BVI: Session 1 - Catalinaville

Posted: Sat, Jul 5, 2014

A Wonderful Day With Therman!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Lindsey A.

Hello everyone!! What a happy day, like always! Today we went to help Therman on his large family property in Great Harbour, Peter Island. We helped Therman clean up the land while he helped us realize how lucky we all are. We were grateful to have a talk about how Therman lives his life and how much we have to be thankful for, like a clean and sturdy bed. This talk took place at a beach resort next to his house but it was cut short due to a little refreshing rain shower. After that we all got back on the boat, we were bombarded with a giant essay we had to write in order to receive our community service hours. As we were all stressing out about this important essay, we were again happily surprised by a down pour of rain while we had to take the anchor up and then shortly after an ice cream boat arrived. We are now in The Bight, Norman Island where we had a lovely dinner and got to give our counselors some gifts we collected for them along the trip. We are all getting very emotional to realize this amazing experience is coming to a close but we are also getting so excited to see you all soon!!
Love to everyone!!
Lindsey A

Posted: Fri, Jul 4, 2014

Day 18!

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Kenzie M.

Kenzie and her navigator, Brendan reporting live from Great Harbor, Peter Island. Today was a very exciting day. It began with us waking up to Fourth of July tunes. We had a nice breakfast of the usual oatmeal and cereal underway to Tortola to rendezvous with VISAR or more specifically the people who participated in the simulation yesterday. At their headquarters, we first had a discussion with the volunteers about their brave work. Then we tidied up their facility which took up most of our day. We rid the landscape of all the weeds and redistributed the gravel, which they push towards the edge when they rush to the rescue. Also we dredged the approach to their dinghy garage, so their super-fast dinghy could get in and out safely. Lunch was the usual deli sandwiches on land. After we completed our work, we got to shower in the Sunsail Marina shower house. We had a great breakfast for dinner and we are having a relaxing evening. We wish y’all a happy Fourth of July! Hugs and kisses :*
Kenzie M

Posted: Thu, Jul 3, 2014

Another Day In Paradise

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Avery B.

Today our day started off bright and early on Peter Island. We had a nutritious breakfast that consisted of cereal, milk and fruit. We ate breakfast on our way to Road Town, Tortola. There we would help out the local Botanical Garden. Once we arrived we were soon put to work. There were many jobs people took on. For instance we had jobs of painting, planting, potting, raking, weeding and many more. Everyone took part into making the botanical garden look more alive and rejuvenated. It was very hot as well so this day was definitely hands down busy and hard. We spent at least 4-5 hours there in the afternoon. Even though it was a laboring day, we were rewarded with shore time that soon followed after. All the shipmates from Lifeworks got to roam the shops, restaurants and streets of Road Town. I treated myself with some sweet frozen yogurt and pizza with friends, as well as others. It was a nice way of having a break. Our shore time was around two hours. Mid-afternoon we gathered on to our dingy boats and made it back safely. Afterwards we were told that the rest of the day we would be helping out the VISAR squad with training. VISAR is a group of professionals highly trained to help any type of boating disasters. Lifeworks was able to help them with their training. This meant our boats, Catalinaville and Moko Jumbie would be participating. By participating we had to gather groups on each boat and create a scenario of someone being injured. From Catalinaville we had Lauren do the task of being a shipmate who happened to get stuck in the laz and hurt her leg/back. She did very well in her acting skills. Moko Jumbie also had their own fake disaster took on by the shipmate Madi, who faked a concussion by getting hit with one of the sails. It was really fun getting to help them out. My favorite part of helping was getting to take a ride on their awesome boat going speedy fast. After VISAR left we had a great dinner of Mexican food! Dinner was so delicious! We have some talented chefs on board. As the day was winding down we had one more event. The event was an open discussion led by yours truly. Being skipper I was asked to take leadership with this. Knowing personally that I am not the one who feels comfortable doing such a task, I am more on the shy side. However I took the opportunity with arms wide open. I felt able to do this because I honestly feel that getting to know everyone and myself that I have grown mentally as a person. For the discussion the theme was the “ripple effect.” The ripple effect is a theory of how we as humans influence others and that we all can ignite how people feel. Our discussion was a jumble of topics but we did stay on our main theme. For me it was a good experience of hearing other people’s perspectives. I really enjoyed being able to take some leadership and it felt nice. The overall day for Catalinaville was spectacular and there will be many more memories to come!

Posted: Wed, Jul 2, 2014

Race Day

Author: John Michael M.

Hello family and friends, I started today waking up to the sweet smell of delicious Nutella & cinnamon pancakes made by Lauren and Brendan. After we ate, we sailed/raced the other Lifeworks boat Moko Jumbie, back to West End, Tortola where we started our trip. Catalinaville obviously came in first place because “I’m de best captain”. We had some shore time to visit the place where we started our trip together and had some fun. I bought a couple of t-shirts and souvenirs for my family and did the occasional grocery shopping. I stocked up on the ingredients to make my famous guacamole dip for Mexican Night tomorrow night. After shore time was over we headed out to the mangrove trees at Frenchman’s Cay. We counted the mangroves planted and recorded the data, I also removed the old PVC pipes from the adult mangrove plants but a lot didn’t come out due to them being stuck in the sediment. After we finished doing the service project we headed back to the boat and raced back to Peter Island. On the way I broke Catalinaville’s speed record at 9.2 knots. I had the most fun sailing because the entire time I was at the helm I had a huge smile on my face and it was pure joy. The entire crew had a blast! We finished the day by mooring at Oceanstar’s personal mooring ball “Sputnik” in Great Harbor Peter just in time to enjoy the sunset. We finished the night at Peter Island by rafting up the two boats in the harbor and eating dinner. Goodnight, everyone!
Skipper John Michael

Posted: Tue, Jul 1, 2014

The Hike Of Our Lives!

Location: Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke
Author: Molly W.

Hello again everybody! Today was a pretty eventful day. We woke up to eat some delicious cereal before we went to shore to meet up with the other Lifeworks boat and all of ActionQuest. We were preparing to hike up Sage Mountain on Tortola. After a short briefing from Mike, all 150 of us started our trek up the steep hills of Tortola. The hike was super intense and almost all uphill. All I remember is that my calves were literally on fire.:o The hike up was around an hour or so (depending on everyone’s own personal speed). Once we arrived at the top, we could see a beautiful view of Tortola and some harbors. There was a book up there that we could sign our names in with the number of our arrival. I was number 35 of 15o. I felt pretty accomplished after that, haha. The hike down was a different kind of painful. It was easier to run down the steep hills than walk. When we finally reached the bottom after our almost 2 hour feat, we had until 12:30 to hang out on shore and try a famous “Cheesburger in Paradise.” It was nice to relax on the beach after an intense morning.
We finally went back to the boats to sail over to Sandy Cay (where we were yesterday) to have a sandcastle building contest with all the boats in the program. Our boat buried Elliot (our staff member) in the sand and built him to have a “Strong Arm,” like his well-known nickname. He turned out looking like Popeye in a Speedo, but we had a fun time with it. We got to hang out on the beach and in the water which was sooo nice. After that, we hopped back on the boats, showered and motored back over to Jost Van Dyke for our beach barbecue. It was a really fun, laid-back day and we all absolutely loved it. Thanks y’all for taking time to read this blog. We appreciate it and love you all!
Molly White

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