BVI: Session 2 - Lifeworks - Spindrift II

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Day 21 – Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Claire
It is hard to believe 21 days with our group of all girl students has passed. We spent time sailing around the British Virgin Islands getting to know the islands, ourselves, and each other. Camila and Jamie impressed us with their turtle catching skills while Fiona furthered her love for turtles in Anegada by releasing a large hawksbill. With our final squeeze Mary was mentioned as many student’s favorite part of the trip because of her hilarious stories. Both Emilie and Pauline developed their English language skills and understanding of American culture with different food and a fun “bro night.” Kaitlynd impressed us all with her acting skills during a VISAR training exercise on Spindrift II. Chanthy has really come out of her shell and created great bonds with Ellery and all her shipmates. Meera gained a new confidence in reaching the top of Spyglass hike. Samantha loved getting to know the staff of Spindrift II while Erica’s singing always reminded Elliot he was living on an all girls boat. Zoe’s hilarious facial expressions with Mary’s stories had us all laughing through dinners. We will definitely miss all the ladies but we are happy to see how much they have grown. Elliot, Quincey, and I cherished our moments with them and love knowing they will leave with amazing new friends and memories.

Day 20 – Our Last Day Together

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Mary H.
Our last day togetherToday is the day we all thought would never come, and never expected it to come this soon; our last day together. We woke up early with a twist in our plans that we would hike before we ate breakfast. Not ideal at first but it turned out being just fine. We set out up Spyglass for the second time but this time it was a whole different feeling. Now we all knew each other. It was a bitter sweet experience where we got to reminisce on all the times we had, and think about what we wanted to bring home from this experience. Torin spoke and told us a story about his life that I think really touched us all. After spending our time taking in the view there we headed back down to our boats. Now to deal with all the cleaning. We scrubbed every inch of our boat all throughout the sail to West End and then some more until it was perfect for inspection where we passed! Yay!! Then we could relax. We had some shopping time and then we had a barbecue with all of ActionQuest on the dock. Yummy burgers and wings is just what we needed after this long day. Mike closed up the evening with a dock talk that was a great closing to the program. It was so nice to have us all back together where we started just 21 days ago, most of us strangers but now great friends. I’m very sad to see this trip end but I will remember all these memories forever and bring back all the things I learned. Thank you Lifeworks and ActionQuest for this amazing experience, and thank you parents for giving us all the opportunity to do this, it really has been life changing.

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Day 19 – Counting Down Our Final Days

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Ellery S.
Waking up this morning we realized that it was our second to last day. We started our morning anchored in a bay near Road Town, where we got one of our final shore times of the trip. After contacting our parents and stopping at a local caf for iced beverages and wifi, we set back out on the boat and sailed to Peter Island. On Peter Island we went to shore and walked over to what is called the last remaining village on the island, which belongs to a man named Conrad. Conrad himself wasn’t there, due to his health condition, but we learned a lot about him and his way of life on Peter Island. Considering this man owns a lot of land on the island, and it is worth a fortune, it was amazing to hear how hard he has worked to keep it just the way he grew up in; his way of living is the definition of simplistic. We met his younger cousin Therman, who was going out to go fishing off the beach we arrived on. It was interesting to here how he grew up there, moved to New York City (which I am very familiar with considering I used to live there too), and then moved back to his hometown to keep it just the way it used to be. After meeting Therman we walked to the Peter Island Resort, which was absolutely beautiful. There we all sat down in a group on the soft sand and listened to Torin tell us a story about when he was there with another Lifeworks group, and how him and a student got the chance to meet and help out Conrad. He told us about Conrad’s simple ways of living, and how genuinely happy he was for having so little. It was an eye opening talk, and really made every one of us reconsider what actually makes us happy. The talk showed how something so little and simplistic can make someone feel so happy. After walking back to the other beach and getting back on our boats we saw Therman pulling in the fishing nets, and immediately pulled it in together. We didn’t catch that many fish, but were still thrilled to catch them. We got back to our boats and set sail to Norman Island, where Spy Glass Mountain is. The sail over was funny, exciting, but also made us reflect on our experiences here. When we arrived in the bay we hooked the mooring ball and made one of our final dinners. Overall, this day was filled with many different experiences, and was a success in many ways. BYE LIFEWORKS 2013, I’LL MISS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! Spindrift II all girls boat + Eliot for life!

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Day 18 – A Long Successful Day

Location: Road Harbor, Tortola
Author: Emilie D. R.
Today has been the hardest day of the whole trip. This morning we went to Road Town to give our time to VISAR (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue). We helped them with various tasks around the building. Some of us were painting in a bright orange enormous container while others were cutting the trees, moving the gravel and weeding the grass. It turned out to be great teamwork and we were a lot quicker than we expected to be. At lunchtime we all got the chance to have pizza, which was very good after the working morning! In the afternoon, the group was split out in different activities. Some went to monitor mangroves, or dredge the channel while others continued what we were doing in the morning. At the end of the day, we sailed to Road Town and Torin had a surprise for us; we could take a shower on land for the first time in three weeks and it felt very good! We ended the day exhausted but continued on a night activity in which we wrote reflections about the trip and all the community service projects we did. Finally we were all glad to go to bed…

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Day 17 – “BBBrrrrooooo”

Location: Little Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Zoe L.
Today we sailed back to West End. Many of the girls got in a taxi and headed to the YEP (youth empowerment program) headquarters. Three girls (Fiona, Kaitlynd, and Camila) stayed back to help with mangroves. The cab ride was very beautiful and long. At YEP I hung out with the high school age group. We followed them around to all their activities. I made tissue paper art, made PowerPoint presentations, and played cards. It was really fun to watch the kids warm up to us. The school had very nice AC, what a treat! We got to see some of the kids from our beach clean up again; some of them remembered us which was really nice.After YEP we sailed to Little Harbor on Peter Island. We waited on our boat for VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) to come board our boat. We created an emergency situation so the VISAR volunteers could train, as if it was an actual emergency and react. Fiona lay at the bottom of the stairs pretending that she had a spinal injury. Kaitlynd swarmed them with question about their actions in order to make the experience more realistic. They were very professional and were able to remove Fiona from her position and backboard her into their rescue boat, and keep Kaitlynd some what under control. After the rescue Pauline, Erica, Sam, Jamie, Fiona, and I got to ride in their rescue boat.For dinner it was Mexican Night!!! All the shipmates have been looking forward to Mexican Night for awhile! We bro tanked it for dinner (we all wore large tank tops and backwards hats). We all got really into it and called each other bro all dinner. Elliot got really into it. My squeeze question was about what everyone will miss the most when back home. I said that I will miss relaxation and loss of stress while still accomplishing so much. Back home everything is rushed and I am stressed, and it causes me to be less productive. I hope I can keep my “island mentality” back home. Other shipmates answered that they would miss each other, seeing all the stars, seeing the ocean in the morning, the natural beauty, and being on a boat. I cannot believe how quickly this trip has gone by…. seriously didn’t I just get here?

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