BVI: Session 3 - Mary Morgan

Posted: Fri, Aug 15, 2014

Staff Update Day 16: A Fitting End

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Sam

It has been a wild and wonderful 16 days on board Mary Morgan and its hard to believe that our amazing adventure is about to come to an end.It is almost impossible to believe that just over two weeks ago the 15 of us began our journey as complete strangers, as now we are all so close and connected.I have been working at ActionQuest for 8 years, and I can truly say that this is one of the most close knit groups I have seen.The laughter, joking and support are similar to those in long time friendships and it is easy to see that all of us truly care for each other.As Tina put it so well during one of our squeeze questions, our boat is greater than the sum of its individual parts.Brandon always has such positive energy and also confounds us with his ability to sleep in almost any position.Kirsten shares great stories and always leads our gatherings on the trampoline.Allie has such great enthusiasm for our dives and also perfectly captures the emotions of our experience through her photography.Chandler is constantly entertaining us with his wit and quirky jokes,while Weston’s duck hunting stories will forever be remembered by everyone onboard.Rachel uses her theater background to slip into character and make everyone laugh with her wild voices and accents, as does JJ with his Russian alter ego and crazy games.Tyler is our lead sailor and has his hands on the helm whenever he gets a chance, taking us to all our wonderful destinations.Ryan and Ella are some of the nicest people I’ve met and they’ve done a great job bringing everyone together and creating our family dynamic.Gray and Amy are the thrill seekers on board, always looking for the next adventure, and reaching new heights jumping on our trampoline. Dan was our emotional leader, making everyone feel instantly comfortable from day 1, and though he left us a few days early, is still a huge part of our boat.Overall, this group seems kismet to have embarked on this voyage together, all complementing each other perfectly and creating an unparalleled experience for themselves and for our 3 staff on board.As we end our last night on the water writing cards to each other, the sadness of knowing our journey has come to an end evaporates as we recall all of the great memories we created with each other and realize that well hold on to them forever. Dribble, Dribble, Scoop, Dunk.Mary Morgan out.

Posted: Thu, Aug 14, 2014

Day 15: ADRIAN!

Location: The Bight, Norman Island
Author: Weston C.
Today was just another awesome day being the best boat on the water #rulenumberone. The Rescue students started their day by fake saving some fake panicked divers while the Neptunes thought how great it was not to be a rescue. Then we sang happy birthday to Kirsten and ate a gourmet meal of French toast. After breakfast we dove at the Rhone anchor and had a blast then went to Road Town. While at Road Town we enjoyed cheeseburgers. After Road Town we had a race between all the boats and of course we won. Then we chilled, ate dinner and yelled “ADRIAN!” #greatestRockyquote. Now we’re cleaning up listening to Rocky music ending another great day.

Posted: Wed, Aug 13, 2014

Day 14: Wreck Alley

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Brandon C.
Today marked the end of the wreck specialty certification dives for the Neptunes. We dove Wreck Alley twice and penetrated the wreck on the second dive. While the Neptunes were doing our first dive the rescue students had to complete their second rescue scenario. After successfully completing the scenario we sailed back to Great Harbor Peter for the night. After arriving we rafted to the other dive side boats and the Rescues were surprised by another rescue scenario. Though the scenario went well overall, two masks were dropped and later recovered by Tina. Both of the Neptune dives went extremely well and we saw a vast amount of marine life, including Barracudas and a big stingray. On our way back to the mooring line from the tugboat penetration dive, we briefly stopped to get a view of two more side by side wrecks called the Kissing Wrecks. The day was drawn to an end with yet another salt water shower jam session and breakfast-for-dinner. Today was yet another great day at AQ and we are all starting to realize that our session is quickly coming to an end. Regardless, I look forward to the adventures that are yet to be had in our last few days here.

Posted: Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Day 13

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Rachel W.
Today we had a difficult morning, because one of our fellow shipmates went home and we’re all going to miss him dearly. After a sad goodbye we sailed back to Great Harbor Peter. Neptunes had a fun dive while Rescue divers had our last search and recovery dive. We split into two groups and the one that I happened to be in did a terrific job of finding our missing object. The second group took several attempts but was ultimately successful. After our dive we moved the boat over towards Second Wind. We had quite the experience when Mama T (Tina) was communicating with the goats on the hill by bleating at them and everyone was unable to breathe they were laughing so hard. After we jumped in the water and had a shower singalong party by jamming out to Stacy’s Mom. This was followed by a wonderful Mexican meal thanks to Mama T once again and we were joined by the one and only Mike. Mike later on had us do a small Lifeworks exercise where we were able to open up to one another and become closer than we were before. We are all so lucky to have been placed together on Mary Morgan because we have become a close family that can share incredible moments and memories together.

Posted: Mon, Aug 11, 2014

Day 12: Ryan and Gray Save Stuff

Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay
Author: Ryan B.
Today the day began with homemade pancakes and a short sail to scenic Sandy Spit. Once there, the Rescue Divers began our last search and recovery dive. Teams of four divers each searched for small plastic fish with varying degrees of success. After our dive we had a delicious lunch of tortilla soup made by the wonderful Tina. After lunch we were all relaxing on the roof when we noticed a panicked diver in the water near one of the catamarans. Our first scenario began with Amy taking control and sending Daniel into the water to rescue the panicked diver. While calming the diver, Daniel discovered that there were two missing divers submerged in the water. Amy then directed Gray and I to enter the water with full equipment and begin our search with the help of snorkelers on the surface. The snorkelers quickly located two unresponsive divers underwater and Gray and I recovered them and ascended to the surface. We then performed CPR while swimming them back to the boat. Once at the boat, Rachel and Jules began administering oxygen and performing CPR. All in all our first rescue scenario went surprisingly well. After debriefing we went on a dive to the Playgrounds. Later tonight we have a BBQ on the beach. All in all it has been a fun and exciting day.

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