BVI: Session 2 - Mahi Mahi III

Posted: Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Staff Update Day 20

Location: West End
Author: Ben
Wow, another 20 days have flown by. This morning we did our final dive at the Indians, a beautiful site full of healthy soft corals next to Pelican Island. After that we set to work and started Boat Appreciation. A deep clean, inside and out, in order to thank Distant Drums for the fantastic trip she has taken on around the BVI’s. Along the way, we have shared some amazing sights, visited some beautiful bays and we have all become more accomplished sailors and divers. But it is the shipmates of Distant Drums that we will miss the most. Ben and John have kept us constantly entertained and laughing with their hilarious antics and non stop puns. Reef has kept us listening with his great stories. Tiago has shared his unique outlook on life with us and it has been wonderful to listen to his poems after dinner. We have had artists too, with both Gabby and Bella producing wonderful drawings. Margaret has been a calming influence with her thoughtful and caring nature whilst Maddy and Jordan have given us all energy with their love for life and bubbly enthusiasm. Vasia has demonstrated fantastic leadership qualities and has kept us all motivated. I don’t think any of us will forget the yoga she taught us on the bow of Drums. JB’s strive to be the best drives him to constantly want to learn more and it has been great teaching him. JP was a wonderful all rounder and he was always there to help out in any situation. Back in the water and it has been a joy to share Amanda’s love for diving combined with Sarah’s love for fish. A huge thank you to all of you for making this session so fantastic. We will miss all of you but hope to see many of you again next year.


Location: West End
Author: Nicole G.
It was a melancholy morning on Mahi Mahi. After a late night of writing cards to our shipmates, we woke up aware that today was our final day. We started our last morning together early, waking up at 7am, and proceeded to eat our cereal solemnly. We finished our clean up quickly and headed over to the Indians for our very last dive. Although this dive was like any other that we’ve been on previously, there was a strange feeling in the air, and no one really wanted to get out of the water After our dive, we started our boat cleaning. I think everyone was surprised how dirty the boat got over a span of three weeks. Soon enough after cleaning, the boat was as good as new and looked great. As we were cleaning we motored over to West End so when we arrived, we were able to walk around port. After spending some time with other boats, we gathered around Mike for the closing speech. Afterwards we headed over to the BBQ on the dock. There we said our last goodbyes to our friends on the other boats, then went back to Mahi to spend our last few hours together. Some tears were shed as we reflected on the memories we made, but it’s safe to say that they will last each and every one of us a lifetime.

Posted: Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Race Day

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Laura J.
Today was the last day of proper AQ activities. We woke up this morning in GHP, had some pancakes, and motored over to the Rhone Anchor. The reef hides the anchor of the Rhone, a wreck dive we did very near to the beginning of the trip. After all the gear was away, we headed over to Road Town, the largest port we’ve been to so far. For the last couple of days, everyone has been talking about how excited how were to get into Road Town. Chris raided the Best of British shop, and Leo spent a lot of time in the local electronics store playing guitar. I think almost everyone got Gelato as well. When we got back to Mahi, we prepped for the big race. All the towels and bathing suits were taken off the lifelines. We had already decided that for the race, we would wear black. Someone bought zinc in port, so we had war paint on our faces. Love of My Life came in 1st, Peeps was 2nd, we were 3rd, Drums was 4th. It was a great race, but we had some issues tacking. The finish line was the anchorage at Norman Island, where we are staying tonight. While I was writing this, I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets so far. After the dishes are done, everyone is writing our cards, which are little letters we write to each other individually with a memory or something you like about them. None of us can believe that the session is basically over. We’re all looking forward to our own beds and a proper shower, but no one wants to leave. This place is indescribable. We all have this amazing island state of mind going on. I’ll really miss it when we leave.

Posted: Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Day 18

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Robby M.
Today we had a late wake-up at 7:20am. The extra sleep was much enjoyed. At 8:30 we departed GHP for Wreck Alley – a ravine filled with four wrecks. Here we did our first dive. During this dive we explored possible penetration points and practiced setting up reels so that we would not get lost inside of the wreck. After we surfaced we pumped tanks and hung out while we soaked in the sun. When the tanks were finally pumped we jumped into the water for our second dive of the day. On this dive we penetrated the wreck and went into the living area and engine room of the boat. After the dive we had a nice sail back to GHP where everyone caught up on sleep. Upon arriving, Ben took us skiing behind Sumo. Adam and I had a slalom skiing competition. We just finished up having dinner and we are getting showered and studying for our final test.

Posted: Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Dolphins, Sharks, Dead Man’s Chest

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Hannah H.
Today was an awesome day jam packed with fun. We started the day by waking up at 6:45 to get underway to get to West End by 8am. We were cruising into West End when we were surprised by two dolphins swimming alongside the boat in the wake. We haven’t seen dolphins at all this trip so it was a happy and exciting start to the day. After a cabin check and boat clean we had some time to stock up on snacks and enjoy some shore time. We were picked up by our staff members and we set off for a perfect sail to our first dive site named Blonde Rock. Both Dolphins and Neptunes went for a dive and both groups saw many really cool things. Mike saw a shark with the Dolphins and the Neptunes saw two sharks and one saw three. Both groups saw a giant lobster and many people said that this dive was one of their favorites. After the dive, half our boat went to Dead Man’s Chest and explored the island. After enjoying time on the deserted island we motored to Great Harbor Peter where we are spending the night with all of AQ. We enjoyed Mexican Night and are preparing for our third night dive and the Dolphins are finishing up their research project that is due by 8 tonight. The Dolphins are all really excited to finish their projects that they all worked so hard on. We all had a great day and are really looking forward to our first wreck penetration dive tomorrow.

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