Global: Session 3 - Odysseus

Posted: Sat, Aug 13, 2016

Day 20 – The Journey Ends

Location: Villefranche – France
Author: Sophie P.
Well this is it, the last blog post. The crew woke up today with sadness about the trip ending and excitement for what lies ahead. We had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and got divided into our “boat appreciation” teams. After all, that Argo has given us, it was time to show her some love and get her cleaned up. After a few hours of sweaty, soapy work the boat was looking pretty fresh. To clean ourselves up after, we enjoyed our last jump-in shower by jumping off the bow and trying to push each other underwater. We basked in the sun, taking in the beautiful landscape around us until it was about time to get ready for on shore time. The boys donned their polos and the girls their dresses, and we squeezed ourselves into the dinghy. We had 3 hours to enjoy the quaint town of Villefranche before our last dinner. The crew gathered at the pier as the staff all arrived in the dinghy looking classier than ever, and after the count off, we all headed up the narrow street to the restaurant. Bowls of pasta and mussels and plates off steak and beef tartare were placed in front of our hungry faces and we were full in no time. After dinner, we had time to do some final exploring and eat as much gelato as possible. At 9 we all headed back to the boat for our final squeeze. As we sat down in the cockpit, it dawned on us that the trip was really coming to an end. I had the responsibility of generating the final squeeze question, and I chose to ask everyone what their favorite memory from the trip was and what their favorite memory of the person sitting next to them was. As everyone recounted their favorite activities and inside jokes, some eyes got teary and some hands got held more tightly. You could hear whispers of “I’m gonna miss you guys,’ and “I can’t pick a favorite memory. We all remembered hiking the Cinque Terra, jumping off the white cliffs of Bonifacio, and learning boat knowledge in the salon with Chapman and Cooper. We ended the last squeeze circle with a big group hug and reviewed the plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be full of tears and hugs, but we will leave with happy memories and new, amazing friendships.

Posted: Fri, Aug 12, 2016

Day 19 – Magnificent Monaco

Location: Villefranche/Monaco – France
Author: Kira S.
This morning we had cereal for breakfast to get our minds nice and energized for our IYC Competent Crew test. After we took our test, which hopefully all of us passed, we took a short train ride from Villefranche to Monaco, however we did not follow in Celina Gomez’s footsteps and get mistaken as princesses in Monte Carlo but we get to go to the Monaco Oceanographic Museum. On the lower levels of the museum, there was an Aquarium that featured a variety of sea creatures that are found in the Mediterranean and around the world; on the upper levels there was an Aboriginal art exhibit from Australia. There was also elevator access to a terrace that had an amazing view of the ocean and the city, which Cecilia, Hayley, and I got our picture taken on. After visiting the museum, we were allowed to go explore Monaco on our own. Many of us walked up toward the royal palace to have lunch at some of the many cafes in the narrow side streets. While walking around the harbor and admiring, the beautiful yachts. Around 4, we all hoped back on the train and headed back to Villefranche to have one of our last jump in showers and to eat dinner. In just a few moments, we will start our closing activities for the trip and then head to bed.

Posted: Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Day 18 – 700 Miles Later

Location: Cannes – France
Author: Hayley. J
Right after clean up from breakfast, my shipmates and I boarded the dinghies to Cannes, France. We motored past the many yachts into the dock to explore the town made famous by the film festival. Having just eaten breakfast, Cece, Kira, Charlie and I decided to explore Cannes and window shop past the expensive stores bordering the beaches. We met up with almost half the boat for lunch at a restaurant near the sea and then headed back to Argo for jump-in showers. Kira and I accomplished our goal of successfully diving off of Argo. Then I began to prepare Argo for her last voyage with the 2016 Odysseus crew. Whilst we were underway, I decided to join Dawson, Kemal, Reily and Kira on bow watch. The swells rolled Argo upward and downward and caused our stomachs to drop like we were on a roller coaster. All of a sudden, Argo’s bow faced the sky and lurched downward into a wave. The water pushed Reily, Kira and Dawson to the deck and fully soaked us all. During dinner, we completed our 700th mile on Argo underway to Villefranche, one of our last destinations. Sadly, today was the beginning of the end of our time aboard our beloved Argo but it has been an amazing journey so far and we all look forward to the last couple of days we have left and making the most of them.

Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016

Day 17 – Awesome St. Tropez

Location: St. Tropez
Author: Charles S.
Argo finished its last big passage, heading into St. Tropez in the very early morning as my watch team and I lowered the sails and set anchor. We were glad to grab some shut-eye before exploring St. Tropez. The first and only stop as a group was St. Tropez’s citadel, which housed a maritime museum and shed some light on the French and, more specifically, this city’s connection to the seas. Within the museum walls was a room dedicated to sailing legend Irving Johnson, playing his famous film ‘Around Cape Horn.’ They even have the original charts from that voyage. After finishing the museum, we explored the city while looking to grab some lunch and browse the shops. Soon we will be arriving in Cannes for the final part of this great trip.

Posted: Tue, Aug 9, 2016

Day 16 – The Last Big Blue

Location: On Route to St. Tropez
Author: Harry W.
This morning started off pulling up the anchor in Calvi. Everyone staggered up the stairs for the daily morning briefing, tiered and hungry. After the I explained the day to everyone, we got up to grab our cereal, split into watch teams, then go back to bed. Watch team 3 started off which meant more sleep for me and the other teams. After a 3-hour sleep, we were woken up for lunch. At that time Watch team 1 was on, which that meant that Riley, Charlie, Cecilia, Kira, Rex and I had to start. Me and Kira started off on bow watch, to look for oncoming danger or boats. We grabbed our food to take up to the front. It was so windy that by the time I made it up there all my Pringles had blown away. The deck was soaked with salt water. After an hour of bow watch, Kira and I had salt water dripping from our hair and clothes. My team switched off jobs after every hour including taking over the helm (driving the boat,) hourly boat checks and bow watches. After sharing stories in the cockpit for an hour, Cecilia and I did a boat check. We were down below filling out the paper when a suddenly the boat jerked and I fell off the stairs onto the floor. Cecilia and I looked at each other and started laughing. After our watch was done, there was a fire drill. Everyone who had been sleeping raced upstairs with medical supplies, pillows, lifejackets and fire extinguishers. After the drill, we went downstairs to put everything away and start a seamen ship class. Everyone gathered in the kitchen before the big test! After that my watch team was relieved and we all passed out in our beds. We woke up to calm seas and dinner. After eating, we all did a squeeze and talked about the day.

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