Global: Session 2 - Minerva - B-Chaser

Posted: Mon, Jul 17, 2017

Passage to Antigua

Location: Nevis to Antigua
Author: Robert M.
When we woke up this morning we were excited for the challenge of the passage for Antigua, yet we had no idea what kind of difficulties lay ahead. It almost seemed as if everything was trying to prevent us from getting to our destination! The waves were voracious and brutal, we were low on gas for the majority of the passage, and the jib sheet even snapped. However, despite the many obstacles; we were able to prevail through positivity and willpower. Although the passage was brutal and challenging, there were a plethora of great memories that were shared along the way. For example, we played many fun and exhilarating games to get to know each other and to pass the time. We also saw many beautiful things along the way, such as a view of the stars unadulterated by any forms of artificial light, several sea creatures, and an amazing sunset that could take your breath away. Finally, after all of these incredible and challenging moments, we went to sleep; dreaming of the possibilities that the next day would bring.

Posted: Sun, Jul 16, 2017

A Beachy Day

Location: Nevis
Author: Ginger D.
Today we woke up knowing we were going to have the best shore day! We all woke up to a beautiful new view and a great boat breakfast. Our boat had the option of going horseback riding, kayaking, or biking. After we all split to go on different adventures, we made different memories by doing different activities. Once all our adventures were finished we all ate lunch at Turtle Bay, a little restaurant on the shore of Nevis. During lunch, everyone was doing their own little thing and we got the chance to hang out with the other Minerva boat and have time eating lunch with them and also going to the beach. Everyone was having the time of their lives playing in the water and just relaxing on the beach. After all the fun and games, we all had gone back to our boats to shower and clean up for a nice dinner at Sunshines, also on the shore of Nevis! Everyone was able to be together and just enjoy the sights. Once dinner was over, our boats had gone separate ways and had our nightly boat talks, and finally, after a long relaxing day, I was able to lay down and get a good sleep!

Posted: Sat, Jul 15, 2017

Crossing and Scuba and Shore Time

Location: Statia to Nevis
Author: Aidan W.
Today we woke up early for scuba in the morning and then sailing in the afternoon. We ate boat breakfast and then went to land for land breakfast and then went scuba diving at a 60ft wreck. Wow! I love ActionQuest so so much! The scuba diving was swell and we saw fish, turtles and sea spiders. The water was as clear as glass and cold as ice. Outside of the water, though, the visibility was subpar. After that, we went on to our boat, ate and then set off to Nevis. We had the great sailing from Statia to Nevis, it was about a six-hour sail with the strong wind. We were all able to take turns at the helm and got some experience sailing in the heavier winding conditions. Also, a bunch of us were able to spend some time cooking underway which was neat. Making dinner was interesting as our boat was heeling over the entire time. Later the teachers forced us into the freezing water in the middle of the night for a shower and then we all went to sleep.

Posted: Fri, Jul 14, 2017

Surprise Shore day on Statia

Location: Ethan S.
Author: Statia
Today was full of surprises! We awoke early to the sun just settling into the sky above the jagged rocks of Sabas coast. After a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, we prepared the boat for our short passage to Sint Eustatius. After we slipped our mooring and raised our sails, we set off on our eighteen-mile trek to Statia. After a four-hour voyage of high winds and large swells, we dropped our anchor in Oranje Bay, Statias largest city. Despite not being planned, we were lucky enough to get to spend some time on land and explore all that Oranje Bay had to offer. Although brief, our time in Oranje Bay was enriching, entertaining, and interesting. After two historical sites and a museum, we headed back down to the harbor to buy some trinkets and wait for our dinghy back to the boat. Once back, we spent some time swimming and went diving off the side of the boat.

Posted: Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Hike on Saba

Location: Rocco C.
Author: Saba
Today was an exciting day! We woke up to the magnificent view, with clouds hanging at the peak of the mountain. After a breakfast of fruit and cereal, we started to prepare for our hike of Mount Scenery, the highest point in the Netherlands. After an eventful wet-landing, with water up to our waists on Sabas only beach, Wells Beach. We took a small hike to meet our taxi. After a short ride, we arrived at The Bottom, the capital of the island, where we continued to hike to the top of the mountain. After a short rest, we started hiking. At a split in the trail, some of the group decided to go straight to Windward town, while others, including me, decided to continue to the top. Once at the top, there wasnt a very good view because we were in the clouds, but we could say that we were at the highest point in the Netherlands. On the way down we took a different path to Windward Town where we went shopping and glass making. At Joebean’s glass making shop we made beads and bought other cool glass items. After our decent back from Windward town and a quick dinghy ride back to the boat we had a delicious dinner of pasta and hotdogs followed by brownookies (brownies on top of chocolate chip cookies) for Elises birthday. Tonight we are having a movie night and watching Cool Runnings.

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