Global: Session 2 - Minerva: Squeaky Brat

Posted: Sun, Jul 27, 2014

Day 19 – The Last

Location: Norman Island, BVI
We started off the morning waking up to finish our last shift. Watch team 1 grabbed the mooring ball and got the dingy in the water. This was the last time we would have watch teams. Then some of us had some breakfast. The people that were awake cleaned the boat up while the others caught up on the sleep that they missed. The sleepyheads had breakfast after waking up to some nice music that Kris put on for them. We all got in our swimsuits and put on sunscreen and then swam to the Baths. The Baths consist of cool rock and caves that you can go through and jump off of. We all then went back to the boat and prepared to meet up with the rest of the ActionQuest fleet. On the way there we had the beginners do the last part of their test, which was driving the boat and doing certain maneuvers that Kris asked them to do. Good news to hear that everyone passed there basic sail test. We then continued sailing. After picking up a mooring ball, we took our last and final saltwater shower. Well, just the kind when you jump off the back of the boat, get out, soap up, jump in again to get the soap out and finish off with a nice rinse with the fresh water hose. After relaxing while the chefs cooked, we enjoyed our last meal on the water. After the last squeeze on the water, we had our last lifeworks forum. One of my personal favorites is the Cards that we write to each other. They are a very special and I love doing them. This forum is one that can brighten up your day. So what we do is we all get index cards and write all the good things about each person on the boat. We also write one to ourselves and one to the director Mike or Actionquest as a whole. The cards usually mean a lot to everyone and we all keep them for a long time. I still have mine from last year. Overall the day was a lot of fun and we are all sad to be leaving so soon.

Posted: Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Day 18 – Swag Me Out (Last Day in the Leeward Islands)

Location: Underway to BVI
Author: Matthew B.
Today was our last day at the Leeward Islands. We started off the day with a breakfast of oatmeal, a personal favorite of mine. Right after breakfast, we had to take our advanced sailing tests, which were challenging to say the least. Afterwards we enjoyed our last bit of free time on the island of St. Barths. To sum St. Barths up in one sentence; a can of coke cost 4 Euros. We departed from the dock at about 3 in the afternoon, where watch team 2 started the sail with the first watch duty. Shortly after 6, when watch team 1 started their first watch of the afternoon, a pod of dolphins were spotted on the bow. It was great to watch them jump in the boats wake. Then we sailed through the whole night to our final destination of the British Virgin Islands.

Posted: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Day 17 – Surf Day

Location: St. Barths
Author: Billy R.

The day started out fairly slow. The Alexs’, Griffin and I went to breakfast at a nice little restaurant where we all ate pancakes. Everybody else ate cereal at the boat with real milk bought from the store. After everybody ate their respective breakfasts, We had a sail chat about the rules of the rode. After the sail chat, everybody prepared sandwiches for the afternoon.
Following the cleaning of the galley, everybody piled into a van to go to the beach. When we entered the beach, we immediately noticed the size of the waves and couldn’t wait to go surfing. In the beginning, Lydia and Jane were the only ones that were surfing. Not everybody made it up onto the board while surfing but Lydia, Griff, Jane, Christian, Marco and Kris surfed some gnarly waves. After a few minutes of playing in the water with the rest of our boat, some people settled down into the little area that we chilled out on. At around 3:30, we went back to the boat, showered and then ate a fantastic dinner cooked by Alex H. and Lydia. We are all anticipating our last day before returning to the British Virgin Islands.

Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Day 16 – Free Day in St. Barths

Location: St. Barths
Author: Cristian

Today we woke up at 7:30, introducing us to a wonderful day in Gustavia. Some of us went to a very expensive restaurant in the corner of the main street, not very far away from the boat. The other half remained in the boat, having pancakes. After that, we went different ways: Some of us were shopping, other ones were chilling but always in group, strengthening our friend relationships. After a while, we got together again for having lunch, some of us on the boat and others in a restaurant called La Creperie with a fabulous meal.
Afterwards, Lydia, Marco, Matt, Britt, Kris and I went to the beach with a single purpose: go cliff jumping. After a little bit of hard swim, we reached our goal with not much effort. The cliff was about seven meters high and Lydia went first, jumping with no fear. Then Kris, Marco and I followed her catapulting ourselves off the cliff. A few jumps later, including some back-flips by Lydia and Kris, we returned to the beach with a relaxing swim.
Returning to the boat, we all met together again, preparing us to the dinner at a very nice place, very close to the boat called Le Select. Every part of the crew grabbed a delicious cheeseburger with a portion of French fries. After satisfying ourselves, we pointed to Le Creperie to have a refreshing Gelato. Then we were around the city, meeting new places and exploring the beauty that surrounds us.

Posted: Wed, Jul 23, 2014

Day 15 – The Last Stop

Location: St. Barths
Author: Lydia D.
The day was started at 2:45am, when watch team two woke up and got ready to set sail for the long journey ahead. After they ate breakfast at around 5:30am they woke watch team one up and got ready to be relieved and go back to sleep for a while. With our first long passage going downwind and without using the engine, we were all very comfortable besides a few who felt a bit seasick. We were surfing down the waves and even hit 10.9 knots speed over ground! After hours of sailing, napping and eating, we finally arrived in St. Barths. When we arrived to the channel we were immediately surrounded by huge yachts and nice boats. We docked Squeaky B the Homie G and Kris skidaddled over to customs and immigrations to get our passports tatted up. When we finished and none of us got deported, he gave us a tour of Gustavia and what it has to offer. I found my way to the candy section of the luxurious grocery store (in comparison to every other island) and bought lots of Haribo and Carambar. We finished exploring all the Hermes and Louis Vouitton, dropped our goodies off at home then headed to the shore showers, possibly the best shower I’ve had in the 5 weeks I’ve been down here. After showers we came back to the boat for dinner cooked by Matt and Griff and finished the evening with sweets and many games of speed. So far St. Barths is fancy, and very, very expensive x10.

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