BVI: Session 2 - Pure Joy

Posted: Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Final Stretch

Location: Levi Y.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
The day started off as a normal one but ended off as an accomplishment. We woke up like normal to music and breakfast and started our morning sail to West End. Then when we came back from port to the boat and started our long sail back to GHP. That was when our day became intense. We (Dolphins) had to prepare our research paper and the Neptunes were preparing for their final dive test. This was happening while we were sailing and the waves were quite rough. Our boat felt like a ball in a pinball machine. Once we made it to GHP, the Neptunes went diving but the Dolphins were determined to finish their paper. Later we all showered and ate dinner, then it was the final stretch. It was my job to put the final touches on the paper and the moment my finger hit the last key, I was filled with Pure Joy! I was almost as happy as a kid who finished their last final exam. Almost. We still have the last hurdle tomorrow, which is the final project presentation in front of the rest of the Dolphins. We will definitely be ready for it!

Posted: Sun, Jul 23, 2017

Post Sydney’s: The Playgrounds

Location: Alina V.
Author: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Today was great! We woke up to the morning CD and saw the staff off the boat for a staff meeting. Sofia and Isabelle made wonderful french toast. It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had this trip. After cleanup, we all changed and suntanned on the bow while we waited for Emelia, Lucy, and Rudy to return. After they got back we had a short sail to the Playgrounds, a beautiful dive site. The Neptunes did a dive first thing while the Dolphins met to brainstorm for our project papers. After the divers got back, Sofia and Isabelle made delicious ramen noodles. We set up dive gear after lunch and then it started pouring rain. Soon, we had the best motor ever! It was so bumpy and we were jumping all over the trampoline and got soaked! Soon we had a great dive. The Neptunes had their own dive and saw a giant spotted eagle ray. The Dolphins had their last research project dive and saw a variety of coral. We had another great motor back to the anchorage. Mike came over for dinner of hot dogs and beans. We are going over to Moko Jumbie for a Lifeworks forum tonight. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Yo Ho Yo Ho and a Bottle of Hibiclens

Location: Charlotte D.
Author: Sydney’s, Jost van Dyke
Today was the longest day ever! We woke up pretty early and rushed to get off of the boat and onto the dock for the hike. Everybody in the fleet hiked together to the top of Mt. Sage and back down. That’s 7.2 miles total! George got sixth place and Clark for fourteenth. After the hike, everybody ate lunch on the beach and enjoyed being on shore for a while. Following lunch, we got back on the boat and motored to Sandy Cay. On the way there we brainstormed ideas for the sand castle building contest. Our boat decided to build a bottle of Hibiclens. We use Hibiclens as a disinfectant all the time so we thought it would be a good idea. We were really proud of it and we had a great time. After the competition, we drove back to our boat in the dinghy and got ready for the BBQ at Sidney’s tonight. It was a really long day but we all had a lot of fun!

Posted: Fri, Jul 21, 2017

It’s (Almost) the Climb

Location: Alex C.
Author: Sydney’s, Jost van Dyke
Tomorrow we hike Mt. Sage. I guess you could say that it is the pinnacle of the trip. Or technically our dive today at the Pinnacles could be considered that. After our Fish ID dive at Shark Point, we had a beautiful, self-directed dive at the Pinnacles. The underwater pinnacles were covered in colorful corals, sponges, and stoplight parrotfish. We had a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. I need to head out now, bye, bye loyal AQ readers.

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