Global: Session 2 - Minerva - Annie Daydreaming

Posted: Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Race Day

Location: West End
Author: Oliver K.
Well it has been an interesting 20 days aboard S/Y Annie Daydreaming. We have climbed into the clouds, dove to the depths of the ocean, and sailed across the sea. However, none of that mattered this morning because today was race day. We woke up and scarfed down some oatmeal before starting sailing prep for the great BVI Pringles cup race of 2017. After prep, all boats lined up on the starting line and waited for the countdown. 3.2.1! We quickly unfurled the jib and then we were off! It was not very windy so we knew it was going to be a long race, and we were right as it was about two hours long. As the race came to an end we finished third out of the fleet! An amazing accomplishment. Then started the dreaded packing and deep clean of the boat. After scrubbing every inch of the boat, we finally passed inspection and were cleared to go to shore at West End where we enjoyed some delicious pizza. Tonight is the BBQ at Pusser’s which we are all looking forward to. Tomorrow we say our goodbyes as we head home, which no one is looking forward to. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone on this boat and has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far!! I can’t wait for my next AQ adventure! date: Jul 27, 2017

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017

Back to the BVI

Location: Great Harbour Peter
Author: Hellie S.
Watch teams three and two successfully brought Annie Daydreaming back into the BVI this morning. After 14 hours of being underway, it was amazing to finally see Virgin Gorda and the Baths. We got to the Baths around 6:30 and moored in preparation for the day ahead of us. After a quick post-watch boat appreciation, we had a well-deserved sleep-in for a couple hours until breakfast was served. After breakfast, we hung around the boat while Kris cleared us through customs to (finally) be back in the BVI. We headed to the Baths with Beer Chaser for rock climbing, jumping and swimming. After an adventurous morning, we motored over to Great Harbor Peter where we would soon regroup with all of the ActionQuest fleets. We had a pretty chill afternoon with snorkeling, swimming and then some water sports right before dinner. After only being with Beer Chaser for the past two weeks, it’s strange to be back with all the fleet and with so many other people. date: Jul 25, 2017

Posted: Tue, Jul 25, 2017

Last Day Alone

Location: St. Barths
Author: Alexa Y.
The day, for some of us, began right at the stroke of midnight. Myself, Jake, Bria, Andy, & Zach were set out to prank the other boat, Bees Chaser. We were moored in front of them, so earlier we had set out trying all our spare lines together so we could attach them to our dinghy and drift to them moored directly behind us. From there, Bria and I would keep us attached at the bow while the boys hopped out and took their bimini. The bimini is the sheet that blocks out the sun, rain, and whatever, so nabbing it before our longest passage was key. We set out as planned, leaving Ollie Downes in charge of minding the cleat that would let us drag ourselves back to the boat when we were finished, the plan was nearly perfect – up until we woke George and started pulling the lineup – it had been completely undone at the cleat. George and Wolfie interrogated us by dousing us with deckie buckets of salt water, but eventually, they found it folded up in the foxhole and we had to reassemble it before we got back to our own boat. Downes was happily asleep upon our arrival, so we all followed suit and were all asleep by 2:30. We had a recap of the night before cleaning up and heading out to do our sailing circles. We had to jibe, tack, and go through various points of sail before starting our grilled cheese lunch. By the time we’d finished cooking, we were all moored up and we ate, then cleaned as Josh set up a halyard swing. It was a great afternoon of swinging, snorkeling, tanning, and exploring the area before we showered and got underway for our longest passage yet, back to the BVI and the rest of the fleet. date: Jul 24, 2017

Posted: Sun, Jul 23, 2017

Man Overboard

Location: St Barths
Author: Jake C.
We started of the day with pancakes for breakfast made by the Ollies. After breakfast, we got to have some shore time to enjoy the last few hours in Gustavia. It was a ghost town with only a couple bakeries open, were we all chowed down on baguettes before another day of sailing practice. Everyone took turns at the helm as we practiced what to during a man overboard. It was amazing to be able to transfer what we learned in class to the helm. Once everyone got their turn we sailed to an anchorage. The anchorage had the bluest water that we all got to swim in and play king of the transom. Being able to swim in the water was a real treat after being in the harbor for 3 days. We ended the day with a meal called Frank and beans( rice, beans, and hotdogs) and started to settle down for the night and prepare for our big day tomorrow, as we sail back to the BVI.

Posted: Sat, Jul 22, 2017

Beach Day

Location: St. Barth
Author: Bria D.
This morning we woke up to our second day in paradise or as we were patiently waiting for, our beach day. We quickly devoured our oatmeal and speedily packed a sandwich for the long day ahead of us. First, we each took a dinghy ride to shore where Kris was awaiting with our luxurious Cadillac. LOL just kidding it was a rental taxi. We made our way one by one to the beach. Little did we know the whole beach was filled with seaweed. We didn’t mind though, the sun was ablaze, surfboards were laid out and the day was young. We all took turns learning how to surf from the pro’s in the mix who had prior experience. As some of us laid out and cooked in the sun other stayed cool under the palm trees and drank their icy drinks. Halfway through the day I slipped away and ventured the empty beach. I stumbled across a hidden pathway where I set down my towel and tanned. I met a friend. My friend wasn’t your typical buddy… it was a tortoise who interrupted me, by ever so slowly crawling towards my face :). I accepted his friend request and named him little dude. After my encounter with my new amigo, I headed back to the group and we were once again on the move back to town. We all took our showers and had free time to each do our own little thing. Mine happened to be going back to a beach, this one was called shell beach. It is beautiful small beach covered in not sand but seashells and the water is clear as the glass on all of these superyachts. I baked in the sun a little more until the rain started and I came back the boat to get ready for dinner. Now, we are all about to have squeeze and walk down to dinner to down a few hamburgers after a busy day in St. Barth.

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