Global: Session 2 - Minerva - Sambamba

Posted: Tue, Jul 26, 2016

*Silent Chant*

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Jacob W.
Today our staff awoke to the lovely students from dive side from the catamaran Great White on Sabamba. We on the other hand, were on their boat. I don’t totally recall how it happened but think it might have something to do with Ruth’s friend Cat running around in a dinghy at 5 in the morning. After eating their cereal we returned to our own boat, but were unable to board because Ruth and Kris had “forgotten who we were and thought we were pirates” and were squirting us with water guns. After all that chaos we decided to make pancakes because the other students had already started to. Shortly after the delicious pancakes I had to go to the Skipper’s meeting with Ruth for race day. I lucked out by being skipper on race day but I figure its only fair because earlier in the trip I had to cook chili again on passage for the second time, after cooking chili on the first passage to Saba and barfing it back up. There were so many jokes about my fate. Anyways at the meeting Mike showed us the course of the race, what position to start in, and where to be cautious. After grabbing some extra Ziploc bags and paper towels we departed from the meeting. Back on Sabamba I told everyone else what was going to happen. Neil helmed the boat to the starting line. We started off strong but dropped in position. The 54ft monohulls have very large jibs that make it almost unfair. Then when rounding the buoy at road harbor Calypso tacked in front of us when we had right away. Because of those too factors we only got 6th but I’m happy anyways. I think our boat really performed well as a crew as much chanting was involved. It was a lot of fun. After the race we started Boat Appreciation (clean up) early, so when we arrived in West End we were almost done. Neil and I collected money to go order pizzas so when the other boats were still cleaning we ate pizza on the dock. We now have the rest of the day to explore West End before the final BBQ at Pusser’s Restaurant. I’m really looking forward to coming home as everyone else is too but I always miss being here. Action Quest really is the best thing ever!

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2016

The End Of The End

Location: Norman Island
Author: Felicity B.
A classic of pancakes got us started for the mellow day ahead. We first sailed to Salt Island to dive or snorkel the Rhone those with certifications dived while me, Will and Ansley snorkeled and got the chefs a head start on lunch of quesadillas. Once lunch and clean up was over we set sail once again and went to the Bite where we spent the second night, once we got their we were finally given our Flotilla Skipper and Watch keeper theory tests back, some happy while some unhappy. Kris and Ruth went off to the staff meeting and everyone else remained on the boat, a moment of freedom, just joking while we did have a dab off with other boats we managed to get dinner ready. Tonight will end with the usual Action Quest tradition of writing something sentimental to one another, marking the end of the trip.

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2016

A Bath And A Warm Welcome Home

Location: BVI
Author: Ethan E.
Our fun filled day started bright and early with watches starting at 1 in the morning continuing watch shifts on the long journey back from the leeward islands back to the BVI. We arrived at the BVI at around 7 in the morning after our long sail of 16 hours from St. Barths. My watch team and I had the privilege to sail our vessel into our home turf of the BVI and Virgin Gorda. We finally reached our destination of The Baths and picked up a mooring while getting some well needed and well deserved sleep after a long night of sailing and watch switching. We made our exodus from our home of Sabamba and onto shore to explore the gigantic boulders thrown to their eternal resting places by a powerful volcanic eruption. We came ashore and took off quickly to the famous jumping rock and had our crew jump into the crystal blue waters of Virgin Gorda. After we finished jumping Jacob and I went to explore an underwater cave with an air pocket, which was incredible, but not for those that are claustrophobic. Then Jacob and I meet up again with the rest of our crew and decided to return to the underwater cave and show the rest of our crew this surreal sight. Finally, we made our way back to the dingy and made our way back to our floating estate of Sabamba for Ramen crafted expertly by Kris with fried egg, vegetables, and assorted optional meats on the side. After lunch we had a little of time to ourselves before Ruth decided that I was the Captain and make our way to Great Harbor Peter Island. We raised the sails and made our way. Before we knew we could see the AQ fleet and the feeling of home started to sink in the closer we got to GHP. Then we turned down into the wind for some sweet wing on wing downwind sailing finally we made it to GHP and were welcomed by our fellow AQ members and staff. We now felt the comfort of being surrounded by our own and we showered and made merry off the back of our boat and cooked dinner, which was Breakfast for Dinner. After consuming our breakfast for dinner we cleaned up, squeezed and prepared for some down time. Then Mike decided to show up and to destroy our mascot cup not only destroying the cup, but also destroying our spirit to continue on (But Will and Jacob decided to duct tape it back together again raising our hopes up slightly). We are now setting up to go to bed with a movie and some brownies. See you guys next time on the blog update we are all safe and healthy to settle the minds of our parents and we are all getting along for the most part.
Mom and Dad, Evan is doing alright by what I can see spying on him from my boat with binoculars love you and see you soon.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2016

So Long Leeward Islands- Hello BVI

Location: Isle Forchue
Author: Neil G.
Woke up in the morning to some oatmeal and assorted fruits. Then after cleaning up we said goodbye to our mooring and sailed out for some sail training. I would just like to say that we did retrieve the man overboard every time… but he probably would have drowned before we got to him. In spite of this however everyone did pass and we had fun sailing towards Isle Forchue our last island in the leeward islands. Lunch was veggie soup. At Isle Forchue we swam around enjoying our masks and fins and taking funny underwater go pro shots. After that was done we cleaned and got our boat ready for the last passage. After lifting Barry, the dinghy, and getting everything else ready we headed out into the open waters at 3:30. Dinner, which we had during watch, was Franks and Beans which was enjoyable going down but as one of our shipmates find out, not nearly as good going up. Watches were remarkable because we all managed to stay up. We sailed back into the Virgin Island chain at around 07:30 this morning before picking up a mooring right by the iconic sight of the world famous Virgin Island Baths.

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2016

Boasting On My Boat Sailing Skills

Location: St Barths
Author: William G.
We began today with some French toast coated in Nutella with some syrup on the side. After finishing our delightful breakfast and clean up we were given shore time where many of us went out for some smoothies and walked around the town. The guys went to the beach while the girls went shopping. We restocked our food supplies and bought baguettes and prosciutto for lunch. Later that afternoon we sailed out into the bay and worked on our man over board techniques, which lasted until 5. We then proceeded to pick up a mooring in a protected bay in St. Barth’s. Dinner was peanut chicken and noodles with a side of rice. The crew took a swing at their advanced sailing test while Ruth cooked us cake.

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