, other adventures
We hope parts of this experience,
Parts of this adventure-
Will always resonate within you
Perhaps you have new appreciations:
For beds of normal shape and size,
For flush toilets or real showers,
Or the ability to be connected to the world 24/7-
Yet remember the connections made here,
The empowerment felt when helming
Or flaking Argo’s sails as a team
You explored new places and cultures
Tasted/ compared Gelato and pizzas
Hiked towns and sailed the Mediterranean.
You did it.
You made it.
Not as an individual,
But as a team.
You are and forever will be
The Crew of Argo-
AQ, Session III, 2015
Argo Out.

Posted: Fri, Aug 14, 2015

Five Finger Squeeze

Location: Nice, France
Author: Logan P.

Today at squeeze, I did something special. I asked, what I call “the Five Finger Squeeze.” Each finger, represents something different. Your thumb, pointed up, is something you like about yourself. Your index finger, pointed ahead, is somewhere you’re going. Your middle finger, for obvious reasons, is something that annoys you. Your ring finger, like wedding rings, is something you are committed to. Finally, your pinky, that weird finger at the end of your hand, is something quirky about you.
Here’s Argo’s five fingers for today:

On my thumb, something I liked about today. Boat Appreciation. Although Boat Appreciation Day has the acronym BAD it was a ton of fun. Kris, Ian, Emma and myself scrubbed Argo’s whole hull while the others polished, rust-busted and generally cleaned everything on board. We played music loud and turned what should have been a chore into a blast.

On my index finger, somewhere we are going. Although we did have a short passage under motor from Villefranche to Nice, which would fit the “where we are going” part of the blog, unfortunately we are headed home tomorrow. This put a little bit of a damper on our spirits, but did not prevent us from making the most of our last meals and minutes together.
On my middle finger, something that annoys me. Leaving Argo early tomorrow morning has me quite down. After three intense weeks of life aboard, I’m not sure how to feel about going back to a normal, land-lubbing life.
On my ring finger, something we are committed to. My main commitment to the rest of the Argonauts after leaving is to maintain the friendships I have built here. We all have grown so close to each other that it is hard to imagine a day gone by without talking to everyone. So I’m going to do my best to stay in touch.
My pinky finger, something quirky. Something personal. I adapted this blog post and my squeeze question from the Camp Echo Five Finger Taps Talk. Kyla, I dreamed of a burning triangle last night.

Posted: Wed, Aug 12, 2015

The Riches of Monaco

Location: Monaco, France
Author: Ian A.

Today was a pretty interesting day as the ActionQuest crew took on Monaco. After leaving Villefranche, it took only an hour to reach the beautiful and sparkling city. Before we entered the city however, some of us had the chance to go swimming for the last time. Once we got out of the water, we immediately sent the laundry of every crew member to be washed on shore. Once that was done we continued our way to Monaco where we had the chance to visit the Oceanographic Museum which was actually the old palace of Prince Albert I – the first leader of Monaco. While walking down the old royal halls and looking at the extravagant architecture that was before us, we learned about the old ways of hunting whales and exploring/researching the world by sea. Not only was there the museum to look at, there was even an aquarium and sharks. We were even allowed to feel their scaly skins! Once the tour of the museum was over, we explored the city on our own to see what Monaco had to offer. We had a curfew of 21:30 which meant that we had time to eat on shore. So yeah, today was a good day.

Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2015

Mourning Our Last Sail Day

Location: Villefranche, France
Author: Ryan D.
Our day in St. Tropez began early as we rushed through breakfast to get to the picturesque town beckoning to us from across the bay. Before reaching the docks we were taken aback by the considerable sizes of some of the yachts docked in the marina. As soon as our shoes touched dry land, we eagerly began exploring the town. Quaint French painters line the sidewalks, effortlessly producing beautiful paintings of the town and the harbor. On every street corner there was an expensive store or sprawling cafe. We weaved our way through the labyrinth of streets and alleys that only got busier as the day progressed. We eventually spread out and each group visited different boutiques or boulangeries. The few hours that we were in this staple of the French Riviera, among the ultra-wealthy, seemed to slip through our fingers in seconds. Before anyone was ready, it was time to return to Argo. The second half of our day began with raising the sails of the boat that we have come to know and love for the last time. We watched as St. Tropez faded into the distance and was replaced by the illustrious landscapes of the Southeast of France. Hills and mountains rolled along the sea dotted with houses, towns and pine trees. Remarkably luxurious yachts cruised alongside us as we made our way to Villefranche-sur-Mer (near Nice) and private helicopters passed overhead. We have now dropped Argo’s sails for the final time on this program. As we near our destination, we are looking forward to the memorable and thrilling experiences that are yet to come in the last few days of our odyssey. All in all, it was another adventurous and awe-inspiring day in the Mediterranean.

Posted: Mon, Aug 10, 2015

The Last Night Sail And BA (Boat Appreciation)

Location: St. Tropez, France
Author: Eugenia Z.
Our last night sail from Calvi, Corsica to St. Tropez, France finally gave us a taste of the sea. The three watch teams of Argo stood watch throughout the night, donned their PFD’s and headed on deck. Due to the stronger winds than we were used to, there was an abundance of soiled underwear and there was no shortage of yacking either. However, for some of us, it was also the most sleep we had gotten since boarding the ship. I awoke bright and early around noon and joined the crew for lunch (grilled toasties courtesy of the cooks). After cleaning up the dishes, we cleaned the deck, our sleeping quarters and the heads. I cannot put into words the joy that this boat appreciation experience brought us. Argo now shines ‘bright like a diamond.’ Afterwards, we enjoyed our last shower in the sea as people tried to ‘drown’ each other. After this trip, I have faith that I won’t be able to enjoy hot freshwater showers like a normal person again. Post dinner, an apple bobbing contest took place with somewhat gruesome dishwater… The prize? Gelato. As I write this blog with Kris’ extremely bothersome blog voice by my ear, dusk is approaching, and all I can say is have a good night!

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