BVI: Session 3 - Pure Joy

Posted: Sat, Aug 5, 2017

A Long Day Made Easy

Location: Elan M.
Author: Cooper Island
This morning started when the engines were fired up at 4:30 am by our skipper clutching a cup of coffee. We were going on our longest sail of the trip from Vixon Point to Anegada. The few shipmates that were up witnessed a beautiful sunrise and then a cinnamon toast and scrambled egg breakfast. After cleaning up, the Rescues and Neptunes split up for the Rescues to attempt their first search and recovery dive while the Neptunes had a boat diving lecture. For the Rescues, we had to locate a “missing diver” or kettlebell that then had to be brought to the surface. Even though we retrieved the “diver”, we didn’t do it in a timely manner so we learned a lot about having a sense of urgency when another life on the line. Afterwards, the whole dive side spent a few hours relaxing on a pure white sand beach. After returning to the boat for a quick lunch, we hoisted the sails for another long sail to Cooper Island. After studying and completing a series of knowledge reviews, we once again set up dive gear for a really exciting dive. The Rescues would be going on a fun dive while the Neptunes were going to complete their deep dive for their advanced open water certification. Both groups dove wreck alley and swam through two amazing ships filled with beautiful fish. It was one of the best wreck dives I have ever been on. It was the highlight of the day for most of us when we finished dinner watching another amazing sunset.

Posted: Fri, Aug 4, 2017

Day 6

Location: CJ O.
Author: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Today we woke up early in order for the rescue divers to do their search and recovery dive and the Neptunes to do their first wreck dive. We finished diving around 10 am and from there we began motoring to Leverick Bay. We had the option to eat aboard Pure Joy, but most of us opted for lunch at the port. We went to Pussers and had lunch altogether and then afterward went to the grocery store to buy some snacks for long sails and after dives. In addition, we also went to different tourist shops, such as clothing shops or dive shops to buy souvenirs like bracelets, stickers, and clothing. Later we sailed to Vixen Point where the Neptunes had their beach time and played the turtle game, and the Rescues had their Emergency First Responder lecture where they watched a few movies and completed their respective knowledge reviews. After the Neptunes came back to the boat, we all showered and got ready for our beach BBQ that is tonight. At the BBQ, we danced, ate dinner, and spent time with all of the other boats.

Posted: Thu, Aug 3, 2017

On Pure Joy, the Name Rings True

Location: Savannah P.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Similarly to all other days at AQ, today was full of fun and movement. We started out today with an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs before we left for our first dive of the day. The first dive was at Coral Gardens. Those in Neptune completed their first fish ID dive of the day while everyone on Rescue did a pentagon navigation dive. After that, we ate lunch and traveled to our next dive site. The next dive was at the Chimneys. The Neptune group did their second and final fish ID. Those on Rescue had the chance to have a solo dive and explore the area. The night was pretty tame. The two programs split for their lectures. After that, we showered, ate dinner, had a lifeworks forum, and went to sleep. Overall, today was a great time.

Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017

Jumping Off Stuff and Learning Things

Location: Ethan R.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
We woke up at 5:30 am to leave Savannah Bay and move to the Baths. After a half hour of sailing, we ate breakfast and then swam to the shore of the Baths where we explored and climbed to the high rocks above the water. Once most of us made it up to the top, we got ready to jump off the top of jumping rock. After a few hours, we went back to the boat and moved to Spanish Town where nobody actually spoke Spanish. We ate some good burgers at a restaurant and then sailed to Mountain Point with a new inflatable duck strapped to the stern. The Neptunes learned about Fish ID while the Dolphins had an Underwater Naturalist lecture and then they all went snorkeling. The Rescue divers trained in the water on how to help panicked divers at the surface. We all got a chance to save each other’s lives and everyone made it which means that we all did a pretty good job too. After broccoli risotto and biscuits, we ended the night with a night dive for the Neptunes and Dolphins and a really fun natural navigation lecture for the rescue divers.

Posted: Tue, Aug 1, 2017

Fun Dive- Pure Joy on Pure Joy

Location: Natalie S.
Author: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Today was the day of ultimate diving. As soon as we finished the breakfast (and cleaned up of course) both Rescue and Neptunes had their lectures. Then all of us had a successful navigation dive. After a pretty nice and bumpy sail, we all did a fun dive. The Rescue group separated and fortunately no one got lost! The Neptunes finished the dive with some back flips and dancing underwater. It was so much fun! Everyone loved the lunch (who’s not hungry after two successful dives) on the way to Savannah Bay. Pure Joy won the “race” and was first to the bay. We had a delicious dinner with Mike, the director of AQ. And here comes the time of getting to know each other better! The question during the squeeze session was “what’s your favorite place in the world?” It turns out that we love so many different places but one unites us: the ocean. Then we had another chance to connect our hearts with the cards. I could feel us growing closer and being more like friends than strangers. There are still some group meetings between boats coming- the day hasn’t finished yet! I can imagine how deep we will all be sleeping tonight. I can’t wait for the next day full of adventures!

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