BVI: Session 2 - Rangitoto Too

Staff Update – Day 20 – Green Horns To Salty Dogs

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Alisa
This group has grown leaps and bounds since day one of this voyage. They have grown as sailors, as divers, and most importantly close together as a boat family. As their instructors, we are so proud to see how far they’ve come. Where they once fell over each other with the sway of the boat raising the sail, Rachel now likes to lead the haul of the main sail with a strong voice. Thiago, Jackson and Harrison lead or team in the sailing race yesterday tacking, jibbing and helming like pros. Megan also loves to helm and has become so excellent at sailing terms she’s done a little instructing herself, reminding her shipmates which side of the boat is port and what a broad reach is. As for scuba, these guys look like a new group of divers from when they started. Lilly has become a master navigator, even helping me find the way back to the boat on one occasion! Lauren and Molly look like regular mermaids, with air consumption that’s out of this world. They are air hogs no longer! Ches has shown her shipmates what it means to be a true leader and how to lead by example, she is always one of the first to jump up and help if there is a task that needs completing. That goes for Phil and Casper as well. They always had good attitudes about everything and never failed to have hilarious one-liners that kept us all in stitches. Levi showed us all how to be happy in our own skin and to never let an opportunity to sing or dance pass us by. Cam taught us all to share our hearts by being a strong voice at squeezes and lifeworks forums. They all came together as a team that was more kind and more considerate then any group of teenagers I’ve ever witnessed. This is a very special group and I will be very sorry to see them go.

Posted: Mon, Jul 25, 2016

Day 19 – A Race Day To Remember

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Rachael S.
Today the staff and shipmates of Rangitoto Too woke up to the cozy aroma of pancakes. We eagerly jumped out of bed and sat down to breakfast all with the realization in the back of our heads that this is one of the last breakfasts we will share. After cleanup, the Neptunes went water skiing while the dolphins tagged turtles. At 10:00am, the two groups reunited back on board and we set sail for Road Town. Although most of the stores were closed in port, a great time was had by all as we caught up with friends from other boats, and restocked our snacks. After Road Town, the race between the catamarans was soon to begin. Rangitoto Too was off to a strong start as one of the first boats to hoist our main sail. However, we had some complications, and ultimately had to take down the main sail, and hoist again. But our moral was still high, and we hoisted again with even more enthusiasm than the first time. We then unfurled the jib with great haste as we knew our starting position was being compromised. Although our enthusiasm never wavered, we ended up starting and finishing the race in last place. After the race, we showered and sat down to our last dinner on the boat of cheddar broccoli pasta and biscuits. The day finished off with writing cards for our shipmates and staff while watching a double rainbow.

Posted: Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Day 18 – Deep Wreck Diving

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Cam T.
We woke up today and were all socked to learn that it was already day 18. Time flies when you’re having fun! We gathered around the table for cereal and fruit. We then sailed to wreck alley where the dolphins and barracudas did a fun dive while the Neptunes took a dinghy ride over to the boat Great White for a lecture on their upcoming skills dive for the dive for their wreck certification after their lecture. The Neptunes rode back to set up their gear for the dive. After a short wait for the other boats to finish their dives, the Neptunes jumped in to do their drill. Once they finished, they had a conversation with the dolphins and barracudas about things they say over a PB+J lunch. There was a sleeping 6ft stingray and a Spanish hogfish. Then we put on our PFD’s and set sail for Great Harbor Peter where we would anchor for the rest of the day. Then it was breakfast at 6pm. We had breakfast burritos for dinner. Afterwards we did test prepping for the test we have yet to take. Let’s hope all ends well!

Posted: Sat, Jul 23, 2016

Day 17

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Megan W.
This morning we woke up with two crewmembers from Great White sitting on our bow. They tried to prank another boat, but they returned to Rangitoto Too instead of their boat. They soon left and we raised anchor and set sail to West End. We walked around West End until 11:00 am and then we left the dock and headed for Great Harbor Peter. We anchored and the dolphins continued to write their research paper while the Neptunes went water skiing or dingy driving. We soon ate dinner and three shipmates prepared to go on their final night certification dive.

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