BVI: Session 3 - Distant Drums

Final Staff Update

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Tina D
Its hard to believe that this session and summer 2013 are both at an end. Over the past two and half weeks the crew of Distant Drums has circumnavigated the BVI, sailing over 150 nautical miles and completing over 20 dives. The Neptunes became Advanced Open Water certified lowering their maximum depth to 100 feet. They have improved their buoyancy and navigation, their knowledge of equipment, and learned how to dive shipwrecks. The Dolphins explored the marine environment, learning how to identify and classify fish, capturing the underwater world on camera and conduction their own research projects. We are so proud of the progress our shipmates have made this session, both as individuals and as a group. Shai took every opportunity to jump on the helm, soaking up information about sailing like a sponge. While he was in the power tower, Trevor was almost always at the bow enjoying the roll of the waves and displaying his natural athleticism by catching air each time the boat pitched. Isaac was often right beside him, bouncing on the trampoline and keeping us laughing with his quite but witty jokes and asides. No sail would have been completed without a soundtrack in between tracks, Turks head and knowledge reviews, Kira served as our boat DJ, spinning tunes from her and Lindsays impressive music collections. Lindsay, on the other hand took every available opportunity to get under the sea. As one of our most experienced divers, she has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the program and has been so much fun to dive with. Elana, as well, has been a pleasure to have both underwater and at the surface: her sweet, giggly disposition has brightened everyday on Drums. Elana has had quite a lot to laugh about: Zach and Sam’s jokes and antics have kept all of us in stitches. Zachs impersonations and voices (particularly SpongeBob) made frequent appearances at dinnertime, whereas Sam’s attempt to conquer the ocean via pool float spiced up shower time. Bens level head rounded out our crew. We have all enjoyed hearing about his traveling experiences and interacting ideas. Adam and Steph have served as the crews right hand aboard Drums. Adam is always up for a good sail, and seemed to be the first in line for each tack and sail rise. Steph was a huge group motivator on board coming in as the voice of reason to remind everyone that the sooner we finish our daily chores, the sooner we can get to diving, swimming, and sailing.The past seventeen days with this phenomenal group of shipmates has been full of learning and laughter. Our only regret as staff is that we don’t get to have them aboard for longer. As I write this blog we are wrapping up our last night out on the water by writing letters to each other about how much we appreciate one another and the experience we have had this session. It is a night of reflection for the crew of Distant Drums as we thing about what the past few weeks have meant to us. For my part, I am grateful to have shared this boat with such a fun, motivated, and interesting group of people. I only hop that, whatever the next ten months might bring, we all meet again next summer for another great session under the Caribbean sun.

Posted: Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Day 15 – Visit to Road Town

Location: The Bite, Norman Island
Author: Samuel B
Today we woke up to one of our last dives at the anchor of the Rhone. After we dove we headed to Road Town for our last port visit, and the boat decided on getting Chinese food for our last outing. We had a little free time after lunch so we headed over to get some Gelato and picked up some groceries. Then it came time to race, but unfortunately we came in last place due to some taking issues. Although we came in last we still had fun cheering on our skipper and staff. Once the race was over we ended up in the Bite on Norman Island where we started on dinner and three cakes! Unfortunately, it is our last day at sea because we head to the dock for the res of the trip tomorrow. Sad to go but excited to go home!

Posted: Tue, Aug 13, 2013

Day 14 – Wreck Alley

Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island
Author: Adam S
Another great day aboard the Distant Drums. Everyone aboard got the chance to dive a great site, wreck alley. This dive site has four wrecks; the Beata, Joey D and the two kissing wrecks. We hopped in the water with a dive profile of 85 feet for 30 min . Our boat was tied to the Beata so we followed the mooring line down to the wreck after briefly swimming along the beat. A small tugboat, we made for the Joey D, a large ship that was sunk upside down. Upon arrived at the joey D, we went through an awesome swim through underneath it. Next to the Joey D and the Beta is a cool reef that we navigated along while heading back to the mooring line. Time and air permitting we would have been able to see the kissing wrecks but some of us were low on air. We completed the 3 minute safety stop and ascended into big swells on the surface. After the dive, the Dolphins spent the afternoon preparing the presentation of their projects. The Neptunes on board dove the wreck again to get their wreck diver certification. This evening, we rafted to the other dive side boats in Great Harbor at Peter Island. The dolphins have their presentations and the Neptunes are taking their final exam, so it shall be a busy night!

Posted: Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Day 13 – Elana’s Blog

Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island
Author: Elana C
This morning after waking up to some pretty sick music, we had some rocking cereal for breakfast. Then we headed to port I got yummy mango smoothie at the Best coffee show ever. We also got to pick up some groceries for the boat. It was a really chill morning. Most of the Dolphins were working on their research projects. Us Neptunes were able to relax and help out. We also went on a fun dive with Tina and Kelly. It was one of the best and funniest dives I have ever been on. We had a ninja fight underwater. We also played with a torpedo. We also had a limbo contest underwater. I have never laughed so hard underwater. I burnt through my air so fast but it was worth it! After that we had dinner with Peeps Larou. That was cool because we got to bond with the other boat. It was funny when the Peeps girls dropped a bowl in the water and had to jump in after it. We had Mexican night tonight. Steph and I decided to take nutella and peanut butter and put it on our tortilla and it was so good!!! Overall this day was amazing and we are going for a night dive tonight. I am pumped. This trip is so awesome!

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