BVI: Session 2 - Second Wind

Posted: Sun, Jul 27, 2014

Day 19: Race Day

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Charlie S.
Today we had a slow easy morning where we relaxed and we either were tagging turtles or diving. Some people chilled out on the boat. We were doing this till 10:30 then we anchored outside Road Town, the capital of the BVIs. Brian, Mark and I explored Road Town for a little over an hour before returning to the boat to great news that our bead was fixed. We prepared to race. After having a strong start leading the other cats we had trouble with the run and lost our lead. We kept up and ended up in third place behind Therapy and Mary Morgan. After having a delicious dinner that Mark prepared we deckied and cleaned in anticipation of making the cards.

Posted: Sat, Jul 26, 2014

Day 18: Wreck Alley

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Lily M.
We woke up today with many different kinds of yummy cereals laid out on the table. We ate and cleaned before we grabbed our PFDs and got ready to sail. We sailed for over an hour to Wreck Alley. Once we were there, Neptunes did two wreck specialty dives, one once we got there and one after lunch. Since Dolphins finished writing their projects, they got to do two fun dives. We saw four wrecks, an Atlantic stingray, a southern stingray, and many colorful fish and coral. When we finally got our dive gear away at around 1:30 we swam with our new blow-up whale Matthias and our cameras! Then it was time to grab our PFDs and motor to GHP. We sat on the bow and practiced our Dolphin presentations. We jumped off the side of the boat to take our daily showers and soaped up! The same turtle kept popping up around the boat as we all gathered around Marina to make turks heads. It took me a couple of tries to make some of them but they all turned out really good! A delicious breakfast-for-dinner was served by the chefs, Isabel and Charlie, which contained pancakes, sausage, corn bread, fruit and scrambled eggs. Then it was finally time for Neptunes to go take their final exam on their knowledge reviews on Mahi Mahi. The Dolphins stayed on Second Wind and other Dolphins came to us. The Dolphins all presented fantastic and well-organized research projects. Isabel, Merry and I also included our Sea Fan Rap with our presentation. Overall it was another awesome day in one of my favorite places and I’m very happy I could spend it with the people here with me.

Posted: Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Day 17: A Day Everyone Enjoyed

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Astrid C.
Today on Second Wind we woke up and had oatmeal for breakfast (which Izzy was very happy about!) and headed to West End where we all met and bought our new ship mascot, Matthias Yeezus. After port, we went on our dives. During our spare time, Bobo, Cassie, Brian, Peyton and I played a hardcore game of knuckles. Next, the Dolphins on the boat worked on their projects on algae and sea fans which resulted in a sea fan rap, written and performed by Izzy. For dinner we had our second Mexican night of burritos which I may have enjoyed a little to much! Now everyone is working on their projects and studying for exams tomorrow!

Posted: Thu, Jul 24, 2014

Day 16: Another Great Day!

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Merry M.
This morning we woke up to the smell of hot, fresh pancakes. The staff left on the dingy as we were devouring the peanut butter and syrup covered pancakes. As soon as we finished and cleaned up we set sail for the Playgrounds, our dive site for the day. On the way, waves sprayed everyone with cool, refreshing sea water. As soon as we arrived we set up our dive gear and jumped into the water. The Dolphin group had a research dive to gather data for our final project. The Neptune group had a fun dive where they saw a nurse shark feeding. After we got back onto the boat, put our gear away and dried off, we sailed again to Sandy Spit. There, we took the dinghies onto the shore and played around in the warm, tropical sand. After swimming, photo shoots and games, we climbed back into the dinghies and headed back to the boats for showers. We dried off on the bow and hung out until the chefs had finished making our dinner of rice and beans, hot dogs, salad and garlic bread. We topped it off with brownies fresh from the oven. They were delicious! We ended the night with an inspiring Lifeworks session with the whole dive side about goals. Even though we were all sore from yesterdays long hike, today was yet another amazing and eventful day!

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