BVI: Session 1 - Rangitoto Too

Posted: Mon, Jul 4, 2016

Day 20 – Last Day In Paradise

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Gabbie K.
Today we woke up at 7:30 to some delicious oatmeal. Then we cleaned up and set up our dive gear for the last time :(. We then sailed to our beautiful dive, The Indians. It was a very shallow dive with a max depth of 30 feet. After our dive, we sailed back to West End. On the way, we cleaned out the ship completely and packed everything up. After we got the O.K. on the clean ship, we went for lunch in port. Now we are taking showers before our final BBQ. I can speak for everybody, we are all sad to leave but excited to see all of you back home!

Day 20 – Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Matt
As we spend our last night out on the water in the Bight on Norman Island, we reflect on the whirlwind that was the past 20 days onboard Rangitoto Too. It has been so amazing to watch this group take ownership of their experience. Watching our 15 year olds, Bruce, Ryan, Michael, and Brandon, plan our and navigate their dives successfully without always having an instructor in the water gives Rachael, Alisa, and I a strong sense of pride. All of our younger students have equally grown as divers and their levels of independence have greatly improved. Alisa always surfaces from her dives with Brooke, Gaby, Carmela, and Meriel and brags about their on-point buoyancy and clear communication. Reese and Alina spend a lot of time reading about the local marine life, and have the extra enthusiasm when seeing a particular species of fish or coral later in the day on a dive. Keally and Connor are always keen to make a detailed dive plan, and are able to execute it without much help from Rachael. All in all, the diving that happened this session was excellent and we could not be more proud of these twelve new advanced divers. The real magic however, had been being able to step back and essentially let our shipmates take the helm (both metaphorically and literally) and essentially letting them run the boat. In 21 days, 15 strangers came together and became a family-like unit that lived, laughed and learned together. Rachael, Alisa, and I are sad to see this group go, but we will be smiling about all the memories made with this group all summer long.

Posted: Sun, Jul 3, 2016

Day 19 – Race Day!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Meriel M.
Today had been a great day. We woke up to some delicious pancakes cooked by chefs Michael and Carmela, then got to do on a super fun dive. We took our fins off underwater, had a finless race 40 feet below the surface, and took some great pictures. After the dive, we all hurried to get ready to go to port in Road Town Tortola! Everyone got some amazing Gelato and lunch during the two hours we were there, and once we were back on the boat, it was race time! We turned our PFD’s inside out for good luck, and then we were off. Rangitoto Too pulled ahead first, we were in the lead! Then, as the race to Norman Island continued, we seemed to be getting farther and farther behind. Soon, the race was over… and we got last. We may not have gotten first, but we sure did have fun. Now we’re gathering around the dinner table for the last meal together as Rangitotes. The tortellini that the chefs made looks great; I can’t wait to have some. All in all, today has been wonderful, and I’m super excited to spend my last full day with my awesome family tomorrow!

Posted: Sat, Jul 2, 2016

Day 18 – Wreck Alley

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Reese O.
Today , we sailed back to an island called Cooper Island. We dove twice; both times on wrecks. We dove three (if you were under 15) of the four wrecks: The Beta wreck and the two kissing wrecks. When we dove the Beta, we practiced setting up lines so we wouldn’t get lost inside the wreck. On the second dive, the 15 year olds went back to the Beta to do a penetration dive. The younger divers went on a fun and beautiful dive at the kissing wrecks, where we saw two stingrays, and lots of other interesting life. It’s sad to know we only have three more days with each other

Posted: Fri, Jul 1, 2016

Day 17 – A Sunless But Not Funless Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Carmela P.
This morning we woke up from a long night’s rest, listening to the first song on the morning CD. After listening to about 4 more songs, we had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal . After cleanup, we motored to West End. During our motor the wind got up to 26 knots and the sun was nowhere to be seen. Once we got to West End, we got our phones back and went to the grocery store and shopped for a while. Once back onboard, after two hours on the dock, we motored over to Great Harbor Peter. This was a very very very bumpy ride. When we got to GHP we went on a dive to find the broken anchor from the RMS Rhone. We didn’t end up seeing the anchor but we saw many other cool things. I missed one dive so I had to make up a wreck dive called the Fearless. This wreck was really cool and I had to map it. After coming up from the wreck, we moved from the mooring ball to go anchor. After we anchored we took showers and ate some really good Mexican food! After, we did a squeeze and then had a boat clean. Gabbie, Brooke, and I were the only ones whose cabin looked good and clean so we did not have to do much, but the boys’ room is SO messy and disgusting. However they are making progress and the boat is starting to look brand new!! In just a little bit we are going to watch a movie and just chill. Day 17 is now over, and we only have a few days of the trip left.

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