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Posted: Mon, Jul 9, 2012

Staff Blog Day 21-Back to West End

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Bryant
Sailing back to West End, our home port in Tortola one final time, gives us a chance to reflect on this incredible journey. We have more than a circumnavigation of Tortola with many memorable stops along the way. Our many great dives included the famous RMS Rhone. We shared shore time and beach BBQ’s in various ports such as Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost van Dyke and others. We have also shared our time, thoughts, and love on our boat and our whole community and in our respective programs. Last night our shipmates finished their presentations and exams. Our Dolphins Amanda, Ivy, and Wilks presented the culmination of all the research that they have conducted over the last three weeks. Their project investigated the variation between species of fish reaction time and wariness to divers when presented with food. Additionally, Amanda particularly enjoyed our day at the Bathes on Virgin Gorda, Ivy loved the wonderful tropical fish and Wilks enjoyed wakeboarding and ski time. The Barracudas, Mackie, John, JJ, Hamzah, Noah, Margret, and Gabriel joined the Dolphins in some very cool marine science activities including turtle tagging where we caught and released a Hawksbill turtle, which was enjoyed by all. The Barracudas also spent time training for their advanced diver certification, night, naturalist and boat diver specialties. Beyond their academics, Hamzah and Noah most enjoyed the Bathes, Mackie loved seeing the giant tarpon on the night dives, John really like free diving at Mountain Point at the sea urchin cove. JJ loved our day at the Lava Flow, Gabriel loved meeting new people and Margret’s favorite moment was having pasta salad poured on her on deck. The Neptunes and Barracuda academic experience concluded in a test of their dive training for their specialties. Neptunes trained for advanced, wreck, night, naturalist, boat, and equipment specialties. Beyond these courses Juan and Federico loved all the dives we did and Istvan liked the diving but LOVED the beach parties. On our final day the staff are most looking forward through to the boat cleaning and I suspect the shipmates are looking forward to the closing BBQ, though we are all sad with the impending goodbyes.

Posted: Sun, Jul 8, 2012

Last Day

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Mackie M.
Today was a sad day because it is the last day we get to spend time together as a boat before we all leave to go home to our real families. We all woke up early and had a nice cereal breakfast. Later we sailed the boat to a dive site called the Indians, where there were huge cliffs protruding from the water. During my dive we saw so many fish and we also came across a cave where we could swim in and out. The whole cave was filled with a lot of sea urchins and fire coral. Everyone made it through safe. The boat was really dirty so we all worked together to clean and tidy up the ship. Lunch was supposed to be PB and J but the counselors allowed as to go to shore where we ate pizza. I am going to always remember everyone on this adventure.

Posted: Sat, Jul 7, 2012

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride

Location: Bight, Norman Island
Author: Amanda M.
Today was a really calm but enjoyable day. We started off the day with a delicious breakfast of pancakes. I mean what is a better start to a day than pancakes in the British Virgin Islands. Once we finished breakfast our group split off and some of us went diving on the wreck of the Fearless. The rest of us went snorkeling and swimming around the boat. The coolest part of the day was seeing a mom and baby dolphin swimming right next to our boat. Some of us had just finished snorkeling and just jumped right in. Wilks, Gabriel, Margaret, and I got to swim with them. This was a spectacular experience for me because I love dolphins and it was always a dream of mine to swim with dolphins in the ocean. While we swam with the dolphins, everyone else got an amazing view of the dolphins so it was a thrilling experience for all. After seeing the dolphins some of us went waterskiing. Then we set sail for Road Town for lunch. There was an abundance of restaurants to choose from. The food was amazing! Once lunch was over the four dive side boats raced over to where we are mooring for the night. Our boat came in last but we all tried our hardest and worked together as a team. Now we are continuing our chill day by laying in the sun and preparing our dinner. We all have enjoyed our second to last day of camp. I am so sad that camp is almost over. We aren’t shipmates anymore but have turned into a family. We have made the past 19 days count and have had a blast.

Posted: Fri, Jul 6, 2012

Day 18

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: Noah H.
Today we had another wonderful wake up at 6:30 am with an amazing breakfast of cereal, so wonderfully prepared by our chefs, we were able to begin a new day. We sailed to the Beta or “Kissing Wrecks” where we had two exhilarating dives. During these dives we saw a lionfish, sea turtle, barracuda, stingray, and several jellyfish. After this, we put up our gear and began studying for our advanced open water and specialty tests which we are all so eagerly awaiting. An hour later we ate a lunch of chicken salad sandwiches and were soon underway back to GHP (Great Harbour), Peter Island, where we would spend the night. At this current moment we are cleaning up a fantastic dinner of Teriyaki noodles and salad. After which we will begin the long awaited test I mentioned earlier. There is a great deal of excitement and sadness on the boat concerning the fact that we are nearing the end of our journey. My fellow shipmates and I wish our families well and can’t wait to see them in the coming days. We all hope you are having as good of a time as we are here and will see you soon!

Posted: Thu, Jul 5, 2012

Day 17

Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island
Author: John A.
Today we woke up early so we could prepare oatmeal and then got underway for lunch in West End. While we were sailing the waves smacked against the boat and we jumped up and and down from the impact. Finally we arrived at port and we went to the supermarket and returned to the boat. While underway we all slept and arrived at our dive site. We went snorkeling and found many exotic big fish like a nurse shark, tarpon, barracuda, needlefish, and a stingray. We followed the fish for a long time and watched their behaviors. Then, it was Mexican Night. The food was amazing and now people are doing night dives for their night diver specialty.

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