BVI: Session 2 - Distant Drums

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Ben
Twenty one days, one session of AQ is all it takes to turn a boat into our boat, the big fish, Mahi Mahi has been our home for these amazing three weeks and it has changed every one of us and given some amazing memories. Memories like the incredible dives at Blonde rock where Hannah and Robbie spotted two black tip reef sharks, or on Wreck Alley when Adam and Jess saw a manta ray. Adam was adept not only under the water but as our resident mountain goat climbing up Dead Chest island. Our adventures took us all over, like snorkeling the mangroves where Laura said she really understood what ActionQuest is about- “where the classroom is all around you and there is so much to see.” Sofia’s favorite part was making it to the top of Mt. Sage because of the accomplishment she felt. It might also have been all the times she pushed Chris in the water for another one of his hilarious jokes. For Ben and Lucy it was the simple things, like watching the incredible night sky looking for shooting stars. Everyone was a fan of Frannie, our resident boat DJ who always knew the right song to get us going in the morning. Speaking of music, everyone is still talking about Leo’s guitar jam in Road Town. Duncan will be remembered for his enthusiasm for all things sailing and high fives. And if there is anyone who deserves a huh five, it’s Heather and Nicole for stepping outside of their comfort zones and jumping off the big rock at Seal Dog. It’s been an incredible trip and Mike, Jess, and I have had such a good time exploring the islands and waters of the BVIs with the shipmates of Mahi Mahi!

Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Gaby R.
Today we woke up early to motor over to the Indians for our last dive of program. We all went diving together, and some of us even got to play with eggs underwater. Once we were finished with our dive, we started the Big Clean, where we cleaned the boat from top to bottom to thank it for taking us to so many amazing places over the past three weeks. We worked hard all the way to West End, which is where we started our trip from. We did such a good job cleaning that we were the second boat to finish and be let off the boat for shore time. We got to have lunch and smoothies and shop for last minute gifts for friends and family. Later, we’re going to have our last BBQ where we’ll get the chance to see other boats and say goodbye to the friends we’ve made. It’s sad to think that tonight is our last night with the Distant Drums family, but hopefully we’ll all be back together again next year!

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Start to Finish

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Reef T.
Today we had a very fulfilling cereal breakfast. It really energize us for the following dive that we all knew might be our last. Road Town was the biggest port we went to so far yet all of us made it back to the boat on time because that’s how awesome we are. After Road Town we got to race all the dive side cats, but Drums was just not that lucky today and we had to forfeit when we had trouble rounding the first marker of the Fearless wreck, so we had some fun instead and practiced sailing drills while going for a long downwind cruise. During dinner it hit us all that we only have a day left and we won’t see one another until next year . . .

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Day 18

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Jonathon D.
Today we woke up in Great Harbor Peter and had a lovely and scrumptious of cereal and cantaloupe. After we sailed to wreck alley where we battled the swells to dive twice and practiced in an overhead environment. Some of the divers found an old television at the bottom of the ocean. Soon after we ascended and returned to Distant Drums where the dolphins practiced their speeches and the Neptunes studied for their dive tests. Then we hung out in the salon and told riddles. Finally we had dinner and cleaned and are about to split off to do presentations and tests.

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

West End and the Indians

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Jordan D.
We woke up nice and early this morning in order to eat breakfast and pick up anchor by 7:15. We motored to West End for a port day. We all got a couple of hours on shore to shop and eat while our boat was restocked with food, fuel, and water. It was a big wake-up moment for all of us when we realized we were back where we started this trip and that we only have a few days left. This boat really has grown and has become a family. At 11:30 we left the dock and sailed to our dive site of the day. We dove at a cool site called the Indians. There was a beautiful coral wall with lots of pretty fish. After the dive we chilled, pumped the tanks, and motored over to GHP where we dropped anchor for the night. Once we arrived we took quick showers and ate a delicious meal of burritos. I think this is one of the favorite meals on the boat. We are currently doing a speedy cleanup. Tonight we’ll be on Peeps Larou hanging out and studying for the final exam tomorrow. As this trip is coming to a close, we are sad but happy we’ve had the experience and are so happy about these lifelong friendships we have developed. Goodbye and goodnight from the crew of Distant Drums.

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