BVI: Session 3 - Happy Our

Posted: Sat, Aug 5, 2017

Sunrise to Sunset

Location: Lindsay D.
Author: Cooper Island
There was more to do today than hours in the day! We started the day with a sunrise sail to beautiful Anegada. After a search and recovery dive for the Rescues and lectures for the Neptunes and Dolphins, everyone spent the rest of the morning amongst the crystal clear water and the beautiful white sand. Following a lunch of sandwiches and a lot of leftovers, we headed out for our next wreck dive. Fighting the choppy waves, we headed down about 80 feet to the Chickuzin wreck where we were rewarded with an array of rays! We finished off the day with a sunset sail to Cooper Island and my personal favorite, Mexican dinner! After our equally exhausting and exciting day, we are stringing up our hammocks, eager for what awaits us tomorrow!

Posted: Fri, Aug 4, 2017

Beach Party!

Location: Sam F.
Author: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound
Today was an action-packed day! We woke up early to prepare for our skipper, Cat’s, birthday. After our early morning celebration, we geared up to dive the BVIs newest wreck dive called the Kraken. There were awesome swim-throughs on the ship making it one of my favorite dives so far. After the dive, we took freshwater showers to get nice and clean for shore time in Leverick Bay. On land, we ate lunch and bought Cat a captain hat for her 84th birthday. We are officially the best shipmates. We then headed to Vixen Point where I got to snorkel a mangrove forest while Neptunes and Rescues attended lectures. To finish up the day we had a beach BBQ with music and great food!

Posted: Thu, Aug 3, 2017

Dive, Dive, Ski

Location: Olivia G.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
We woke up this morning at Mountain Point and right away set up our dive gear to dive Coral Gardens. Dolphins had their first underwater naturalist dive and Neptunes had their first fish ID. The Rescues had a pentagon navigation dive. After training, we dove through the airplane and took our fins off to “fight” underwater. We surfaced, had lunch, and headed towards the Chimneys. Neptunes and Dolphins did part 2 with their fish ID and naturalist certifications while the Rescues had a fun dive. They had an independent dive to train to navigate by themselves while diving. Everyone got to go through the beautiful swim through and saw tons of amazing fish. Afterwards, we headed back to Mountain Point for water skiing and a Rescue lecture. Once everyone came home, we showered and a massive barracuda swam up and hung out for a while. Once we ate dinner, we squeezed and sat together talking about the best order of the Star Wars movies, which was decided to be 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, Rogue 1. Overall, best day ever.

Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017

The Baths

Location: Lou G.
Author: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Today started a little different and for the better. The staff woke up at 5:30 am so that we could get to the baths and hang out with most of the ActionQuest fleet. For obvious reasons, the staff figured that the shipmates would not want to wake up then. Because of that, it was worked out the night before that the shipmates would sleep in a little extra while the staff drove the boat to the Baths. I (Lou) was about 40% awake swinging in the wind watching the sunrise. I was just blown away by how we get to wake up. The Baths were equally stunning with the wild rocks and the water that is super clear. We ventured and climbed all over those rocks while the ones who dared jumped off the top. Afterwards, the fleet moved to Spanish Town. We had the first 10 minutes just to talk about what the deal was in Spanish Town and then we walked to get some lunch. On the way to lunch, mother nature was courteous enough to give us a second freshwater rinse. A few hours later after hanging out in the town and getting ice cream, we departed to our next destination, Mountain Point. This is where the Dolphins and Neptunes did their first-night dive. All in all, today was a success.

Posted: Tue, Aug 1, 2017

Navigation Review and a Wreck Dive!

Location: Marissa M.
Author: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda
Today after breakfast and a beautiful sunrise, we got right into a review of navigation diving. The Rescue, Dolphin, and Neptune groups split up to go over our knowledge reviews and then we all reviewed compasses in preparation for our first skills dive. After a briefing and gearing up, we jumped in the water with our buddy, descended and completed our 3 navigation tasks. Shortly after our navigation dive, we did our second dive of the day: a fun dive on the Fearless wreck. This sunken ship is one of the older wrecks in the BVIs and was super cool to get to explore with all of our shipmates. After our last dive of the day, we went to Road Town to pick up some new tanks and get a bit of shore time. After restocking our boat, we had a great time riding waves on the trampoline and getting to know each other more on our way to the next anchorage. Next, it was time to shower, while dinner was finished being prepared. Now that we are out of the water until tomorrow morning, it is time to head to our neighboring boats on dive side for rescue and night dive lectures. Today was a super busy day and Happy Our is coming together to be an AMAZING boat!

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