BVI: Session 2 - Love of my Life

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Sam
The last 10 days on Love Of My Life have flown by all too quickly and the end of our time together is now pressing against us. So much has happened it’s hard to believe that it’s been less than two weeks since our last update. We now have 13 newly certified rescue divers on board after the completion of our final scenario this morning where they all showed off their new skills by successfully rescuing two non-responsive and two panicked divers in a very difficult rescue simulation. I’m so impressed by how far they’ve come since they first joined us 21 days ago, as they have all grown so immensely both as divers and as people. The past two days Blair and I have completely stepped back and watched our crew slip moorings, plot courses, raise sail, and take us from island to island without missing a beat. They are truly a team that can fully operate our 46ft. floating home. Jimmy and Fritz are always anxious to tackle any challenge I throw at them, while Izzy doesn’t seem to be content unless she can get her hands on the helm. Today, with Izzy working as our fearless skipper, we put the perfect exclamation point on our voyage by winning the Dive Side Cup in our race from Road Town to Norman Island. Emma may be the sweetest person I have ever met and is always helping out and brightening everyone’s day. Frankie is always working to improve her skills, whether it’s proving her worth in the Rescue course, or practicing Tae Kwon Do on the bow. Lili and Aaron always seems to do everything right in our rescue scenarios, and were even more impressive in the written exams, both acing their tests. Nico, our resident salsa instructor, has also led us with some impressive squeeze questions after dinner, teaching us the importance of having the “me” moments. Caleigh has been and awesome help with everything on board, always finding a way to move things along, and Charlotte has become our resident dinghy captain, ferrying the group around when we head to shore. Max has been the point man in most rescue scenarios, one of the first in the water with snorkel gear to start controlling the scene, and Oscar is quick to follow as our first diver to hit the water and help with problems underwater, while Susie controls the scene on the surface and makes sure emergency services is contacted and that we have all the relevant information recorded and ready to go with the patients. That’s the beauty of Love Of My Life, where everyone is contributing to our program in one way or another. It has been an incredible trip, and I can only hope that all of our students will leave with the fond memories that I know I will have.

The End

Location: West End
Author: Lily G.
This morning we woke up at seven and had oatmeal and cereal. After breakfast we set up our dive gear. While setting up we tried to understand why the dive site was called the Indians. When we went on the actual dive everyone decided to go in one group for our last dive. We had a blast! Frankie brought her GoPro for the last time and we took a bunch of awesome photos. After the dive it was time to clean. Our boat worked together and was successfully able to clean everything. Later tonight is our last BBQ. We are all excited and sad at the same time. It will be hard to say goodbye to all of the great people we have met this year at AQ.

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

We are the Winners

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Isabel F.
We started off the day at boat favorite Great Harbor Peter having a relaxing morning flipping pancakes when all of a sudden, VICTIMS IN THE WATER! We all ran out of the boat to complete the third rescue scenario of our trip and we pulled it off almost perfectly, besides the tows back to the boat which we all practiced again. After getting down how to save lives we motored off to Road Town where we got some delicious Chinese food or burgers and Gelato. We hung out in Road Town with full stomachs and happy faces and then boarded our boat for race time. Our boat took an early lead and while other boats tried to pass us, we sailed into victory for the fifth consecutive win for Sam. We were all very happy to have won using our great teamwork skills. When arriving at Norman Island we had our last salt water shower where we danced and laughed. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon while the chefs cooked dinner. We eventually sat down to cheddar broccoli pasta and cheesy biscuits with special guest Ian from Manic. As the sun sets over the anchorage in one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen, we prepare to write cards to our fellow shipmates for what is about to be a very emotional night. It will be touch to write these goodbye cards because it means the end of a great journey.

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Come Sail Away

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Caleigh S.
The morning started off with a little drizzle but that did not stop us. Soon after oatmeal we sailed to Cooper Island all by ourselves. It was incredibly fun but challenging. After successfully making it there in four tacks we set up our diver gear. On the dive, I finally got to see an eagle ray, I have been dying to see one all session. After lunch we had the second rescue scenario. Marina and Tina were our two unresponsive divers, we did ok but we could have done so much better. We still learned from our mistakes. Later we went on our second dive. Then we sailed back to GHP with Sam’s assistance. We showered and the chefs prepared dinner. For the second time we squeezed on Sumo. Mike just so happened to ride by and we decided to do our Lifeworks postcards with him. LifeWorks and Sam’s Usher playlist are always a good way to end the day.

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Big Breakfast

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Susannah J.
Another early morning at AQ commenced with a 6:30am wake-up. The chefs brought out cereal during our short motor back to West End, where it all began. We had a filling breakfast at D’Best Cup. The hash browns and bacon were delicious. The rest of the time at West End was spent at the grocery store and various shops while staff replenished food supplies for each boat as soon as we were about to embark to GHP, Sam told us that we were to get Love to GHP without his assistance. We only had 5 questions to ask. Fritz, Oscar, Jimmy, and I planned to motor upwind until we wouldn’t hit St. John in our close haul. We raised the main sail and unfurled the jib where Fritz and I took turns on the helm and Aaron helped with the jib when we tacked. Finally we made it to Peter Island. We moored right next to the RMS Rhone anchor. We went for a dive and found the anchor which was completely encrusted with coral. At our safety stop on the mooring line we used Francesca’s GoPro to film our group Harlem Shake. Jimmy brought the unicorn mask and Oscar took a hat. It was a blast. After our dive, we showered while our air compressor ran and caught up on logging dives. We filmed some testimonials on AQ and made dinner and we were anchored. Now during cleanup, we are joyfully playing music while we wait for Sam to return, watching the sun set just beyond the barge. These 17 days have been full of adventures, and I cannot wait for what else is to come in the next few.

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