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Posted: Mon, Jul 10, 2017

A Long Day on The Water

Location: Savannah Bay
Author: Andy D.
Today was the second full day onboard and it’s starting to feel more and more like home. The awkward introductory bits are behind us and we can start focusing on bringing this boat together, hopefully in time for our 40-hour passage to Saba that begins tomorrow. To prepare, we’ve pulled out all the stops with a full day of sailing today to drill and master all of our actions as a boat. We spent a lot of time trading the helm and just chatting until we reached Savannah Bay, where we swam around and had a Sailing class. All in all, today was blissfully uneventful; a calm before our storm of a sail to Saba.

Posted: Sun, Jul 9, 2017

Eye Spy Glass

Location: Norman Island
Author: Evan E.
Today we woke up at 6:30 then had cereal for breakfast. After we did a little boat brief on safety then went to a chat with Mike, the director of Action Quest, about how things should run on the boats. Then we all went and purchased a handfull of sea sickness medication and a lot of snacks. After we left the dock and began our first sail to Norman Island with Alexa at the helm. On Norman Island, we did a hard but shorter hike called SPYGLASS. It is where Black Beard would put men to look out for some ships to raid for his collection on the caves on Norman Island. Then we had the “most” fun of the whole trip the swim test 8 laps around the boat and a 10-minute tread. Now we have all relaxed for 2 hours and have to begin to make dinner Sloppy Joe’s. Evan Englert signing off see you next time.

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