BVI: Session 1 - Surprise

Posted: Sun, Jul 5, 2015

Day 20 Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Rachel W.
It’s hard to believe that 20 days have come and gone. Just 3 short weeks ago, Chance, Marina and I were eager to meet our shipmates and ready to begin this adventure. And what an adventure this has been! Every expectation we set for our crew this session was met and every single day we were blown away by their skills, maturity and ability to handle any situation thrown at them. Every shipmate on board has improved not only as a diver, but as a student. Our 8 Neptunes are now advanced divers and they have 5 specialties under their belt! Our 3 Dolphins blew us out of the water with their research project on the health of coral reefs in proportion to pairs of butterfly fish. Whether it was singing Taylor Swift during cleanup or working on the knowledge reviews during sails, there was never a dull moment on Surprise. Ethan was always offering a helping hand, from anchoring to helping deckie during cleanup, he never said no when he was asked for help. Mara kept us looking fashionable the whole trip, providing everyone on board with flash tattoos (which made for a hilarious night). Natalie was our designated pointer whenever we were anchoring or mooring, she always gave us such precise distances and interesting units of measurements (1200 starfish away!). Pablo kept us well fed with his cooking skills and his ability to flavor any meal we were having. Cal entertained everyone with his what are the odds questions that he somehow always won, and his games underwater during safety stops. Gabi and Faith were the dynamic duo. They finished their dolphin project 4 days early and were both so eager to learn more about the ocean every day. Jack was the chillest diver and kept the boat calm whenever chaos would come our way. Bernie’s hilarious comments on our daily activities kept the boat laughing through the not so fun stuff (like clean-up) and he read more than anyone on the boat! Mary Kate kept a smile on everyone’s face with her kind words and her ability to always stay positive, she definitely kept everything on the boat happy and fun. Chris’s dance skills brought the entire boat together, and almost everyone can “whip” like a pro. We have had the BEST time these past 3 weeks and we are so sad that our crew is leaving us. Chance, Marina and I are so thankful for everyone and couldn’t have had a better group of students. Each and every person holds a special place in our hearts and we hope to see everyone back on the dock next year for another awesome summer! We love you all!

Day 20 One last Surprise

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Chris P.
Such a sweet and sour day this was. Everyone excited to see love ones but dreading the hard goodbyes to friendships that have been made. We started the day by heading over to the Indians to dive. Said to be the most colorful dive of the trip, we were full of excitement. After seeing some colorful coral and fish, we got the privilege to give surprise some major love. And when I say love I mean a lot of bleach. Once we arrived back in West End we spent most of the day hanging out at Pusser’s. Enjoying some great BBQ and saying some hard goodbyes. But to be honest, Mike reading us Dr. Seuss was very exciting. Well I guess until next year!

Posted: Sat, Jul 4, 2015

Day 19 It’s a Bad Surprise That The Trip is Almost Over

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Pablo R.
So we started the day in Great Harbor Peter. We motored to Road Town, just after diving in GHP. During the dive Mara and I took off our fins at the bottom and we tried to race and run underwater, which didn’t work work out as we’ll but was really funny. I even spent like 1,000 PSI of air in the process. When arriving at Road Town we had lunch and then left to start the race. The sailing race was very intense, my arms got really tired but I loved it. We lost, but it doesn’t matter because we had lots of fun. After the race we arrived to the Bight. Chacha, Peach Tea (Rachel) and Mama Marina went to the staff meeting, while we had dinner and then we cleaned up quickly and efficiently. What a surprise, huh? Anyway, tonight we are doing the cards, which I really like but it’s also sad because you realize that the trip is almost over and it’s going to be really hard to leave this beautiful place and incredible people.

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