BVI: Session 1 - Therapy

Posted: Mon, Jul 4, 2016

Clean Up, Clean Up Everybody Everywhere

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Jaden M.
As usual we woke up bright and early today to do one last hike. We hiked the same hill we did on day three, Spyglass. Spyglass is the hardest 15-minute hike any of us has ever done, but trust me the view is rewarding. From the top of Spyglass, you can see the whole BVI! After we soaked up the view we headed back to the boat to go underway one last time. While we were on our way back to the West End docks, we started the massive cleanup. We bleached everything! For the next few hours, we kept cleaning and cleaning, than when we finally finished we got some very much needed shore time. Than we got all dressed up for our last BBQ with the AQ fleet at Pussers, and after for one last time we got ready to go to sleep on the Caribbean Sea.

Posted: Sun, Jul 3, 2016

We Are The Champions

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: David M.
The day started off with a sleep in that we were all looking forward to. We were all very excited to eat the special eggs that Emma prepared for us, they were the best eggs I ate on the boat. After eating our breakfast, we were surprised by the director with an emotional card game. We all picked cards that showed characteristics about ourselves that we both liked and disliked. We all gathered together emotionally and physically. After the game, we all headed to Conrad’s place. We listened to a story about how Conrad is grateful for the things he has in spite of his living conditions. We all had a heart to heart moment sitting on the beach listening. Shortly after, we were sailing to a destination for our sail race against 4 other catamarans from Action Quest. The race was exciting and fun. We came in first and we were all very elated and happy for our medals that we won. After all the excitement, we all settled down with some good conversations and brownies.

Posted: Thu, Jun 30, 2016

A Man(grooving) Type Of Day

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Katja K.
Many people go on vacation to have a good time and relax, however when you sign up for Lifeworks over the weeks you learn how rewarding it is for once to disregard your own needs and solely focus on giving back to the community and impacting other people’s lives. Today was one of the days that we gave back to the community by mangroving. The day like most other days started out somewhat early with our daily morning music. With eyes still heavy with sleep we stumbled through a delicious breakfast cooked by our talented chefs Omar and Megan, and after a hurried clean up set sail to West End. After about an hour of a combination of motoring and sailing we reached the Marina. While docking at the all too familiar dock, we were suddenly reminded that only 4 days remained of our trip, and that being in the Caribbean would be a thing of the past. However the prospect of leaving didn’t dampen our spirits as we made a quick pit stop on shore and then finally to the beach where we would be collecting data on the newly planted mangroves. Once we reached the beach we were divided into three groups in order to more efficiently collect data. We were met by the daunting prospect of measuring and writing down coordinates of all 250 mangroves, however after about an hour of hard work we were already done. Earlier I had said that Lifeworks was based off of giving back, however we have few precious hours to have relax and hang out. After mangrove, we were lucky enough to have a free afternoon, so once again we raised the sail and headed over to Sandy Spit to spend time with Lifeworks and enjoy some off time. Sun, laughter and the ocean provided an amazing couple of hours, and we headed back tired and content. The rest of the day passed by like a blur interrupted by, once again, a yummy dinner, and a session of making Turks Heads. Finally, after a very long day we headed to our beds and fell in a deep satisfying sleep.

Posted: Wed, Jun 29, 2016

Good Moon, Good Vibes

Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
Author: Avery H.
Therapy had an extra early, but nonetheless beautiful, wake up this morning. About as energized as zombies, we ate our unique morning meal of oatmeal and cereal (yawnnnnn) before sun-screening up and getting ready for the day ahead. With Shadow, our dinghy, loaded up and full of still sleepy Lifeworkers, we headed to shore, where we met Ernest, a charismatic taxi driver, and piled into a true BVI-style open air taxi. After a short and (very) hilly taxi ride, we were pretty much on top of the world. We arrived at Aragorn’s Good Moon Farm, an organic farm on Tortola, and we got to work. Aragorn, a well-known artist on the island, talked to us about his farming efforts and after meeting Drake, the coolest dude ever, we got right to work. All morning, we pulled weeds and made outstanding progress all while Drake told us about his life growing up in the islands and the history of agriculture here. The terracing of the farmland gave all of our calves an amazing workout and we were all incredibly tired by about noon. A few remarkable moments at Good Moon definitely include David falling out of the hammock, eating fresh mangoes and passion fruit, and especially Drake’s amazing coconut art. My personal favorite moment of the entire day was seeing Aragorn’s incredible, beautiful and practically handmade house and witnessing the most beautiful view I have ever seen. We took a roller coaster taxi ride back down to Beef Island for some awesome food and shore time. We were late getting back to Therapy, as always, and we hurriedly got ready for our difficult, down wind sail. When we arrived at Cane Garden Bay, we filled up our water tanks and anchored. Freshwater showers meant good moods, and everyone enjoyed dinner and squeeze. After a long day, we settled into a sleepy daze, with the day and all it’s laughs replaying over and over again in our heads. (P.S. Anna (BZ) and I say hi to Siler City, NC. We miss Chris and Johnson’s cheeseburgers but we definitely do NOT miss Alex 🙂 JK, we love ya 2016

Foxy Party

Location: Sydney’s, Jost van Dyke
Author: Chris K.
Today we were at Sydney’s on Jost van Dyke and we visited “Foxy’s, which is one of the top 10 New Year’s destinations. We met the man, the myth, the legend himself :Foxy. He told some humorous tales introduced us to his family and than sang some funny songs on his guitar. Than we helped build a irrigation system and garden beds that will help make the island self-reliant without support from government, and in the words of one of the Preservation Society workers, Ethan, “a libertarian’s greatest dream.” It was cool building it because we were making something that will be super important for them and will last for decades. After that, we hiked up the mountain, saw some goats and learned about how the islands were formed from volcanoes (cool!). When we finished working we were all dirty and sweaty and took our normal salt-water showers, and Jaden (not surprisingly) managed to water-slap himself in the face by failing literally every single dive (He was saltier than the salt water he was diving in). Watching him try to preform “the fish out of water” was truly a spectacle to see and by far the best part of the day. Then we docked and bought some funny souvenirs and clothing, and a couple minutes later, the BBQ began and we ate some delicious chicken and pasta and salads and partied for 5 hours.

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