BVI: Session 1 - Luna Kahuna

Posted: Thu, Jul 6, 2017

Staff Update

Location: Matt, Elle, and Lucy
Author: West End, Tortola
From the very first night of Session one on the dock of West End, we knew we were in for a storm. Our boat had many returning shipmates who were very excited to start the summer. The exception was Robert from Hanover, Germany, who quickly made friends with the group with his constant smiles. As the boat set forth across the Caribbean Sea, Peitra and Evan’s passion for sailing meant that we staff had helping hands in managing the boat, we could not have done it without them, nor without Thomas who was chief of picking up mooring balls. Lilah was shy about her cooking skills at first but eventually ended up involved in most meals, thanks for the brownies! SCUBA diving has brought our shipmates even closer as our “mermaids”, explored underwater together. Reese undoubtedly enhanced all of our learning in sharing her wealth of knowledge about all things marine. Laughs and giggles have been the flavour of the trip often instigated by Moriah who lived to lighten the mood and Sophie with her infectious sense of fun. All types of conversation were held on-board by Ky, the glue of the family as well as lively and intriguing debates on conspiracy theories by good friends Jack and Ethan. Undoubtedly the voice of reason on the boat was the cool, calm of Justine whilst Madeleine could always be relied upon to support and motivate others. Luna Kahuna has been a whirlwind of joy and adventure and we will miss each and everyone we have been fortunate enough to spend the last three weeks with.

Posted: Wed, Jul 5, 2017

Luna’s Last Day!

Location: Moriah H.
Author: West End, Tortola
To start off our day, we completed our last dive of the trip at the Indians (at 8:00 in the morning). We saw so many different corals and fish. Some people had the option to skip the dive and start to help packing and start the deep clean on the boat. With everyone’s help, we cleaned the salon, deck, cockpit, all the cabins and the heads. It was a lot of work but now the boat looks like it hasn’t even been lived on. A couple shipmates, including me, are staying two sessions and we are so sad to see everyone leave because we’ve made so many amazing friends on this trip. I love all of you guys! Now we are docked at West End, ready to get lunch and finish off our day. After everyone had lunch, we came back to the boat before the BBQ tonight. It’s so beautiful here, I never want to leave! I miss everyone already!

Posted: Tue, Jul 4, 2017

4th of July!

Location: Sophie L.
Author: The Bight, Norman Island
We woke up bright and early and had amazing pancakes for breakfast made by our chefs. After, we celebrated the 4th of July and we all dressed up very patriotic. Then we had a beautiful dive at Great Harbor, Peter Island where we got to take our fins off and moonwalk underwater. It felt like we were flying. We all headed to Road Town, grabbed some lunch, shopped around and then headed back to our boat. We ate dinner, hung out, and finally, we all wrote note cards to each other, to remind each other of how much fun we had and all the wonderful memories we made.

Posted: Mon, Jul 3, 2017

Wreck Alley

Location: Reese O.
Author: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Today we woke up to green water and hand sanitizer because we got pranked again with food coloring. We had oatmeal for breakfast and after we motored to Blue Chromis reef for a fun dive. Mariah, Lucy and I went as a trio and saw tons of awesome creatures. The Neptunes had their second wreck lecture and then me motored to Wreck Alley. The Neptunes practiced using a reel around the wreck and then had another AWESOME wreck dive. We are having breakfast for dinner and the Neptunes are taking test while the Dolphins present their research projects tonight.

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