BVI: Session 1 - Therapy

Posted: Sun, Jul 6, 2014

Staff Update Day 20: One, Two, Three, Therapy!

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Marina, Cat, & Ben
“One, two, three — Therapy!” That has become the chant of our amazing team. In the past three weeks we have been lucky enough to watch twelve quiet, slightly unsure people turn into twelve amazing friends, family and team members who can run their own boat and lead their own dives. As instructors, seeing our students pick up some of these hard skills such as docking a boat, planning a dive or completing a research project fills us with joy. It is not, however, these moments we will remember most. It is the random dance parties, the squeezes and the laughs that we will still look back on for years to come. Thank you for sharing your wonderful sons and daughters with us and our team.

Can I get a one, two, three?

Posted: Sat, Jul 5, 2014

Day 19: Race Day

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Sam P.
This morning we woke up to a spectacular sunrise in Great Harbor Peter. We filled our stomachs with some mighty fine pancakes made by Amelia. Then, the shipmates of Therapy split up and decided to either scuba dive, water ski or go turtle-tagging. After those activities we all motored to Road Town, the capital of the BVIs, We enjoyed some cheeseburgers and used our phones to call home. After leaving Road Town all of the catamarans lined up to sail race to Norman Island. As we set sail we encountered a squall with winds at 35 knots and a boat speed of 9.3 knots! The race was called off and we all made it to Norman Island safely. We moored at the Bight and cooked dinner while the staff went to Mike’s boat for a meeting. Dinner tonight is macaroni with broccoli and cheddar and biscuits. Tonight is also cards night where each person writes a personal card about every other person on board. We are coming close to the end of the trip, but it sure was a great time!

Posted: Fri, Jul 4, 2014

Day 18: America’s Day

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Ryan D.
We woke up rather late considering it was July 4. We ate breakfast and dropped to moor at Cooper Island. We arrived and immediately set up our gear for the first dive of the day at Wreck Alley. The Neptunes began training to use a line and a reel inside of a wreck. There were four wrecks at Wreck Alley; the kissing wrecks were two wrecks next to each other, the tugboat was where everyone was practicing their wreck diving techniques and the Beata was a turned over ship. In the course of the first dive, I saw three rays, a lionfish, a spiny lobster and a very curious jack that swam along with us. We surfaced for lunch then returned for the second dive where the Neptunes went inside the tugboat. After surfacing from the second dive we motored back to GHP. While underway, we studies for the exam we have tonight. We arrived at Peter Island and ate breakfast for dinner. After we began to study for the exam that is coming.

Posted: Thu, Jul 3, 2014

Day 17: Back to West End

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Marissa A.
This morning we were woken up by Marina, along with the morning playlist. We had a great breakfast of oatmeal made specially by Cheyenne and Cameron. Afterwards we motored over to West End. We cleaned the dishes from breakfast then left for some shore time. When we had refueled, refilled the water tanks and restocked our galley with food, we sailed over to GHP. During the sail Megan, Cheyenne, Ryan and I all put up the main sail. After our sail everyone set up dive gear, had a dive briefing and jumped into the water. Molly and I were dive buddies and when we got down to bottom of the mooring line we set our compass to where the Rhone anchor is. After the dive we learned how to drive the dinghy. Now we’re about to eat dinner (Mexican night) with our special guest, Ian. Today was really fun and I bet every boat is excited for dinner.

Posted: Wed, Jul 2, 2014

Day 16: The Playgrounds

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Megan G.
Even though everyone was so exhausted fro the longest day ever yesterday, we all woke up at 6:30 to Amelia and Whit’s pancakes. After cleaning up, we moved the boat to Sandy Spit. There we dove the Playgrounds. The Neptunes saw a lot of cool stuff! The Dolphins worked on their research project. When we arrived back to the boat, we broke down our gear and got ready for lunch. Today it was Ramen noodles and sandwiches. After lunch we anchored and moored on the other side of Sandy Spit. There we had our second dive at the Playgrounds. Many people on our boat saw lionfish, sharks and eagle rays. By the time we got back to the boat again it was about 1:30pm. Dolphin students started on their research paper due on day 18 while Neptunes relaxed on board. After tanks were done pumping we moved back to our original position at Sandy Spit. around 4:30 pm we started our showers. After, Marissa and I hung out while Cheyenne read my book while the wonderful smell of beans and rice and perfectly seasoned franks wafted through the galley. After dinner we cleaned up and are now having a dance party while waiting for a ride to Mahi Mahi for Lifeworks.

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