BVI: Session 2 - Luna Kahuna

Day 20 The Final Kasserhole

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Maddy B.
We all woke up this morning sad it was our final day, but excited to spend it all together. After our breakfast we motored down to the dive site “The Indians”. We set up our dive gear and commenced our final dive altogether. We all spent time underwater with our fins off hanging out before we surfaced. As soon as we got back on the boat we were meet with the challenge to eat all of the leftover food on board! After quite a filling snack, we motored the boat as a crew, with only a little help, all the way to West End. Then our real cleaning began. Our boat, after much cooperation and cleaning looked like a brand new Luna Kahuna. Then we all got a few hours of shore time to eat some food, buy some last minute presents and cherish our last few hours here. Next, we will be going to the final BBQ to close off our amazing trip and say goodbye to all of our new best friends! It will definitely be sad saying goodbye to our boat family however a reunion is already in the works!

Posted: Sat, Jul 25, 2015

Day 18 Kaserolleh (The H Is Silent)

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Brandon B.
Just like yesterday today was a day of scenarios and casseroles. We woke up really well today because last night was Mexican night for dinner. We also slept in til 8:30, which was nice. We had cereal for breakfast as we motored to Blue Chromis on Cooper Island. Once there, we dove Blue Chromis reef, which was amazing, populated with an abundance of blue chromis. Don’t worry though there were also other kinds of fish down there too. All kidding aside, today was one of the most memorable diving experiences that we have had. Seeing a stingray, barracuda, and a sea turtle was just the icing on the cake. After lunch and some relaxing down time, we jumped off the boat regulators in mouth to see wreck alley. Once down there, we were greeted by two wrecks that were side by side. A hundred yards off those wrecks was another two wrecks, a tug and a barge. During the ascent our instructors Cat and Davis surprised us with a scenario. The rescue squad quickly reacted and swiftly assessed the situation. Overall I would say that we are all doing a fantastic job of using our skills in the random scenarios that are sprung upon us. After that little indecent we motored back to GHP. Tonight we will sleep well knowing that in the morning we will have Nutella Flap Jack Pancakes. Love you mom, dad and Matthew. See you in a few days!

Posted: Fri, Jul 24, 2015

Day 17 Qasiroll

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Cameron C.
So many things happened today! The crew of Luna Kahuna woke up this morning at Green Cay and immediately set off for West End. We ate oatmeal underway and relaxed until we made port. Our crew enjoyed quit a bit of shore time at Soper’s Hole for second breakfast and lunch. After everyone restocked their snack shelves, we got underway to Great Harbour Peter. Divers and free divers got in the water once we where there. Someone saw a massive lobster. After the dive we dropped our mooring ball and moved to the other side of GHP for the night. Before dinner, a couple of water sports runs were made for those who wanted to water ski, kneeboard or wakeboard. While they were gone, David spotted a six plus foot Manta Ray swimming by the boat. We were all instantly in the water with it, swimming so close along with it we could reach out and touch it, but we didn’t of course. I got within a foot of it. It was so magical. Later tonight after our delicious Mexican dinner we are having a cake and dance party with the crew of Second Wind on our boat. I love ActionQuest!

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