Global: Session 2 - Minerva - Zourite

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Nice PFDs Nerds!!!

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Anastacia M.
The wake-up process was a bit delayed this morning as certain shipmates had been locked into their cabins during the night. Once everyone had extricated themselves we enjoyed deliciously smoky pancakes courtesy of Madison, and then it was time for our Skippers’ Meeting. Race day dawned with somewhat shifty winds, and so two courses were laid out as possibilities; we ended up racing Course A which ran from the Bight to Road Town to GHB. After a spectacular start we held an excellent position throughout and finished magnificently, in other words, it was Zourite. Our first place finish meant that we could get an early start on the boat cleanup hurray. A few hours, and several bottles of bleach, later, we returned to Tortola and docked in the same harbor in which we spent our first night aboard. There was a bit of free time and then all of the shipmates from every program gathered for a farewell barbecue. Mike gave one last dock talk, and now it’s lights out in half an hour to prepare for a four a.m. wake up tomorrow. Everyone is a bit melancholy, and I’m signing off now to spend some last, precious time with our shipmates and staff. Goodbye!

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Pan Pan Cakes

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Giacomo L.
Today was the second-last day and it was amazing. We started the day with sailing to the wreck of the Rhone, a steam powered British mail boat that ran aground in a hurricane, whilst eating the breakfast muffins which were great. When we arrived those that were diving qualified went with Andy to dive the stern of the boat. After that we went with the whole of the boat for the last activity of the trip, snorkeling, which was great fun and we skin dove to the parts of the Rhone that we had just seen during the dive but also shallower waters near by where we saw some cool fish, a squirrel fish, a trumpet fish and a sea cucumber plus others, and generally having fun in the water. This evening we are writing the cards which will be great fun and quite emotional. Really looking forward to race day tomorrow.

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Dishie My Foot!

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Adriana
We sailed yesterday night doing watch teams, three hours sleeping and another three hours of watching , looking like zombies trying not to fall asleep, so morning was kind of confusing for everybody, we ate whatever we found in the boat and had energy again. After finally arriving back in the BVIs, we anchored in Spanish Town and put the dinghy into the water. When we had everything set, we motored to The Baths, that took us a while, we made sandwiches, ate more, and went to the beach. There we divided in groups which went different ways and became monkeys on the rocks. After we set sail for Great Harbor on Peter Island to see the rest of the flotilla/fleet. While trying to untangle the flag we had to do sharp starboard turns, the people on the dock probably thought we were crazy. Once the flag looked ok we went inside bay and tried to anchor several times until we got it perfect! The day ended with a shower in the ocean and eating rice with chili or ketchup.

Back in the BVI’s! Staff Blog!

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Anna M.
Zourite has safely made it back to the British Virgin Islands! We set sail last night after dinner and made it to Virgin Gorda right before lunch today. After an amazing trip down islands it sure is nice to be back home in the BVI’s. Andy and I could not have asked for a better group. Wes and Jonah are always up to help out with anything. Sam is awesome at motivating everyone to get going while Virginia always looks at the bright side. The whole trip Adriana and Madison were laughing and having a good time. Giacomo is always willing to help others with their sailing and to help them study and Max is always up to learn or try something new. Inigo always has something positive to say and Anastacia could always keep everyone awake on late night watches. After an already amazing 18 days Andy and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store!

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Day 17, Single…Math

Location: St. Barths
Author: Wes P.
Today we were roused to the morning play list at the usual time of 6:00. We had breakfast right away and got ready to go surfing. Andy got the car ready a couple of hours later and we piled in. The beach was only a short 10 minute drive from where we are docked. When we got to the beach the waves were a little under whelming but that was okay. Instead of surfing on the boards we rented, we separated into the watch teams we had for the long sails and decided to have a race! With five people on each board Andy became a pylon and Anna was the finish. Of course my watch team dominated the others and won! After the race we got to chill out on the beach for a few hours building sand castles and hanging out. It was a lot of fun. When the time was up we were shuttled back to the boat and then we had to prepare for the exams, which everyone had been dreading for weeks now. I took my VHF operator test as well as my advanced sailing and some people took both of those as well as there beginner sailing test. As far as I could tell everything went well for everyone and now its only a matter of time until they are graded and we find out. Once everyone was finished we had some free time to stock up at the super store before our long sail tonight. Now that dinner is over we are about to embark on our 110 mile journey to Virgin Gorda. Wish us luck!

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