BVI: Session 2 - Grand Cru

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Water Buffalo

Location: Great Harbor, Peter
Author: Leigh N.
I ate breakfast then spent the next couple hours working on my research project. People did more wreck dives and research dives. The weather was cloudy. The sun came out around two. The wind was strong and died down around 5:00.

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2011

Another Great Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter
Author: Marissa P.
After waking up several times during the night because of the rain everyone woke up to the smell of oatmeal being cooked. After breakfast was cleaned up everyone rushed around helping to sail the boat to West End to get more fuel, water, and much needed time on land. After having a light lunch at port eveyone piled back into Stumbles (our dinghy) and headed back to the boat. While we sailed to GHP we had a race with Aftica III. During the race everyone slept and relaxed while the Dolphins worked diligently on their research projects, hoping to finish some of their work before arriving to our dive site. Once we got to GHP we set up our gear and headed to the bow for our dive briefing only to be told that the dive was canceled due to unexpected weather. Everyone disassembled their gear and anchored the boat. Once anchored a sing-a-long session broke out along with many laughs and jokes. After a filling dinner of Mexican food and chocolate cake everyone pitched in and cleaned the entire boat. More jokes and sing-a-longs then later everyone crawled off to bed trying to stay dry for the rest of the night.

Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2011

Playtime on the Playgrounds

Location: Sandy Spit
Author: Dan M.
Today we woke up and left port to go to the Playgrounds and dive. The Dolphins did a research dive and the Neptunes did a fun dive. The site was amazing and we saw squid and an octopus and some barracuda. Matt was acting crazy and being hilarious the whole day. The Dolphins did another dive on the Playgrounds in the afternoon and then everybody went over to a small beach near the dive site and got to hang out with people from other boats. The chefs cooked a really good cake and dinner was delicious. We have a Lifeworks forum tonight. It seems like everybody is a just a little homesick but also loves it here. There seems to be a storm rolling in because the winds are picking up. Hopefully it will stop before diving tomorrow.

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