BVI: Session 2 - Mary Morgan

Posted: Mon, Jul 28, 2014

Staff Update Day 20: A Fitting End

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Sam, Davis, & Annie

It has been an amazing 20 days on board Mary Morgan filled with unbelievable times and adventures.It was only fitting that our last full day on the water ended up being one of the most successful.Officially certified as rescue divers after breakfast, our team also put their best foot forward on race day and pulled off an incredible comeback to take first place.It really epitomized the attitude of our boat, as our students have been continuously challenged with advanced skills and knowledge and even after setbacks, always break through with a successful result. Rodrigo has been a natural leader on board the boat and has always been great at bringing the team together. Jordan and Heather have embraced the challenges of the course from day 1 and are always the most prepared for every exercise.Katherine is our academic and is always looking for more details to help lead her to success.Jack is our resident waterman and seems to spend most of the day with his mask and fins on, scuba and free diving every chance he gets and making the most of this opportunity.Hugh is always in a great mood and truly loves and appreciates every moment of the day, keeping everyone’s spirits up. Adam is our Hercules and in addition to facing the gauntlet of physical challenges his shipmates created for him, is always lending a hand wherever it is needed.Sophie is on top of every scenario, always keeping an eye out for the things that need to be happening, while Blas makes sure all of our scuba and first aid procedures are being performed correctly.Isaac has been light years ahead of his age and while getting the loving little brother treatment from his older shipmates, has performed every bit as well as our older students.Johnny and Chris always keep us laughing with their antics and make sure we are enjoying every second of our time here.Max is one of the most good-natured studentsI’veever had and is always seeing the best in thosearound him. Connor has done an incredible job at every turn and in addition to being our lead on CPR, also had the top score on our rescue exam.Overall our staff have been blessed with a boat of superstar students,who have created and an absolutely incredible experience for everyone on board.While I know the tears will be flowing in short time, I take comfort in the fact that all of us will be looking back on our adventure together with giant smiles, always remembering our incredible voyage together.

Posted: Sun, Jul 27, 2014

Day 19: Race Day!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Jordan D.
Today our boat woke up on edge, waiting for another scenario. Annie and our chefs cooked an excellent breakfast of pancakes. Right as we all sat down to eat, we had a scenario popped onto us. We were sent into the water to rescue two unresponsive and non-breathing divers at the surface. We successfully completed the scenario and are now all officially rescue diver certified! This made our yummy pancake breakfast that much better. After breakfast, those of us who wanted to dive got to dive the Barge in GHP. There wasn’t much to see other than a barracuda but the dive was still really cool. Once back on the boat we pumped tanks and got ready for port. While waiting, an eagle ray decided to put on a show for us and jumped out of the water around our boat a couple of times. We then picked up anchor and went to Road Town where we got two hours of shore time to eat lunch, grab gelatto, hit the grocery store and hang out with our friends from other boats. Once our shore time was over, the four dive cats had a race to Norman Island. Our boat got decked out in costumes and black PFDs. We were in second place to Second Wind until we rounded the first ball. Then our awesome sailing made us win the race! We dropped anchor in Norman Island for our last night on the water. We will eat a dinner of cheddar broccoli pasta and then write our cards to one another. It’s crazy that this trip has flown by so fast and how close we have all grown. I don’t think any of us are ready to come home.

Posted: Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Day 18: Wreck Alley

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Heather P.
Today started bright and early with a quick bowl of cereal and during breakfast Sam told us that we would be doing two fun dives! We were even more excited when we found out that one would be diving at Wreck Alley, which has four wrecks and a stingray cleaning station. Once we arrived we set up our gear and Sam dinghied us over to one of the other boats where we began our dive. We descended into crystal clear water right on the kissing wrecks. My dive buddies, Jack and Jordan, were able to swim with me into one of the hulls and we were exploring until Adam and Connor swam over to us and pointed over our heads where an eagle ray was swimming. We all cheered and watched it swim in awe and once it was out of sight we swam towards the other wrecks where we saw and were able to touch a massive stingray. Once back aboard the boat, we pumped our tanks and enjoyed many pringles. During this time, Jack, Max, Adam, Rodrigo and I went snorkeling where we saw a massive barracuda. For lunch we had chicken salad and during cleanup Max, Issac and I got back in the water and were able to see the barracuda, who we named Cuda and several other fish. Once lunch was cleaned up we were informed that it was time for our second dive but first there were two missing divers off the back of Second Wind that needed to be rescued. Immediately we jumped into action. Blas and Jack snorkeled to the divers, who had been spotted by Rodrigo and Sophie, Jordan, Katherine, Chris, Jonny, Issac, and I were the divers that brought them to the surface. We then had to deal with a panicked and an unresponsive diver. Thanks to Hugh’s leadership and our boat’s great teamwork we completed the scenario a lot better than last time. Unfortunately it wasn’t perfect and we did have a few critical mistakes. After we finished we were able to go dive where we all stayed together and goofed off. After our dive we headed back to GHP where we are staying for the night. Upon arrival Hugh, Jordan and I went over to Tiger Pause to hang out with friends from last year. Everyone that stayed on the boat had fun showering and completing Hercules challenges and showering. Once we were together again we enjoyed breakfast-for-dinner made by Davis, Katherine and Max. We are now going to take our rescue tests, so wish us luck!

Posted: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Day 17: Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky (vol. II)

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Hugh S.
This morning we woke up to another day in paradise. After consuming copious amounts of oatmeal we set off for West End. After a brief squall, a beautiful, crystal-clear rainbow emerged from the clouds. After some brunch and shopping in West End we set off again for GHP. The surf was very choppy on the way out of West End but no worries we all stood at the bow of the boat and enjoyed being sprayed by water. Once we arrived at GHP we set up our dive gear and hopped in the water. We saw a school of massive tarpon. It was really nice to get back in the water. While pumping tanks Adam, Max, Isaac and Jack went for a snorkeling session. They saw a massive bait ball, a big school of blue tang and a massive school of barracuda. After filling tanks and moving we had time to shower. We were all on edge waiting for a scenario to occur at any second but nothing has gone down so far (knock on wood). After Chris did a belly flop we all dried off and started dinner. Mexican night is going to be da bomb!

Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Day 16: Help!

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Christopher B.
We woke up this morning to the delicious smell of pancakes. We motored over to Sandy Spit where we passed our search and recovery specialty by finding and raising a weight belt and an anchor off the sea bed. Before lunch we wrote up our emergency action plan for the scenarios that will be sprung on us over the rest of the trip. We had Ramen for lunch. After lunch we began our final session of book work. During our knowledge review the boat was thrown into chaos as we were faced with our first scenario, a panicked diver on the surface with two missing divers somewhere near the boat. Jack led the rescue and the panicked diver was brought back to the boat and search divers and snorkelers were sent out with watchers on the bow and stern. Both divers were brought up — one wasn’t breath and other the surface rescue breathing was started and the other missing diver was brought to the surface by me and Jonny. After the scenario we showered and had dinner. After dinner we had a Lifeworks Forum from Sam about how to turn your dreams into concrete goals. We are all looking forward to the rest of the scenarios.

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