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Posted: Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Last Dinner on the Water

Location: BVI
Author: Ginger D.
Walking up on the 19th day and having everyone realize it was their last day at sea was a very sad moment for everyone. We all woke up for breakfast on Peter Island and had a daily morning talk about what our day was going to look like. After breakfast, we headed out for a sail to Norman Island, which is where we first began our journey. Once we reached our destination, it all went towards a family boat day on the island. We all swam, hung out on the boat, cooked dinner, and relived memories and our favorites moments from our voyage. Tonight as we write our goodbye cards, the realization that our trip has come to end has made us feel very nostalgic already. date: Jul 26, 2017

Our Last Day Together

Location: BVI
Author: Robert M.
Today was a great day! The day started out with us having an early breakfast to get a head start on all of the other boats as today was race day. After we ate all of the skippers were called to meet with the director of ActionQuest to discuss the route we would take during the race. Unfortunately, though, we did not fair very well during the race and we had to drop out. However, this seemed to be a blessing in disguise as we were able to start cleaning before the other boats and we will be able to finish much faster because of it. After we finish cleaning we will have shore time and partake in a barbecue with the rest of the camp. I am sure it will be amazing and I am excited for the rest of the day! date:Jul 27, 2017

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017

A Life of Seadom

Location: BVI
Author: Aidan W.
The eighteenth day started when our longest passage to the BVI started at about 3 in the afternoon and continued for over 100 miles and throughout all of the night. Throughout our passage, we sang and played games and were attacked by evil fish. For the first time in the entire trip, we actually arrived alongside Annie Daydreaming only losing by a few minutes. The next day we were awoken early for a breakfast of cereal on the island known as the Baths, named after its history of being a bathing ground for slaves after the long voyage across the Atlantic. After cleaning the boat we headed to one of the sites the slaves were cleaned at and the most spiritual among us brought shampoo and bathed alongside the slaves of old. After that, we got up and left. After five minutes of sailing, we arrived at a nearby island for scuba diving and lunch. During scuba diving, we swam through the aperture where the boat’s propeller span which was pretty large. Finally, we ended the day with our usual meal of pancakes and syrup. date: Jul 25, 2017

A Farewell to the Leewards

Location: St Barths to BVI
Author: Ethan S.
Today, we woke up early to prepare ourselves for the long-dreaded practical sailing exam. Both basic and advanced sailors shook with both excitement and nervousness as we slipped our lines, and left Anse de Colombier’s turtle-studded harbor to begin our exam. Before we knew it, we had jibed, tacked, and winched ourselves into the small bay of Ile de Fourchue, a small nature reserve off the coast of Saint Barth. We wasted no time dropping our transom and hopping into the crystal clear water, ready for a last dip in the Leewards. After a much-needed hull cleaning, we long-lined our dinghy and used it to tan. Soon enough, it was time for us to prepare our boat for our hundred mile passage back to the Virgin Islands. With the Leewards in our rearview, we can all say with certainty that our time in the Leewards has been awe-inspiring, exciting, and life-changing. date: Jul 24, 2017

Posted: Sun, Jul 23, 2017

Sailing Drills

Location: St Barths
Author: Rocco C.
We woke up to a wonderful breakfast of pancakes. After we went to shore for our last time outside of the BVIs our talented chefs made us Ramen for lunch. Soon after we set our sails for the final practice before our practical exam and had a lot of fun! We practiced sailing circles, man-overboard maneuvers, and heave- tos. In the evening we were able to enjoy a delicious mexican dinner.

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